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1. Age. 2. Gender. 3. Ethnicity. Republicans may never win another presidential election. Big, big changes will be needed to make them competitive at the presidential level in 2016.
Still ahead of Truman ...
Years ago I had a Borders Reward corporate card. Now it's dead (with Borders). Is there a comparable way to enroll for a corporate card these days?
Are the "brown burnished" Bayfields @ Lands' End, chromexcel?
586 resultshttps://www.google.com/search?&q=%22brown+is+for+farmer%22+site%3Astyleforum.net
Is there a SCORE in your area? http://www.score.org/ My (limited) experience with SCORE (in my area) has been very, very positive. There are people in your community who care a great deal about making the most of these opportunities. In a real way the whole community loses if you screw it up. A lot of older small businessmen understand this and for that reason they donate their time and expertise to plans like yours through SCORE. SF is not a great place for getting...
OP, I went down this same road a few years ago. I took my wife to Iris in New York on the recommendation of the people at Leffot. http://www.irisnyc.com/ ... Iris has lovely shoes but from a construction and durability standpoint the shoes at Leffot are a much better deal. In my experience the materials will be just as nice. But it's rare to find goodyear welts etc. on anything but boots. The idea that you will pay more to get something that can be resoled ... not sure it...
This is backwards and wrong. Think about it.The overwhelming majority of men easily resist such marketing. They did in the 70s and 80s and they do now today. A big majority of all suits are sold to men who cautiously buy them with the intention of wearing them as long as possible. Trendy is the last thing they want to buy.Fashion houses may feel pressure to produce something new. Designers need to distinguish themselves from one another. But the large retailers of suits...
Armani brought out those suits in the late 70s and called them "Gangster" and "Hollywood." http://www.nytimes.com/1982/03/28/magazine/elegance-recalled.html By 1982 Armani was making them more conservative & selling them to men who wore suits to work. This guy wore them on one of the soap operas.
New Posts  All Forums: