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Here's how my Carmina sizing breaks down: Alcudia (shoe) - 9.5 UK (Best fit, snug but not tight) Rain (shoe and boot)- 9.5UK. (Comfortable fit). Heel is wider than I'd like but no pinching anywhere. Overall, a very comfortable shoe, not tight anywhere. Robert (boot) - 9.5UK. (Comfortable fit). I wear with thick socks in the winter and fall. I think with a thin sock I might be able to wear a 9UK but I haven't been able to try one on. 9.5UK would still be comfortable...
I could be mistaken but I thought Forest was a pretty roomy fitting shoe and generally E-width (US) footed people don't play nice with the Simpson last. I'm a 10.5D US and sizing up to a 10UK (from 9.5) may have worked but the shoe would have been very long. If you have a low instep and low volume foot maybe Simpson could work but there seems to be only a small population that can comfortably wear that last.
If Forest is EE by default Simpson is a D at most with a low instep and narrow toe box. I'm confident your toe would be pinched more than in your AEs.
Simpson will be a no go for you, Rain might be snug in the toe. I'm not sure about Oscar or Detroit.
@The Shoe Snob new shoe trees I presume? Reminiscent of Vass with the round knob, I like them a lot
I think if it was regular calf I wouldn't find it appealing but the casual leather makes it work for me
I'm not big on split toe anything, but I have to admit I saw these in ig and really liked them.
Just send an email to Betty at Carminashoemaker.com
That's what I'd do
Carmina may refund the shipping for you, essentially paying for it. Unfortunately ~$50 via USPS is the cheapest I found as well.
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