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I just sold a pair of Grenson Parker boots...marked 10.5F, which is wide (E) and I listed them to fit 12 wide. I usually take 11-11.5 and there was LOTS of extra room in that toe. Do more research but I would look at 1-1.5 sizes smaller conversion factor.
i bought a few dozen plastic taps on ebay and put them on everything I can, otherwise I can round a heel edge in a few wearings. I found that Plumbers Goop works well on clean rubber heels without nails. Never had one fall off. I clean the heel with alcohol or naptha before gluing. Now I am using Barge contact cement on rubber and combo heels, mainly for dress shoes. I use tacks when I can but the glue alone seems to hold. The taps I have are of the Peel and Stick...
Everybody seems to be missing out on the point that the buyer went to the factory for resolution! What does AE have to do with informal forum sales? This is really nuts. I think it speaks very highly of Allen Edmonds that they even talked to him, let alone that they are trying to help. That is beyond the call of duty. Bravo AE!! Boo Bonggoy!
H'mmm...what does it say on Perry's Boot? R.P. ? Must stand for RON PAUL! At least he's actually from Texas, unlike that carpetbagger on the left.
I lived in Austin for 15 years. Boots and suits in high-powered business settings...very typical and not necessarily a "regular guy look" more like the Texas Pride F.U. look. Western boots were universally acceptable but you had to have the right boots for the situation. I'm sure Perry is wearing some custom super well-made $1k+ boots, maybe with a fabulous Yellow Rose of Texas inlay or a nice Lone Star motif. In Austin, and I am sure it was worse outside Travis County,...
In my department, half of the profs wear sportcoats, some ties, and a few look like they blew in from the beach or supermarket. This is at a fairly conservative school in a social science department. I am a 50 year old PhD student and I wear a sportcoat and nice chinos or wool pants and real shoes. This is how I like to dress and how I'm comfortable and it does show respect for the enterprise. There is no strict correlation between dress and academic success, perhaps,...
File a "not as described" claim and ebay will give you your money back. I just went through this for some fake software (long story), he seller pretended to be in NY but was actually in China, and the seller was "no longer registered" by the time the box arrived but even still they paid up. i have a lot of problems with ebay policies but their buyer protection plan does work.
Why does one content tag say 100% cotton while the other one right next to it says 96% cotton? That is highly suspicious in itself.
What? A Hermes sales clerk can confiscate fake ties? Sounds unlikely to me. A customs agent, maybe...
Saw the listing and it appears that there is a bit of shine to the material, which suggests to me that it is a silk/linen blend. Also the side vents are a significant style factor, giving a bit more of an English hacking jacket flavor to go with the shoulders. Casual and sporty, perhaps, but this is a rather upscale notion of casual.
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