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Somebody asked to see the grey/black TOJ0. Voila.
I used to have a photo with LK too. LK looks cool as a cucumber and I am completely hammered. Perhaps best that I lost the photo.
I kicked it with LK in BJ. Need to meet Barims to complete the trifecta.
Fuuma is a cool dude. I should have worn my 4zip, but it was raining.
Kind of pricey for what it is, but my old +J trousers are so nice, I'll probably buy a flannel suit
I went with my usual Uniqlo size 29. The hem is sub 7, but the thigh is still a comfortable 12 or so.
The PBJ loose fit tapered cut is spot on. I highly recommend.
15:00 works well for me. We could meet by the T stop in Harvard Square if that works for everyone.
@snowmanxl Lining is cotton. It is a super slim 50, so I can only wear it over a T. I bought it after seeing toasty's Nuur overcoat ha
Nuur Boiled wool overcoat Stutterheim + OL + PE + CP
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