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Can anyone comment on the Comfort Craftsman soles? Specifically, from the side, does it look more like a rubber sole or does it look more like a leather sole with a Topy? Thanks!
It's been fun, but Burzan just won the Seconds Game. Pack up and head home, everybody.In all seriousness, I would have no issue with the flaws that made these seconds and would absolutely purchase exact similar ones if they were available in my size.
While I'm sorry the purchase didn't work out, this certainly doesn't invalidate the TSM seconds list as a viable option. I've only purchased from the TSM seconds list once, but the Ravello chukkas I received were, as far as I could tell, perfect.Look at it this way: purchasing any second (Alden or other,) is a small gamble. After shipping and possibly a restocking fee, you're out, what, $30? That's a very small amount, relative to the cost of any Alden shoe.
I agree regarding the the Sanderson last being better for another design, particularly if they just switched it from a long- to a short-wing.Regarding which is "better," I certainly like the Alden better, at least when it's not on my foot. Unfortunately, while I love the natural welt and all, on my own feet it just doesn't look good (example below.)Over the last year or so, my shoe collection has been moving to models that I don't even particularly like on a store shelf,...
I could see the uneven lacing or the off center cap making it through QC, but the blotch on each side...wow. That's extremely disappointing. I know a lot of companies are running short on CXL so they're letting blemishes get through (and, truth be told, a lot of the "blemishes" people get worked up about are just fine with me on a CXL shoe) but those blotches are completely screwed. That's embarrassing.I think it's interesting that the only acceptable model in there -...
I'm curious - because I tend to be very strict in the "dark bals with suits" idea - which of these two rule-breaking scenarios is preferable?A) walnut or bourbon balB) black loaferYou can buy a pair of New Balance 990 for $155. They are less expensive and at least as comfortable than the AE, if not more. The only benefit of the Voyager is to those who will think "it's leather...so it's kinda dressy...soI can wear it with my sweet biz-cas outfit of mom jeans and an...
First time I've seen these (other than AE's photos on the website.) This is a great looking shoe. My snap judgment was that it was a Carmina or something other than AE.
I purchased a pair of Alden for Brooks Brothers unlined color 8 loafers where the right shoe had been a display model and it had a similar issue. The difference on these was even more dramatic though.I originally tried AE's burgundy cordovan creme but it didn't look good. It sat on top of the leather rather than penetrating and recoloring. Eventually I used Saphir Renomat on both shoes, followed by a coat of Dubbin Graise, followed by a coat of Renovateur.They now look...
Unrelated to the current sale, but I bought a pair of black grain Sanibels as a travel loafer ($125 on Amazon in my slightly unusual size) and, for something nondescript and easy on/off, these are great loafers.
I think this fits you nicely. More modern fits (cropped and whatnot) are generally not my taste but I think this works very well for you.
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