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Are there any recommendations for mid weight fall and winter fabrics in grey and brown, in the 1-200$ range? I got the 99$ flannels last year, but were not happy with neither the comfort nor the quality. Expected perhaps, for the price.Edit:These look rather nice. How are they compared to the previous cheap, heavy flannels? Are they itchy, do they wear down quickly with use?
Thanks for the fast response. That does undoubtedly look rather suitable, and I'm looking forward to seeing more alternatives. Having to wash it cold does raise some questions, but it shouldn't prove too much of a down side I think.
I'm looking for some cool cloths for doing yard work and hiking in during the summer. Thinking or a pair of tan pants and couple of tan and light blue button downs. Any recommendations for cool cloths that can take a beating?
Thank you very much, a tad bit too much towards green for me I'm afraid.
I figured it was time I contributed something. I dare say these are the same pants Luxire posted a few pages back, pale grey herringbone. I'm finally happy about the fit. This is the fourth pair from Luxire, I've had some issues with my posture that made it a bit tricky to get it right. Incidently the shirt is also a Luxire, hidden button down model.
Thank you. I'm considering simply going for a 43 P2 with some slimming of the heel and instep. I hope it will be enough over the toes.
Of course you do. Might I ask how your feet are shaped?I'm looking more for something all-purpose, so both formal and casual shoes to use the last.
Well the thing is it was a really confusing experience. I have the feet of a duck, my toes are extremely wide, yet my heel is slim. The P2 on half a size smaller felt better around the toe, and both felt too loose in the heel. The issue is the P2 was a soft wholecut whilst the F was a sturdy adelaide. I have no idea as to what to do...
I've only had the chance to try a P2 in size 43, and an F in size 43.5. To get some outside perspective on this, how similar would you gents say the P2 and F lasts are?
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