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Both new with tags.
Going to be in Tokyo from 12/28 - 1/9. Meeting up with @nicelynice on the 8th. If other dudes are around, please do join. Feel free to PM me with any suggestions for spots to see and eats to eat.
Why is this still here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/442729/maison-martin-margiela-mmm-it-46-us-small-black-calf-5-zip-leather-jacket-bnwt
@thewho13 You should wear your white 5zip. I'll wear my black one.
Brand new in box, white triple straps, size EU 43
Brand new with tags, size 50.
Possibly the only SLP piece i can fit into. Teddy in a 50. 2K for a wool varsity is just ridiculous, so probably will not keep it
@Ken P Aeronaut at 5, will be there!
MOK fit is so fucking good.
Asking for a suit that does not require any adjustments is probably wishful thinking. Time to play Yoox roulette!
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