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Have any other pictures? You're right about the lapel facing but it's hard to tell. Jacket doesn't have the usual covered buttons either. Do the pants have a satin stripe?
How hard are you buffing, and are you using wax?
Do you have a suede brush to see if you can take care of it that way?I returned shoes for a refund and used USPS with tracking (~$60 IIRC), fedex wanted almost $200. Mine sat in customs in Spain for a month before returning to Carmina. Make sure to mark the box and the form "Return" so as no to incur duties (for either party). They shouldn't charge you to ship a new pair, and might reimburse you shipping there, see what Betty says.
Well, they stock different styles. Carmina shows much less online than they do in store. The store in Madrid is pretty large and there are a ton of styles. I think if you counted up the pairs offered on each store's website they're about equal. I imagine Skoak shows online everything they have in the store, so if you visit them first and they have what you want, might as well pick it up. If not and you want to see what Madrid has, do that. If that's a bad gamble, you...
I think once you hit up the Madrid Carmina store you'll find everything you need...Great value and styling for the money, especially when you compare AE shoes at 385+ retail. Skoaktiebolaget also carries conservative brown and black styles for work.
If you're a true 7D US then I'd go 6UK.
I'm not really a chelsea fan Jazzmenco, but those are nice
Rain and Alcudia work with my instep where Simpson does not.
You got it
I'll vote navy for your next suit, then gray. Straight across tv fold for your square.
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