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Tudor Ranger with Leather and Camouflage Woven Strap See
need anything more be said?
UNICEF Children's Fun Charity Auction - 50% of proceeds go to charity. Will be unloading most of entire Ivy style wardrobe over the next few weeks. Invertere coats, Alden shoes, J. Press, shetland sweaters, etc.
Purple Knit tie 2-2.25", Polo ralph lauren or other, preferably silk but would also consider wool
no they're 3 3/4"
New Brooks Brothers Ties. All wool except the gray tie, which is camel hair, and the brown houndstooth, which is a cashmere/wool blend. Standard length and approximately 3 3/4" wide. $12/each shipped in CONUS. Edit: Grey camel hair is now sold. image hosting without registration
You guys kill me. The tweed above is Kevin and howlin handwoven from Dublin (made in. Dinegal)but most of my done gals were bought in donegal, and there was certainly no shortage of herringbones. There was also a museum of sorts that had swatches from very long ago of similar.
kevin & howlin handwoven donegal
Kevin & Howlin Handwoven Donegal Tweed 2.75+ meters Dark Green Herringbone with Flecks $175/shipped in CONUS
NWT $625+ Southwick for Grady Ervin (Charleston, SC) Preppy Jacket 40R USA made
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