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Just got back from vacation in Spain and paid a visit to Carmina (just to look, really!). But I couldn't leave without a pair once I was in the store Looking forward to breaking these in and joining the Carmina club Burgundy on the Alcudia last.
Keep us updated on how the fit changes as the shoes break in mattg. I tried those loafers and thought about ordering a half size down but wasn't sure if that would be uncomfortably tight. Really like the look, would like a pair at some point.
Do you mean Andrew Lock? Might have a better chance asking here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/304451/andrew-lock-introducing-a-new-shoe-line-from-a-long-term-member-official-affiliate-thread/0_100
Just some info on import duties for anyone that's curious... Got my bill from FedEx. Cost of 2 pairs @ conversion rate of 1.3761 that FedEx used = $378. The tax was 5% (18.90) plus an Advancement Fee of 6.50 so the total duties are $25.40.
Ordered, received invoice, paid, and shoes shipped - within a week.
I tried Ron loafers in 9.5UK and I'm a 10.5D US. More heel slip than I wanted in the 9.5 and I think a 9 would have been too tight. Would have been a perfect fit if they had a 9.25UK. I'd say equal amounts of room in the toe box, but less heel slip in the 9.5UK Hiro DMs on my feet right now.
Another vote for U
Maiden voyage for the BB Gatsby seconds I picked up
BB Gatsbys today
I think it's hit or miss. I placed an order on 29Mar, got the invoice 31Mar, and tracking on 1Apr. I guess the shoes were in stock and ready to go. I think most delays are from things that aren't in stock?
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