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I have the big weekender in the same leather if anybody is interested. The camel has a little more texture than the calf one I have.
Black Hunter Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: matte Black calf Leather (tongue): same Eyelets: 7 eyelet, black or gunmetal Sole: black ripple sole MISC: black edge, pull tab Comments: plain toe, unstructured
My calf 5zip has fairly close measurements to my TOJs (same pit, slightly wider at the bottom). I have a fairly steep drop, and I doubt I could find anything non MTM that will look better on me. It is slightly cropped and just has a nice structure, for lack of a better word. I will post a fit when the weather is nicer.
I suspected the same. Somebody white with light colored hair should buy it.
Do I need another 5 zip? Color sits awkwardly between grey and beige
Will probably get one of the memory coats to replace it, so hard to pick a colorway...
Just acquired a NWT Jade Merino, but probably redundant given I already have a fishtail Pit:22.5 Shoulder:18.5 Sleeve: 27 Back: 37.5
Please do NOT post a fit here.
Met up with @nicelynice today in Ebisu! Had lunch at an udon place, and then strolled through daikanyama and tried on some clothes. Lift was quite cool, and is worth checking out. Even the music seemed to match the interior and the wares. Gullam was another cool store with lots of Devoa. We also went to Lewis Leathers, which had some quilted numbers in turquoise, yellow, and red. Still have yet to decide whether a yellow rider is a good idea or not. Definitely a fun date
It is New Year's eve in Shibuya. I am on the way to meet some friends. "Hmm...that quilting pattern looks identical to mine." "Dude, is that a QDR?" We picked the seediest backdrop we could find in the vicinity.
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