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Natural wallet darkens pretty quickly from handling (with your hands). If you never take it out of your pocket ...Natural belts darken more gradually ... mainly from being handled ... the parts that you hold as you put it on and take it off will darken more quickly. No chance of getting a "belt loop tan" on your natural belt.It's contact with oils/dirt that darkens the leather, not exposure to sunshine or air.
I am disappointed in the one employee's attire.
Mingus, you're a good sport. I did find the pictures entertaining. Thanks for posting them. The shoes just look used to me. The creases on the inside at the ball suggest the original owner had flat feet. I do think you'll save yourself time and money just buying new shoes and seconds.
Crawling on the floor to get high-res, Lilliputian shots of somebody else's broken-in shoes: red flag.Posting them on the internet with distressed commentary: red flag.Seriously, you should give up buying old shoes. AEs are not that expensive. With your discriminating eye, you will learn to buy new and like it.
Because it's an "Online Clearance Event" ?I agree it's obvious they'll get a cut if you call up and pay regular prices to get things delivered to your home.What's not obvious is whether or not SAs will get paid for selling $1100 suits for $440 in an "online clearance event." I'm hoping an actual SA can clear that up for us.Good deal on those BF boots, NAMOR. C&J on the 325 last?
Do SAs get a commission for placing orders that ship to the purchaser's home address? If so, it's probably always in our best interest to buy the clearance stuff through the local store. I at least want my SAs to prosper and if they come to recognize and remember me, I doubt that will hurt me later.
Size guides are broken on the BB website. They don't exist. You have to call to get that information. The SA apologized profusely about it when I called to decipher sizes for my boy last weekend. She blamed it on the conversion to the new website and said they hoped it would be fixed ASAP. Speaking of sizing, what the heck is "Medium" and "Large" in Extra Slim Fit? Extra Slim 15.5x33 and 16.5x35?
My wording is dramatic ("big" would be better than "big, big") but I think your guess that 2012 is something like 1988, in terms of the polarization of important demographics, is too optimistic.Compare 2012 voting patterns to 1988 voting patterns.http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/elections/how_groups_voted/voted_88.html#.UJqfqOOe-r8In 1988, Pappy won every age demographic.In 1988, Democrats had similar margins of victory among blacks and hispanics. Almost identical to 2012,...
This will happen. Good for Puerto Rico. Good decision on their part.
Yes, exactly. If these growing demographics do not start voting for Republicans in larger numbers, the Republicans will never win another presidential election.They've gotten themselves into a situation where, for example, 96% of all African American women are voting Democrat. That kind of consistency may take generations to disperse. Seriously, good luck finding an issue that will divide African American women against each other before 2016 or 2020. That's the extreme...
New Posts  All Forums: