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Unrelated to the current sale, but I bought a pair of black grain Sanibels as a travel loafer ($125 on Amazon in my slightly unusual size) and, for something nondescript and easy on/off, these are great loafers.
I think this fits you nicely. More modern fits (cropped and whatnot) are generally not my taste but I think this works very well for you.
Is the concensus that Mora 2.0 (108 last) sizing is the same as Park Avenue (5 last) sizing?
This and the MacNeil 5 with the red brick sole are the top contenders for my summer shoe purchase, but I think the Rush Street might've taken the lead with these pictures.If only they called this one the Clark Street (I live on Clark in Chicago.)
Thanks! My size has to be ordered but that's exactly what I was looking for.
Gents, I've been out of the Alden area for a while...is anybody currently offering a black Indy with a dark welt? Basically one like the black cordovan but in calf.
For the price, I'd certainly be fine with those. They're inherently casual and I'd gladly wear them as my sh*t-kickers. Maybe go-to Friday shoes that you'll likely wear to a bar for happy hour. Accumulate some of your own stains and eventually it'll hit the threshold of patina and when you post pictures on here, everyone will go nuts.
For what it's worth, I'd probably contact the vendor and see if they'll toss you a couple bucks. On one hand, yes, they sent you shoes with a slight flaw. On the other hand, you bought light colored suede boots and you'll surely accumulate more stains and scratches than that.It definitely wouldn't be a deal-killer for me.
Are you dragging the heel since they're such heavy boots?
Dang, wish I had seen that!
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