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Lands' End signed me up for Martha Stewart Living. They sent a nice note that said if I did not want Martha, I could have a $15 check instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threak ^^^ You should've told him that the whole internet agreed his store fails at collars. +1
^ Third one in the first row is busy. Way too much going on there.
Non-snotty answer here http://www.brannock.com/cgi-bin/star...tructions.html Read the directions for the Brannock device. You will see that (a) you can't self-measure, and (b) most shoe salesmen do not do this correctly. Arch length is just as important as heel to toe length; maybe more important. You'll also need to understand lasts. If you know nothing about how your foot is shaped in comparison to other feet, go slow with the shoe buying and start with the shoes...
fitting? stow = 5, malton = 6 ? ask trickers: enquiry@trickers.com
Quote: Originally Posted by softbakedgoods are the prices worth it? I'm eyeing on a pair of Peal & Co. suede/leather balmoral captoes. For sure. Anything Peal (Crockett and Jones or Alfred Sargent) or anything Made in USA (Alden) is well worth Brooks' regular price less 40%. Is that price the cheapest you'll ever see? Hard to say. There have been better prices in the past, but it's clear that BB has been making an effort to reduce inventory so...
For best break-in I change up the lacing on my boots every time I clean/condition/polish them. Usually I do some kind of criss-cross lacing but the key is working the leather around the eyelets in the other direction. If a section between eyelets bows away from my ankle, I'll lace them so it's pushed back in. Maybe if they were laced X X X ("barker black" style) I'll lace them I X X X. Mainly it's some kind of criss-cross back and forth. Etc. etc. This only seems...
I have a question about the Thomas heel: Do all trubalance-last Alden boots come with the Thomas heel? Or is this just an Indy boot feature?
For wide toes, look for lasts with wide toes. Not sure what these would be from Loake. A wide shoe may or may not have wide-enough toes. It depends on the last. Generally boot lasts and "blobby" lasts are wide in the front. Also pay attention to which side of the foot wears wide for you. Some lasts have more room on the inside for toes; others have more room on the outside. A shoe that does not have a lot of toe room, in a wide fitting, will still not have a lot of toe...
I disagree with the "size down a whole bunch" advice. I'm wearing the Stow in 11 UK (5 fitting) and it's the same size and general fit as the 11.5D Chippewa work boots sold by LL Bean as the Katahdin boot. For the best fit, I wear the same socks with both boots. I'm an 11UK in Grenson and Alfred Sargent dress shoes and an 11.5 in Alden dress shoes and a 12 in most sneakers.
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