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My first pair were brown, then I picked some up in Navy.
A very interesting read. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints with us
I'm a 10.5D in the MacNeil, Player, Lombard and 10.5D in Dalton too. I have the Van Ness in 10EEE but for me the Daltons are TTS.
Here/AAAC. Though I think there's a mailing list a SA can put you on.
Nice! Those look better than I thought they would. I passed on them during the last sale and I think someone bought out AE and is now flipping all the 7s on Ebay
I've had shoes cause pain on my ankle the first time I wore them out but not to the point of drawing blood. As they broke in they stopped rubbing. You could also use some moleskin or part of one of those heel cups to see if it raises your foot enough to stop the chafing.
This is what the shoebank has in 10.5D....
The walnut shell is darker than I thought it would be, but that looks like a great color
The Yelp reviews look positive, but I haven't been there myself. I'll pay them a visit next time I'm in town though.
I think those AS's are my favorite of your stable but the black and grey EGs are right there with them. Great collection
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