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Just wanted to post an "in the wild" pic ( as I know most shoes look different in real life than on the web) in case anyone was on the fence and wanted to take advantage of the sale. I have these derbies and the double monks from Andrew, hope he puts out some more shoes in the future.
I haven't heard of Henry's but I'm happy with my Meermins.
There was too much heel slip in the 9.5, so they'd only get bigger as they broke in. 9 fits nice and snug.
I'm a 10.5 US, 9.5 Hiro/Olfe and I took a 9 in the Ron.
Assuming you're referring to leetpuma's reply I don't think he's saying there's anything wrong with the trees, but they're not lasted so you'd get the same effect with an $8 sale pair from Jos A Bank that you would from 35EU Meermin trees.
How would you guys compare Simpson, Rain and Alcudia? 10.5D US TTS, 9.5UK Alcudia, ____ Rain and _____ Simpson?
Maybe their shipping page isn't correct then, that's what I was going off of when shopping.http://www.quality-shop.com/world/payment-shippingI got a Fedex bill yesterday - not sure if it was from my Meermins or Carminas. But I'm exchanging my Carminas - hopefully I don't get hit twice. I might have to work that out with Fedex
Well the 80105s I ordered from Carmina came to 301EU with their 50% off shipping right now. With QS you only get free shipping with a total over 300EU, and since the shoes are just under, I'd have had to add something else to the cart to put it over 300. So once Carmina's shipping deal ends I guess you could do just a hair better with QS depending on what you buy.
I've been polishing these DMs and while I have a good 10ft shine, up close the wax looks flaky. Is this just a case of using too much? While I'm polishing, I can't see it building up, and the shine is good. That was last night, this is today. What's the best way to fix this and get a proper shine?
Also a good option. Are you going to wear these aside from at weddings? If you're going to put them in a regular rotation it'll be worth looking at quality and construction. If it's an occasion shoe, get what you like and what's' cheaper.
New Posts  All Forums: