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anyone know what's the boot last for these suede wingtips:
dopp kit. i have a good-quality one. i forget the maker. it's the only thing i've had that has seen regular use and has lasted 25 years.
Visited a Wal-Mart after food and booze shopping this morning. It wasn't unpleasant but the men's clothing section had only Wranglers, Carhartt, and cheap sports gear. I was hoping to see the Harris Tweeds after watching that video.
Depends on your burgundy and your brown. They can pair well enough, for sure.
It is rash to pre-order a custom pair of Aldens if you don't know your size and you're nervous about failure. Take your time bro. Or, order them and don't give a fuck if the size is not right.
LOL.Suits date from a time when most well-dressed men could store all of their clothes in a closet three feet wide. And no homes had laundry machines.A good-quality suit wears more like outerwear than underwear.Brush it after each use. Google "kent clothes brush."Change your boxers every day. Also, wash your ass if it gets nasty.
What kind of alterations? The only fused part is the front.
Liz Claiborne -- isn't that a woman's jacket? Seriously, start with odd jackets that are darker in color than your shirts.
David's the best. Looking forward to taking delivery of my next tie from "Thailand." Makes perfect sense to my kids --
$56 / shirt is not bad. Assuming you need the staples they offer + they fit you well, where can you go to do better?
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