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^ That's beautiful. Love it
^ Your logic is bad. You want to save your money, won't wear the shoes much, and you want to spend twice as much for the crappy shoes? How does that make sense?
If my handwriting was more legible, people next to me in meetings would too easily read the sardonic comments I am writing about their outfits.
^ Nice coats! Despos has good advice (of course).
2002? I thought most of the threads from this far back had been lost. This may have been a picture of Flusser's latest outfit.
I don't think the city/country idea needs to be honored above all others. It's a way of looking at menswear but not the only way, and very few men understand or respect it much in 2012. In your question it sounds forced, like it's a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. How do the ladies smile on the navy? What are your friends and coworkers wearing over their jackets? etc. etc.
I am familiar with this argument, and I've read your follow-ups. Correlation does not prove causation. The main reason tuition has gone up is not that credit has been made more available, and public schools have taken advantage. The main reason is that state and federal subsidies have been reduced dramatically.Not too long again education was regarded a public good. Just as we can pave roads or provide flood insurance, so can we lift as many people as possible out of...
Farg ... the outerwear I was eyeing for sale time is out of stock in my size.
Forum looks great on my android phone this evening. Killer mobile site. Big kudos
The 346 stores sell a lot of clothing to people who go shopping in the large outlet malls where they are installed. Diffusion brands are profitable. That's the point of it.Not all the 346 lines are that much different from the mainline stores. Some of the sweaters look 100% the same to me (I see piles of mixed mainline and 346 in the one outlet mall store I visit once a year).Also, not all the stuff in the mainline stores is really that great. The 1818 suits are a...
New Posts  All Forums: