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It's worth about $95
Why would anyone expect to purchase first-quality Aldens from ebay?
Hansen's Clothing -- 25% off all AE -- including shell Patriots
this is called toe spring. it is by design.this can be pronounced by not treeing your shoes, or it can be pronounced by the fit of your shoe. i'm pretty sure you'd need to leave a pair of leather shoes out of trees for ten+ years to see the toe curl up a ton. trees are important less for maintaining the shape of the sole and more for maintaining the shape of the uppers.
No, but they should be happy to do them for the usual charge.Agreed -- until the website is fixed, I wouldn't try to submit web orders.
^ Either / or. I'm not feeling the "euro" longwing but if it better suits your foot or style, go for it.
Natural wallet darkens pretty quickly from handling (with your hands). If you never take it out of your pocket ...Natural belts darken more gradually ... mainly from being handled ... the parts that you hold as you put it on and take it off will darken more quickly. No chance of getting a "belt loop tan" on your natural belt.It's contact with oils/dirt that darkens the leather, not exposure to sunshine or air.
I am disappointed in the one employee's attire.
Mingus, you're a good sport. I did find the pictures entertaining. Thanks for posting them. The shoes just look used to me. The creases on the inside at the ball suggest the original owner had flat feet. I do think you'll save yourself time and money just buying new shoes and seconds.
Crawling on the floor to get high-res, Lilliputian shots of somebody else's broken-in shoes: red flag.Posting them on the internet with distressed commentary: red flag.Seriously, you should give up buying old shoes. AEs are not that expensive. With your discriminating eye, you will learn to buy new and like it.
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