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Looking to purchase an Hermes Wall Street (Bulls on the front, bears at the back) tie. Condition: Good or better Color: No green Year: Doesn't have to be the original 2007 issue, I am fine with a reissued one as well. Please let me know! Thank you very much!
I would like to buy a winter coat if Saks or other NYC department stores have end-of-season sales coming up. Does anyone know if there is such a thing? If so, how do I find out when the sales are? Thank you!
Are there any good New York shirtmakers at CEGO's price point? I know that Geneva's Thomas Mason Silver Line starts at $225ish. What about the cheaper fabrics? I can get a shirt at CEGO for about $100, how much do the cheapest shirts at Geneva or Paris shirtmakers cost? Thanks!
I have tried to contact Corneliani for the past two months, but nobody seems to know where I can buy this coat in NYC. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one? Thanks!
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good men's haircut in New York? Nothing too fancy, and I'm trying to keep it under $120. Thanks!
For better or worse, I happen to be a big fan of Hermes ties. I'm just wondering, does anyone know where / when / how to get Hermes ties on sale / for cheap? The Hermes store sales in March and August usually don't have ties... Thanks!
Thanks guys! I'm just wondering, where can I find these shirts in NYC (Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Jill Sander, Prada)? Should I go to their boutiques? Or would a department store like Saks have them? Thanks!
Hi everyone! Long story short, I ruined my interview shirts and I am desperately in need of a replacement. My interviews are this Friday and Saturday, and they both include lunches so there is a good chance that I will need to take off my jacket. The only dress shirts I have left are huge on me and they look even worse when tucked in and with the jacket off. Any recommendations? I just need a simple, white shirt. Price is not an issue, but fit is. I am 5'7, 128...
Hi guys, I have a chance to get a pair of Park Avenue for free, but I need to know my size. Every Allen Edmonds store I've been to in NYC (well, I've only been to two, since there are only two in NYC), however, doesn't have them in small sizes (I'm looking at 7 or 7.5E). Do you guys have any idea where I may be able to try a pair on? Currently I have a pair of Leeds 7.5D, but it's slightly tight on the sides. Thanks!
I have read through the recommendations for tailors, but nothing much on the Upper West side / Morningside Heights. Any recommendations for a tailor in those neighborhoods (UWS, Morningside Heights)? I only need shirt sleeves shortened, but these are pretty nice shirts so I want a good job. Thanks!
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