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What's the makeup on these? Awesome
My suede monks were digging into my foot just below the ankle bone. Went away as the shoes broke in (couple wears).
Crushing you how? Too narrow? Or digging into your achilles?
Good info. I'll have to stop in.
Via Skoak, yes. Carmina's site is within $5 either way depending on the model for most shoes.
If you don't want an overcoat, get a pea coat. You could also look into a field jacket or chore coat if you want something a little more casual.
Maybe if you're not trying to patina your shoes, cognac is just fine. I think all shoes will take on some color with age, though probably some less than others. I'm quite happy with my cognac shells and how they take on a root-beer to caramel color based on the light. I guess they suck just fine for me.
x2I think a tie and sweater is a good subtle combination that would work better than a blazer if you're looking to step it up a little but not too much compared to the higher-ups.
Are Mezlan/Magnanni blake welted? Could account for the sleekness.
You know what's prone to spotting when it gets wet? Every leather shoe. Lighter shoes probably show it better though than darker ones. There's nothing wrong with cognac, but it's one of those colors that each maker characterizes differently, especially in shell. Walnut has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years but IMO that's too light to wear with most suits. I think cognac falls into a range of brown that's dark enough to be on the conservative side when...
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