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Nice work Betel! Are you getting that shine in one sitting or letting a few layers of wax dry and then coming back later/the next day?
If you used less Renomat and a softer touch, would the wax come off but the color stay? I need to strip some wax off an old pair so I can re apply it but I don't want the color coming with it.
I had the same issue on a pair of Carminas. Thin leather and making that stitch too tight?
Really cool boot design, very sleek
I've never been a fan of split toes, but those look really nice. Got any more pics?
Another eyelet/speedhook victim reporting in: I've read about the file suggestions and will probably do that but it seems a little ridiculous to have to do in the first place IMO :/
Since it's a small stripe and resolves to a solid at a distance I think it's fine.
We need more shots of this boot!
Don't know if I've ever seen a perfect fit in Simpson like that? Nice pair
How deep was the gouge @SoGent? Great coverup
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