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I would do 9.5D. 9EE will also be short. Katahdins are on the Munson last. Standard army boot last. But the Barrie runs bigger. I'd start 1/2 size bigger than your Barrie size and go from there. LL Bean is good with returns.
J Gilbert corners the market on plaza last, commando sole boots.
There are a bunch of "suit hierarchy" threads. Off the top of my head, Southwick, Samuelsohn, and Hickey Freeman are North American makers where you get better construction and superior value, but they can be pricy and finding a tux is difficult. The problem is that pricy is not the best indicator of quality as there are pricy brands that are not well made. Brooks Brothers is reliable, but much of what they sell is no better made (I would guess) than Hugo Boss. Good...
FWIW, this is a common problem. The trick is to find something that fits both feet well enough. I get tongue cushions and other such things from Hapad Inc -- google 'em edit: here's the product ... comes in brown ... may or may not work for you. good luck http://www.hapad.com/hapadonline/product.php?productid=16139
I think the objection to Hugo Boss suits (or any cheaply made, fused suit of cheap fabric) makes more sense if you are buying something to wear two or three times a month for many years. In this case the inferior quality will show pretty quickly. For a tuxedo, or any suit that is only being worn rarely, the style and the fit are more important. Construction will always influence how something looks or fit, of course, but if the Hugo Boss tux is the style you want and the...
O Contrare.
^ Working buttonholes are still a deal-breaker. Sleeve length is the easiest thing to tailor on a jacket. What % of men wear jackets and don't tailor or care about the length of the sleeves? Sorry but there is no way to spin the working buttonholes as anything short of very very dumb on low-end ready-to-wear. They don't even pre-cut the holes on a $1800 RTW sportcoat with the buttonholes stitched. I don't know who thinks it is a good idea at LEC, but the evidence suggests...
The linen jackets wrinkle horribly (they are linen). If you are not handy with an iron, you should probably pass. No way they will look like the picture once you move around, and coming out of the box (if you mail order) they will need pressing.The dainite sole on the suede loafer is pretty interesting. They are probably made well enough for a summer beater shoe, but dainite was designed for walking around in muddy areas. I can't imagine why I'd want dainite on a summer...
High five for your McMansion.How many months ago did you post it up?
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