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I actually have no idea. Ordered the secret model I will post a photo when I get it
Shipping confirmation for my electric rider. Happy birthday cyc
Silver is almost always better. One could make a case for gunmetal on earthy tones. About to reach 15 months on my electric rider order. Regret not getting a jacket in the ivory leather. Also, no ivory orders in the queue to buy. So weary from the waiting, can barely write coherent sentences.
Jeans are too tight, will size up on the skinny tapereds in the future
@thewho13 I will stand outside and look for a dude wearing a white 5zip.
Trying to buy a piece from Uniform Experiment, cannot find any contact info for these guys, anybody have any luck?
Debating whether I should swap my black QDR order for a 2013DR (already have a qmoto and a QBCDR)
^Fits better than any other denim I have tried on AND comfortable. I just wish i kopped more of the original T000s
Willing to buy the blazer in 50 to compete the set, or happy to sell the trousers.
Excuse to dust off the floral print.
New Posts  All Forums: