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The Best is to Stick with nothing but Good quality 2 Button Navy Blazer, rest everything will be magic.
To me, the essential Menswear are 1. Charcoal Worsted Two Button Suit 2. Jet Black Worsted Two Button Suit 3. Deep Blue Checked Patterned Two Button 3 Piece Suit 4. Navy Blazer Two Buttons (Gold Color) 5. Cream Blazer Two Button 6. Maroon Color Tweed Blazer 7. Silk Tie's in Maroon, Red, Black, Navy, Green, Purple, in Strip and Polka Dots Patter + 1 Very nice dark color Disney Cartoon Tie. 8. French Collar, Button Down Shirts in White, Pink, Sky Blue, Deep Blue,...
Check wrangler jeans.
Very nice color and design.
Raja Fashion Search on google, they r hong kong based, visiting aussie land. Check their schedule.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartrolliast Padded knees. pretty nice
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