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Armani brought out those suits in the late 70s and called them "Gangster" and "Hollywood." By 1982 Armani was making them more conservative & selling them to men who wore suits to work. This guy wore them on one of the soap operas.
Scene from the start of 48 hrs (1982) in which Eddie Murphy wears a loud "$957" Armani suit.
no wonder olddog is the highest paid lover in Beverly Hills. very impressive. The strong shoulder thing went through phases ... I think Gere in this movie was a big part of the start of it in the US. Of 200 American men buying these suits in 1982, maybe half of them saw and loved that movie. Maybe half of them associated the style with an old, pre-Vietnam Hollywood elegance. Most probably bought the suits on gut instinct, or in naive imitation of another; I would never...
Gere's Armani suits were party suits, playboy suits; I think part of the appeal was that they were not for business (until later). American suits also picked up the stronger shoulders about the same time that bodybuilding became a major form of exercise. The V-shaped torso was the ideal, and suits were cut to emphasize or fake this. There was an aggressive attitude with the mid-90s big shoulders. V-shape on steroids.
Last time I did a corporate discount online, I had to buy at regular price and wait for the confirmation email to see the price adjustment. Have they fixed this? Their website has been upgraded but is still pretty terrible.
$350 does not seem cheap to you but if you bought 12 pairs of shoes at that price point, they'd all probably have about the same number of minor imperfections. If you want perfection buy the John Lobb, St. Crispin's, or Edward Green shoes at $1200+ from a white-glove retailer. Best to go in person if you have no previous buying relationship with the seller. That way the retailer can understand the degree of perfection you demand. If I owned a shoe store and sold such...
new drops and it appears some items that were returns, are back on the site ... a few things gone from my dream box, have returned at like half the old price ... for example $125, this is crazy cheap, somebody spare my wallet i bought two of these corneliani for carouzos, both "fits large" one was corneliani easy (drop 6) the other was corneliani leader (drop 7). the easy fits like bb madison, but shorter in...
Hey, thanks for answering the question about the sizing vs. the LHS. The LHS is so good for guys with lower arches (flat feet). Are the Rancourts as snug across the top of the foot?
You don't have to live like that. Life is too short for "snow boots bought to trash."Seriously, snow is no match for the Trickers. They clean up and dry off and look like new. That is the point of the country boots
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