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You're already paying shipping for the shoes, might as well throw in the polish. You're right, it is cheaper than in the US.
Good on you for doing your research. Just be careful on here or you'll fall down the rabbit hole and be jumping into a G&G GMTO in no time
Very nice, @andrel42
The galosh makes the shoe, great choice @andrel42
Mine were there almost a month IIRC.
I wear 9.5 in Olfe and 9 in Ron - had to size down on Ron for heel slip. I'd say you're an 8.
How snug is the Ron on you?
That iguana is pretty cool looking.
My MH71 G&Gs have an instep I'd compare to Carmina Rain which is I think is "medium" instep. Maybe Deco is lower?
I size down an additional half for Ron. So 10.5US --> 9UK. I don't have any gapping, only when I walk as the loafer flexes. The tassels will probably calm down with wear or maybe some cream would relax them a bit?
New Posts  All Forums: