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Dollar to AUD is strong. Where are we buying these now? My suede turnouts from 10/08 are still going strong. Need them in roo.
Looking for frames with small lens (very strong prescription) and longer temples (7 5/8th inch hat size). Any suggestions? I'd settle just for a recommendation of quality frames that I can get with longer temples.
Closest thing to a 10D Barrie, in the Plaza, would be 10E Plaza. Barrie runs one width bigger than the other lasts in the same size. Since most runs of gourmet Aldens only come in D width, people size up. If the 10D Barrie fits OK but is wide on you, a 10D Plaza might be better than a 10.5D Plaza. If you need the width in your 10D Barries, then for sure go with the 10.5 Plaza. There are other subtle differences but the one width difference is the key one. Also note that...
Nice factory sale going on right now. $179 Patriots, $199 Macneils, $199 Fifth Avenues, free shipping.
I wear clark's desert boots with a $15/$20 arch support/orthotic when walking a lot. Great summer beater footwear, especially in sand suede.
moar pictures please
Anyone eyeing the prices of the Tricker's at STP? Are they ever under $300 anymore?
Sounds too well fitted.The shirts, esp. the OCBDs, shrink over their (otherwise long) lifetime. I launder cold, hang dry, and still they get smaller--more in the neck and sleeve length than chest. You can't be too fussy about the fit of your shirts without buying 50 new ones every year. What fits perfectly now, won't in three years, etc. When those shirt deals roll around, I will experiment and order different sizes. I'm usually a 16 or 16.5 in the OCBD but ordered a few...
Great sale for shirt wardrobe maintenance.
Khaki and black? Manton will give up on the site for good ...
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