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I think you'll be good with Rain in 9.5UK.
You're welcome. For clarity's sake I meant that Rain's toe is more chiseled than Olfe.
My Olfe oxfords have a slightly lower instep than my Rain shells and the toe is more chiseled. Heel is also wider in Rain. I do take the same size for both though and that's what I'd recommend.
I think you're in the minority there being able to wear both based on the narrowness of your feet. For us higher-instep folks Rain and Simpson are quite different. Kudos that you can wear both though.
Freudian slip?
Interesting. I'm glad I got a pair in the old cognac before they changed over. The new version is a nice shade of red brown but doesn't say cognac to me.
Very smart looking @aristoi bcn, a fit between Simpson and Rain sounds interesting.
Well no wonder there's no more left Nice collection, MoosicPa.
I only recently spray waterproofed my go-to suede rain shoes. They repel water excellently now, but even before I did that they weren't worse for wear. Let them dry and brush them to bring back the nap after they get wet.
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