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Recognize that your appreciation of the coat is clouded by uncertainty about whether or not you paid a fair price for it. You don't have to live like that. If you continue to highly value "good deal" you will end up with a mountain of "good deal" clothing. Most of what you can get at a "good deal" price is stuff that nobody wanted, often for a good reason, which is why the item made it to "good deal" status. $20 for a brand-new $250 tie is not a good deal if the tie is...
It's worth about $95
Why would anyone expect to purchase first-quality Aldens from ebay?
Hansen's Clothing -- 25% off all AE -- including shell Patriots
Is there so much coherence to political coalitions? Some days I think the coherence ("the left", "the center," "the right") is more imagined than real (in the sense that evidence supports such a claim). If all the voters were thoroughly well educated and rational, there might be a lot of coherence, and, say, the two parties would be Red and Blue and the party that was most Purple would win the presidential election. That said, I think most voters are not very rational....
this is called toe spring. it is by design.this can be pronounced by not treeing your shoes, or it can be pronounced by the fit of your shoe. i'm pretty sure you'd need to leave a pair of leather shoes out of trees for ten+ years to see the toe curl up a ton. trees are important less for maintaining the shape of the sole and more for maintaining the shape of the uppers.
RIP Hostess. They will sell the Twinkie to another company, who will make them, probably in the same places with the same employees. Twinkies aren't going anywhere.
No, but they should be happy to do them for the usual charge.Agreed -- until the website is fixed, I wouldn't try to submit web orders.
Depends where you live and how you define "raising." Daycare, K-12 education, and healthcare can be enormous expenses.
^ Either / or. I'm not feeling the "euro" longwing but if it better suits your foot or style, go for it.
New Posts  All Forums: