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High five for your McMansion.How many months ago did you post it up?
My sense is that not everyone can wear every last.I wear a 10D Barrie and had to give away a 10E Aberdeen because it was too wide at the heel. No way a 10D Aberdeen would have enough room for my toes.Getting the shape right is as important as getting the right size. The size only describes how the shape is scaled up and down.
Whatever Sam Hober is charging. Silk ties do not have that much life. They are one of the last things I'd thrift.
Love this thread. Thanks for the pictures, Mike and Bhowie. Good stuff
The older I get, the less I say. Absolutely I have learned to shield her. I basically don't say anything that I know will push her mood in a bad direction. After 15 years of marriage, I know just what to say and what not to say. I talk slower because of this. I pick my words more carefully. I don't blab off the top of my head around her. She's not otherwise sheltered, btw, her job has plenty of stress and she has her own things to worry about. On the flip side I get...
^ None of those fits look awful to me. You'll never look like vox buying ready-to-wear. Keep looking, eventually you will find what you are looking for. FWIW, the Regent is the drop 7 fit. The Fitz is a drop 6 fit. The Regent often has stronger shoulders. It's more of a i'm-the-leader fit while the Fitz is more of a mousy hipster office guy fit. But there is a lot of variance across models. The Fitz is probably more easily slimmed in the waist since it has a single...
^ Very nice. Were those the "lightweight" $400->$240 wingtips?
Well done Jess!
I wear these a lot in the winter ... they are my main boot for snow and salty slush on weekends and days off. I sized up so I could wear wigwam socks and an orthotic. When it's really cold I can swap out the orthotic for a wool liner. At three years they are as good as new. Good deal for the price, esp. with that code.
Belt loops were common in the 1920s. If you look in google books, you can find many advertisements for belt loops (and deep cuffs) as selling points. Also some evidence that belts and belt loops were distinctly American. There's no reason an automobile executive of Detroit or wherever wouldn't order a tuxedo with belt loops and feel pretty proud of himself. Seems like a perfectly Babbitt thing to do. I don't think the belt loops suggest this was a uniform. It could be...
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