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It's the medallion-less version I was asking about. Like the 80105 but in Rain
@Leaves I saw the Carmina quarter brogue (10051) in black under the New Arrivals. Any plans for this model in brown?
Sorry, I don't know my size in Rui.
As a 10.5D (9.5 in Hiro and Olfe) I had to take a 9 in Ron to avoid heel slip. They stretched a little (were very snug new), but still pinch my pinky toe a little. 9.5 would have been too big.
Up for sale are Carmina 80105 semi-brogues in Vegano Marron on the Simpson last. I bought these a few months ago, have worn them less than 5 times and decided the last just doesn't work for my foot. Length and width is fine as a TTS 10.5D US, but the top of my foot is just a tad high for these shoes. Otherwise I'd be keeping these, very sleek and very well made. Shoes got one application of a little bit of Reno and some wax on the toes, otherwise they're factory fresh....
Mine should come in tomorrow. I'll post a review.
@loxo I sent shoes back to Carmina and they sat in Customs in Spain for almost a month. Just keep an eye on the tracking to make sure they're received by someone eventually. @NewYawker Very nice!
When the shirt gets here I'll be happy to report on it. I ordered a basic slim fit with one of the NOBD collars. Hoping it shows up in white or blue and not yellow :-P
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