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Thanks that helps just trying to get a read on them. I just bought some shirts in December, wanted to know what to expect
Great thanks for the reply!
Anybody have pieces longer than three years? Curious about the longevity of the garments.
Looks like they only produce it in one color. Generally, they brighten and contrast their e-commerce photos. Expect garments to be a little softer and darker in real life.
While I don't like the idea of this design copying at all, I think it's hard to reserve judgement. Unless someone can review both garments side by side to examine similarities and differences, there's not really a point in judging.
Just picked up these Park Avenues in Walnut Cloud from their South Coast Plaza store. Excellent service. Already a little beat up as I've worn them a lot.
Just purchased my first pair! I got the Park Avenues and am excited for them to arrive. My two cents: obviously $125 ( current price ) is a decent chunk of change but for the value it seems like a fair price. You're talking shipping four pounds to and from your location, labor, and raw materials. Frankly I'm amazed they can continue to offer this service. I'm sure there are rarities in service inconsistency but it seems like they do their best to make it right if it is on...
If you're worried about sizing I'd recommend Kent Wang's bespoke deerskin program.
The new brushed cottons feel "heavy" but they definitely vary in weight. The flannels vary a lot too. Best way is to feel them for yourself! But pretty much all the secret wash shirting is thin and light.
My store is very strict about the ID thing (must be current too) so i wouldn't use this as a blanket technique.
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