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Stellar, ianGP When's the next boot MTO
My Seiko SNK809 just came in with some Clockwork Synergy straps from Amazon. Smaller than my other watches but I think I'll still get a lot of wear out of it.
I didn't see any cordovan when I was in the Meermin store earlier this month - but I wasn't looking for it either. The store is pretty small though. A couple blocks up the same street is Carmina. Once you go in there you won't be able to leave without buying something..
If that's your taste, then do you. But, if you're asking here, the consensus you'll get is as you found: they're hideous
I like that a lot. Bought from Laco?
Great looking shoes!
I would NOT go with a Meermin MTO for your first serious dress shoe. It's not a matter of quality per se but I think that's a big step, especially in terms of determining the right last and fit for your foot. I agree that AE may not be as sleek as some of the other shoes out there, but they're readily available, the shoebank sales make them affordable, and you can exchange for free if what you order doesn't fit. The only classic line Meermins I have are suede so I can't...
101412 - Navy Rapello Suede. They do look dark in the picture but in the daylight they're not as bad. Dark but you can definitely tell they're blue.
Gave these suede loafers another shot. I tried them before in a 9.5UK and there was just a hair too much heel slip. These are 9UK (I am a 10.5D US) and the heel slip is gone. They're a bit difficult to slip on, but that's getting better as they break in. Just an FYI for anyone thinking about trying the Ron last out.
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