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I traced my foot with crayon onto some construction paper. It is 12.05 inches long and 4.3125 inches wide. I have some old sneakers that are size 11. Shoe experts, what's my size in the Docs? Must kop and I don't want to make a return because I live in Europe.
Foot measurements are a kind of fool's gold. Two feet could be X.X cm wide at the widest part, say the ball, while one is much less wide in the toes. Since you have about zero experience with quality dress shoes, there's no guarantee you are a UK 8 or UK 7.5 in anything of quality. If you want to break into American shoes, maybe start with Rockports if you cannot stomach to risk of ordering shoes that do not fit perfectly. Your best bet is trial and error. Buy a...
If your feet are wide at the toes and ball, the Leydon will not fit you as well as the Barrie. It is sleeker in the front. Two guys with the same length and width of foot might wear wear two different sizes. The guy with the longer toes needs more toe room; he'd need a bigger size.
Desperate and on the cheap don't often go together. About a month ago you could get the Trickers Stow on Sierra Trading Post for under $300 shipped. A few times a year, maybe, there's an Alfred Sargent or Crockett & Jones Peal boot on clearance at Brooks Brothers for under $300. You can get good boots at that price but not any day of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent There's also the possibility that the shoulder's measured wrong, or the stance/slope allows a bit of difference, or some other factor. 1/2" doesn't make a difference in some cases. Buy it. +1 and ebay margin of error is +- 2" don't be foolish and believe all those measurements are accurate. some sellers are better than others. know what you are buying when you bid, or bid with low expectations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Sure, but isn't ~39" chest standard for slim/fitted/tailored/buzzword smalls? Not that i can wear that either, just voicing my shock. Not standard for big retailers. A 39" chest in RTW would be slim fitting for a 35"-37" chest. A two inch allowance will be form fitting & you'd be lucky if it looked right in RTW. A standard RTW "slim fit" small, if small is 34/36 or 35/37 (as at LE), is going to be 42-43 inches...
^ Thanks Robin.
Never seen this before: The J. Press website now advertises 25% off with promo code, but there's no information about where to get the promo code. What is this, taunting?
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi At 42.5" for SMALL OCBD? Seriously? That'd be a full 10" of extra fabric around my chest. How do people wear this stuff ??? If you have a 32" chest, I'm not surprised that to learn you'd swim in an Adult small.
The variety of sneakers is too great to make a sweeping statement. So is the world of dress shoes. There is no industry standard for what is a "D" width. Most sneakers are not made up in multiple widths. The manufacturer might decide to make them all wide and label them D. Or make them all narrow and label them D. Or "medium" width. When there is only one width, regardless of what it is, the sneaker is going to be tagged D or Medium--if the width is designated at...
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