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USPS for me was about $65 and they sat in customs for about a month in Spain. Fedex would have been faster for $170+ but who's to say they wouldn't have been in customs just as long.
Not all lasts are available in wide widths. Simpson only has one standard width as far as I know so you couldn't just order a wider size. I think Rain is normally considered an E (US D?) and it's available in EE but I might be wrong.
Don't leave us hanging! Can we get some IDs on your awesome collection?
I was hoping you'd compare it to rain. I know boots and shoes aren't a direct comparison but good info nonetheless. Thanks!
These look great! Can you compare sizing to Carmina sizing?
Can we get a new photoshop of the U wing GMTO now that Polo is out?
It's the medallion-less version I was asking about. Like the 80105 but in Rain
New Posts  All Forums: