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Ended up selling the electric goat DR.
@notwithit I'm on the lankier side of 5'11". Leather was okay, but the color was not for me. As an aside, trying to find this one if anybody sees it
I owned that blue 5-zip at one point in a 50, sleeves were fine.
Just met a dude at Whole Foods in Visvim. Looked natural on him. Thumb comments are back?
I have the big weekender in the same leather if anybody is interested. The camel has a little more texture than the calf one I have.
Black Hunter Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: matte Black calf Leather (tongue): same Eyelets: 7 eyelet, black or gunmetal Sole: black ripple sole MISC: black edge, pull tab Comments: plain toe, unstructured
My calf 5zip has fairly close measurements to my TOJs (same pit, slightly wider at the bottom). I have a fairly steep drop, and I doubt I could find anything non MTM that will look better on me. It is slightly cropped and just has a nice structure, for lack of a better word. I will post a fit when the weather is nicer.
I suspected the same. Somebody white with light colored hair should buy it.
Do I need another 5 zip? Color sits awkwardly between grey and beige
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