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These are gorgeous
They have different offerings so it depends on what model you're looking at. The guys at Skoak speak perfect English though so returns would be 100% easier with them.
I think Forest is roomier than Rain but you should research that. Rain in normal width is better for D or E footed people with wider heels and moderately high insteps. If your foot is pretty narrow you'd probably do better with Simpson and I'd guess you at a 10.5UK. Maybe 10UK in Rain but I think you'd find the shoe feeling big volume-wise. I'd email Skoak for sizing advice in addition to what feedback you get from this thread.
Black shouldn't be out of the question, but I'd go with dark brown before I went with burgundy.
Are you a 10.5 in AE 65 even though your brannock is 11 because your foot is narrow?
I have bal boots on Robert in 9.5UK and I wear them with thick socks. The last is comfortable all around (not narrow in the toe, regular instep, heel's not too wide), great for all day wear. They're a hair big to wear with regular dress socks so I relegate them to cold-weather duty. And with the dainite soles, I guess that's how it should be anyway.
You know, snow, and not wanting to scratch those gorgeous soles. But, c'est la vie. Gotta wear em!
Close... I'm a 9.5. But thanks anyway.
Well in that case... I need some cxl jumpers in my life
Roger how well does CXL keep a shine? I thought it was a pull-up leather so I imagine they're hard to keep looking new?
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