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^ So you picked your SF name after the random letters on your license plate? Weird. Nice stable. Where are the servants who look after these beasts? Over the garage, right?
So .. no button fly Walts then?
I agree ... they are nice. They would be perfect for a summer on a cruise ship.
And that is why they are on super sale.
Fit of the ESF depends on your neck:chest ratio. I am a normal BMI guy with a larger neck (16.5") for my chest (40") and the 16.5 ESF fits like trim MTM. If they are too loose on you and you never wear a tie, you could try a smaller neck size; if they are too tight, you could try a larger neck size and then do some back bridges to build up that pencil neck.
For codes, sign up for the Dealflyer. It appears you get better offers after you've been a customer for a while, but who knows if that is true. There are sometimes codes on the back of the mailings they send. Codes are mostly one-time use these days. I don't work for STP but can only guess that if they ever restock, it would be next November or so, as they this was the second year they rolled out the boots just in time for winter.
Any button-fly Walts in the future?
chinos, white shirt with darker stripe/pattern, say navy check, dark brown shoes, maybe suede, with dark brown belt the chinos have to be as trim as the jacket
So, the point of this thread is .. ?
I'd buy the one in a store, where I could try it on in bright light with 3-way mirrors, where tailoring would be easy and guaranteed (i.e., they screw it up, they fix it or refund you). If you trust your local alterations person to do a good job, the tailoring is not such a problem. But I think a lot of people have trouble seeing themselves in a new suit at home. Hence the "bathroom mirror at work" shot that was once a staple of the WAYWN threads. It seems that a lot of...
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