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i just pulled the trigger on a pair of these. i had mixed feelings looking at them online--mostly i felt like i would end up getting some other double monk. but, i tried them on in person at an allen edmonds store and they are much sleeker in person. the online pictures make it look terrible. the squaring of the toebox is very slight. i went from being extremely skeptical to loving them in person. i've tried on sid mashburn's double monks in person as well and the shape is...
nice. i am totally asking for a "hilter youth" cut the next time i go to my barber. i'd love to see the look on his face when i ask for that.jokes aside, it's been growing in popularity for some time now. if you like clothes it would seem, you should probably be combing/pomade-ing your hair. scotty schuman has spoken.
UK Brylcreem is my favorite. I love this stuff. Every time I'm over there I make a point to buy some:http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002S33PHM/ref=nosim/?tag=brylcremecouk-21You should be able to find it at Tesco, it works as good as many expensive salon products I've used.
the toothy thinning razor/scissor "texturizes" your hair towards the ends of the hairs. when your barber does a razor cut, he "texturizes" or thins your hairs out from the roots and upwards. overall the razor cut is superior because your hair gets thinned out more. any real barber that is advertised as a barber should know what you're talking about. plus, you shouldn't be getting your haircut at a salon anyway. you're a man. go to a barber.
try this stuff:http://www.amazon.com/FI-struct-2-65/dp/B000WMHKB8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1328199472&sr=8-2d:fi d:structit's probably the most gravity defying matte look product out there. it's more expensive, but it works like nothing else for stuff like that. also i agree with jabonator that you're going to need a blowdryer.
also, if it was unclear, i use pomade after blowdrying to get the "hold" of the shape i just created with the blowdryer.
Here is my regimen for my tallish combover quiff:wash hair with shampoo[occasionally i use conditioner]run a little brylcreem through haircomb and push back hair with a "slicked back look"blow dry hair in this position, essentially locking in the shape and bodyi currently use suave men's pomade:http://www.amazon.com/Suave-Professionals-Mens-Styling-Pomade/dp/B004TWCTGSit works shockingly well for a three or four dollar hair product. it has a medium shine and it's...
I don't think so. I have a fairly long face, and I do something similar. Maybe not quite as long on the top, but I think that hairstyle looks great on most people. Long on top, short on the sides, guys have been wearing that general hairstyle for ages.
Did you ever get your Eames replica? I am interested to know how you feel about it.
I would keep your hair growing on top, but trim it up on the back, around the sideburns, and around the ear. I think the hairstyle (side part with long back, and long sides) that the gent in your pictures has looks good on him mostly because he's in a film. In real life, I think it ends up looking kind of sloppy. Plus, you'll want to trim those areas anyway even if you're going for that look because by the time your hair on top is long enough, the rest of your hair would...
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