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$350. Not expecting this bid to stand too long, so won't get my hopes up.
Does anyone know where this boot is being sold, or where the photo comes from? I really like the look of this style in the kudu.
Guy - do the recent Natural Essex service boots have this 'thin material" in the toe box that you say is going into your newer models?
There is an ecru Truman pant, I got it from Nepenthes (with help from randomkoreandude for the proxy). It is quite cool, quite different than many other EG pants. Some slight pleats and no belt loops, just side tabs.
My best guess for you is to get the small (don't know how tall you are). I got the small - I'm 6'2" and for a summer pant the length is fine in my opinion. The waist with the adjusters open is slightly larger than the USN size 32.
Just had RKD proxy me something from the Nepenthes store to Canada. First time using a proxy service, everything went smoothly and according to plan. This is great for everyone up here in Canada looking for a way to get a hold of those rare EG pieces only sold in Japan and NY!
I am trying to track down the normal oxford shirt (not the reverse flannel one) in white and light blue (size medium). I cant seem to find these anywhere, and only Nomad seemed to carry them, but they are now out of my size in both. Anyone seen them anywhere? TIA
Flat welt is fine for me too.
It seems that there might be a divide in the ravello cap toe group between those who want a perforated cap versus those who want a plain non-perforated cap. I think the end result makes a pretty big difference in the end product. As someone who strongly favors the plain cap, I can say that as much as it would pain me, I would not be interested in a boot with a perforated cap. I guess this is purely personal preference, but here is my plea to everyone that I just...
I am interested in the Ravello Cap Toe Boot, please add me to the interest list. - Thanks.
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