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Good news @ianGP.... Have you been by the shop? What's the selection like?
Expect a bill in the mail in a month or so for ~$25 on a regular pair of shoes. Welcome to the Carmina (and less exciting, duties) club!
Nice, mimo
Going up a half for Simpson would give the shoe enough length to not pinch my pinky toes, but I don't know if the instep would be high enough not to cut into my foot. If you have a low instep/top of foot then up a half could work.
If the buttons are pulling or the lapels bow, the jacket is generally too tight. Chest looks fine in the grey suit, and jacket length looks fine, sleeves look a little short, but that could be fixed at the tailor.
Thanks Roger, I figured it was something with the throat. So even though this has a plain toe, the inset throat makes it a reverse, right?
Can someone explain the difference between an adelaide and a reverse adelaide? Skoak has both incoming according to the website.
Wow, the Carmina site does not do those shoes any justice at all. Very nice.
Skoaktiebolaget has a Carmina Adelaide and Reverse Adelaide planned for incoming stock. Can someone shed some light on the difference between the two styles?
So far it looks like: Medallion: borbor, wklq76a (2) No medallion: watchidiot, Shawl Lapel, filangler (3) JR sole: borbor, Shawl Lapel, wklg76a (3) Tomir sole: watchidiot, filangler (2)
New Posts  All Forums: