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London sightseeing: SW&D edition Harrod's - Worth a trip for the spectacle, if you do not mind crowds. (Also happens to be right across the street from work) Harvey Nichols: Right down the street. The staff are very friendly and IMO better buys than its gargantuan counterpart. A lot of Junya and a nice Balmain leather on deep discount. Liberty: SA's here are also very nice. Found an 100% cashmere margiela coat for 900 quid (incl. VAT), a pair of Junya Tricker's, and...
I have a pair of brand new Viberg x Notre guidi calf service boots, size 9. Looking to do a swap in case anybody is interested.
A few more Boston recs Backbar in Somerville for cocktails Oleana for mediterranean fare (sit outdoors) Boston public library courtyard If any SW&D folks in London want to get together on the weekends, drop me a PM, I'm here until end of August!
Dec 13' black lamb 780 + 70 excella May 14' (lol) navy calf 870 Large wallet
Ended up selling the electric goat DR.
@notwithit I'm on the lankier side of 5'11". Leather was okay, but the color was not for me. As an aside, trying to find this one if anybody sees it
I owned that blue 5-zip at one point in a 50, sleeves were fine.
Just met a dude at Whole Foods in Visvim. Looked natural on him. Thumb comments are back?
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