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I posted this a little while back in the Carmina thread but @TtownMD here you go
The other trees you're using have a higher vamp which I think could help to stretch the shoe length wise and reduce the bowing at the ankles. Some AEs are notorious for bowing though, it might not be the trees at all.
Quoted for poignancy.
Looking great! What are the specs on the first pair?
^I'll agree, 7.5. Hiro is narrower in the toes than Olfe for me.
Another suede U wing recipient. Just wanted to add to the shoeporn. Thanks Skoak!
I drop a full size from my Allen Edmonds to Meermin and Carmina.
I don't have the Park Ave but I'm a 10.5D across the board in AE and 9.5 in Carmina Alcudia, Rain, and Robert.
I think most of their Vegano shoes are a color between the ones I posted. There have been a lot of chukkas in vegano if you google around you could probably find some pictures.
@TtownMD I've seen various shades of brown labeled Vegano Marron, but I'd anticipate it being dark. Different pair, same style: Same pair, different light: Here's albums of both pairs: http://imgur.com/a/2H4m6#0 http://imgur.com/a/4rZSN#0
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