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Great job Aerolord!
In case anyone else was wondering 2490PLN = 666.578USD via XE currency conversion.
I don't own the Strand, but in everything else AE I'm 10.5D.
What part of your foot requires an E width? I'm 10.5D US and the 9.5UK doesn't leave much room for my pinky toe.
Ah, ok. I was going to say I could understand in the case of the former, but if you made clear your intention to buy shoes I don't know what the problem was. I was over in Springfield last night but didn't have time to drop in. I'll be back next week and take a look.
UK7.5 what gave you heel slip?
Did you mention you were just there to get sized not to buy?
Care to share? I wasn't too impressed when I went in. My impression was they get a lot of looky-loos because they weren't really jumping to help try anything on or offer much customer service.
Safe, and shipping was fast to USA.
Good news @ianGP.... Have you been by the shop? What's the selection like?
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