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The galosh makes the shoe, great choice @andrel42
Mine were there almost a month IIRC.
I wear 9.5 in Olfe and 9 in Ron - had to size down on Ron for heel slip. I'd say you're an 8.
How snug is the Ron on you?
That iguana is pretty cool looking.
My MH71 G&Gs have an instep I'd compare to Carmina Rain which is I think is "medium" instep. Maybe Deco is lower?
I size down an additional half for Ron. So 10.5US --> 9UK. I don't have any gapping, only when I walk as the loafer flexes. The tassels will probably calm down with wear or maybe some cream would relax them a bit?
Here's how my Carmina sizing breaks down: Alcudia (shoe) - 9.5 UK (Best fit, snug but not tight) Rain (shoe and boot)- 9.5UK. (Comfortable fit). Heel is wider than I'd like but no pinching anywhere. Overall, a very comfortable shoe, not tight anywhere. Robert (boot) - 9.5UK. (Comfortable fit). I wear with thick socks in the winter and fall. I think with a thin sock I might be able to wear a 9UK but I haven't been able to try one on. 9.5UK would still be comfortable...
I could be mistaken but I thought Forest was a pretty roomy fitting shoe and generally E-width (US) footed people don't play nice with the Simpson last. I'm a 10.5D US and sizing up to a 10UK (from 9.5) may have worked but the shoe would have been very long. If you have a low instep and low volume foot maybe Simpson could work but there seems to be only a small population that can comfortably wear that last.
If Forest is EE by default Simpson is a D at most with a low instep and narrow toe box. I'm confident your toe would be pinched more than in your AEs.
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