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northeast kingdom
It's not the roving bands of tweens I fear. They are a nuisance but inconsistent and easily distracted. Most of them won't be into this two years from now, and their so-called "heat" will be right back on the racks, only in worse condition. Many of the others will be chased away by eBay policies if not outright banned. No, my nemeses are the fast-walking gentlemen with denim cuffed high and thousand mile boots; the teams of Japanese buyers/shopkeepers who fan out and comb...
Woke up in the middle of the night realizing I was wrong. These are actually Nettleton, not J&M. Sorry to mislead you breh. Those are pretty sick.
vintage johnston and murphy. also a big lol at linda posting. i hope for all of your sakes it's a troll.
Selling a.p.c. petit standard slim raw jeans Size 32 Brand New with tags Details & Care Classic five-pocket jeans cut slim through legs are crafted from ultra-tough, stiff raw selvedge denim that breaks in and contours to the body over time. Those in the know suggest sizing down and washing very infrequently. That will allow the denim to conform to your shape and take on the personal wear lines and fading unique to you. 34 1/2" inseam; 14 1/2" leg opening; 10 1/2" front...
cha ching
this + 10000000000000000
username? this sounds like someone I don't want to deal with.
block eBay user "poombaburg", lies about item color to get free returns.
Response from Franceschetti: "In this case "Cordovan" isn't horse cordovan, but it's the name that our supplier, a french tannery, uses to call this high quality calfskin. If it was original horse cordovan, surely the shoes would have been much more expensive." Looks like the ebay "shells" sold out. Count me among those burned. Live and learn I guess. That being said, they're pretty dang nice.
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