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Can't have enough OEII, nice pickup @RogerP
http://meermin.tumblr.com/post/20983395357/meermin-lasts-shapesNot sure how the insteps compare but it looks like New Rey could be comparable.
Interested in F gable pending specs.
I'll just open the box on Christmas, works for me.
Crazy how different the same pair of shoes can look depending on the lighting. That brogue wing by the laces is a nice touch, didn't know that was an option
I would, 7uk should work. Is your foot narrow or just low/low volume?
Very nice! @andrel42
Leather soles are slippery when new. Once you've worn them around and broken them in (especially outside on concrete), they won't be so smooth and therefore less slippery. A cobbler could add a topy if you're really concerned.
Patent. Both the Nunez and Dante are derbies which isn't technically BT formal, but patent is better than velvet in this case.
I think I'm good on boots right now (unless a ridiculous Wigmore idea comes up), but would be keen on: Gable Deep navy, maybe BRG, or a dark brown (vintage oak?) with burnish Warwick Cherry or Vintage Rioja Kent Navy upper with navy suede I only know my size on MH71 but wouldn't mind a sleeker (in the toe) last if it's easy to correlate size.
New Posts  All Forums: