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What's their upcharge for a last adjustment?
Brown museum, burgundy suede, F last, double sole?
Highlight the image code and then use the spoiler button
What color and from where? Very nice
Where is your foot too wide for Rain? I think Hiro is narrower in the heel but I don't think it's much wider across the ball of the foot. Maybe a hair more toe room since it's rounded and not as chiseled as rain.
Just wear them, though a bandaid on your foot could help. I've had shoes that bite along the topline and you just have to break them in.
@CanadaCal the instep is generous and Vass is bigger in that regard only by millimeters. I haven't tried Enzo Bonafe to compare but they have high insteps from what I've read. Justin's are definitely more comfortably roomy than Carmina. Again, the instep is an area where people probably don't need much room (as compared to toe or heel) but a little bit can make a difference. @winghus the JFP heels should work for you as they're narrower than what I've worn from...
I dunno, these have your name all over them @RogerP If not, maybe they'll have mine all over them one day
Ok, so it took longer than I wanted it to, but hopefully this is of use. If anyone wants additional side by sides just post and I'll set it up.I'm a 10.5D US with decently high instep, and my right foot is slightly wider than my left, bordering on E. I'd consider my best fit a 9.5UK in Carmina's Alcudia last - snug all around with a nice narrow heel, with Justin's TMG a close second, less snug all over but very comfortable as a result. Below are pictures of various...
I'll line up a top-down shot of 2 JFP lasts next to Carmina/Vass/GG and post pics.
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