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Well if you have a Fedex account, the rates would be much lower. But for the one-off average joe shipment, $175-$200 is about right. USPS might sit in customs in Spain for a month or so, but Carmina shouldn't hold that against you with their return window.
My suede uwings shipped 9 Jun and I got them on the 17th (USPS). That was from Skoak, maybe it takes longer when leaving from Spain.
Probably but maybe a hair big.
They also confirmed any GMTOs purchased after the GMTO closes will be subject to the single MTO 50% upcharge.
**UPDATE**I asked them to clarify: Can you order a different width for any GMTO or just GMTOs on Rain?Their response:Still good to know, though. Rain D could be worth a shot.
On the heels of the AMA on Reddit - here's some interesting info... EDIT: Only for Rain, Forest, and Detroit. See my post below.
Yep, nothing wrong with dark brown shoes year round. I don't have much in the way of tan, but my lighter loafers pretty much only see spring/summer wear.
I'm a 9.5UK Hiro and 9.5UK Simpson is too tight. You might be able to get away with 7.5.
Saw these on IG. Those boots are killer!
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