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MOK fit is so fucking good.
Asking for a suit that does not require any adjustments is probably wishful thinking. Time to play Yoox roulette!
Do any of the Italian brands make suits close to 40/42 jacket + 30 trousers?
It must have been my Laphroaig cologne. Nahneun did the best futuristic yakuza at the trunk show, hands down.
I also wandered over to Margiela in Greenwich. This has @RegisDB9 written all over it.
The trunk show was a good time. Everybody from I met from SW&D was super friendly, as expected. (I suppose the unfriendly ones must have stayed home) -The first day somebody mistook me for @LA Guy. "You want the 5'11" Asian dude in the 4zip moto" (There should be some photos of us wearing each other's 4zips) -The scotch was good. I probably had way too much. (Mrs. LA Guy could probably drink me under the table) -I finally worked up the courage to ask @Synthese to try on...
Will probably be at the trunk show early tomorrow, see you dudes there.
Just received my patch bomber. Sleeves are long as hell as previously noted. (The cuffs are not particularly tight either so no stacking to alleviate the problem). The chest and shoulders are also very small for a 50. Super cool piece, but the cut is very particular. (or perhaps I am the odd one)
A lot of goodies at Forward. Kopped some Geller for myself. (use iphone app for another 15) @diniro Could see you rockin' these http://www.forwardbyelysewalker.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=SSCH-MR1&d=Mens
Definitely down for karaoke
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