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I'll be in Rome for a few days towards the end of september, does anyone have any recommendations of interesting places to visit? Both stores and sights are welcome!
I have my second order being carried out right now, and couldn't be more stoked to see the result!Luxire, mayhaps I could ask you some questions?I'm curious of your ability to provide wider and thinner MOP buttons for shirts, something like this. [[SPOILER]] Would this be possible? How much would that cost I wonder?I'm also Very interested in your progress with leather, do you have any samples of jackets you could show off perhaps?Cheers, can't wait to see your latest work!
Agreed, and an easy fix! But truly that can't be all, or have I such a well fitting shirt without having known it? I feel like the front should be far less wrinkled if that's the case, but I have little knowledge of shirts, so maybe I'm completely wrong. Thanks for the answer anyhow!
Do you gents have any suggestions for a cheap fabric that could still be worn often, for my very first shirt? And as such, an expected less that optimal fit.
How wide would you say they are in the toe box and around the ball of the foot? I absolutely love the look, by I have the feet of a yeti...
Seeing as I've gotten some great help from here before, I figure I might as well keep bothering you! I'm planning to order an MTM shirt from Luxire, and am considering what measurements to send in. As such, I took one of the few shirts that I feel fit at all any longer, and am now wondering what alterations I should make to it's measurements when I write them down. So, what should be altered in the numbers? Thanks!
Might I ask what kind of collar that is, besides that it's one piece? Or rather, what do I tell Luxire? :3
Ehehe, dear lord. Thanks for the reply sir! I must admit, they don't... Feel tight when I wear them. And certainly not in the front. I do quite wonder what's causing the bunching of the fabric though in the front though. The cut, the fit, or the cloth? How would one attack it? I'm not too fond of the idea of slimming down the leg to be honest, I quite like the room, but if need be...Edit: I do see what you mean however, and I wonder if that might just not be wrinkles from...
Evening gents! I figured I could share this in the thread here as well. I just received my first pair of Luxire pants. I must say, I am incredibly impressed with the fit from the get go. All from measurements taken from another pair of pants, and these are almost exactly what I wanted, with only very minor misses. The quality is superb! This said, do you fellas have any pointers on changes to be made at the tailors, and to have in mind for the next pair? Thanks!
Evening gents! I just received my first pair of Luxire pants. They have an outstanding fit for being the first try in my opinion, but none the less I'd appreciate any tips and pointers to bring up to the tailor tomorrow! The pant leg is currently only rolled up, I intend to cuff then at the length they are at in the picture. Thanks!
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