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This is at the bottom of the price list:
^This is probably why. A lot of sub $300 boots are kinda chunky. You can try Meermin and maybe Skolyx to see where they shake out price wise after shipping.
Are you sure the suede is different between the shoes or do you just need to brush one so the nap matches the other?
Very dark, but very cool @RogerP
Go 7.5. I'm a 10.5D and and I have these in a 9.5 and they have a wider heel than I'd like but I think 9 would be too small in the instep and across the toes. I might end up trying a tongue pad.
I'll vote Rain.
350 might also be Herring territory, but I don't have any experience with them. From what I've heard, Yanko fits like Carmina and some of the styles are very similar. I think you can also change sole and color with no fee through Skolyx?
You can try Yanko via Skolyx.
I'm not ThinkDerm, but in terms of feedback, I liked the SSS because it's not just instructional steps but pictures. The shoe care thread is devoted to how-tos, but when RedDevil walks through the process (especially the between pictures, pre-buffing. etc) you can follow the process and compare your shoes to know if you're doing it right to get 'the look'. I'm sure everyone on the forum has their own shine method, but I'm still honing my spit shine skills. It's nice to...
My bad. Buffalo. Was trying to figure out what kind of leather. Thanks.
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