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May as well. 3 trial shirts and 2 sale fabric shirts later, I finally feel comfortable enough to order "pricier" fabrics. None of my trial shirts are horrible and I wear all 3 regularly. For pants though I am just going to send in a pair to be copied. Less room for error that way I think.
If it's in stock, Fedex is 7-10 days.
Yes, I ordered 3 trial shirts over 2 orders - dialing in/tweaking measurements and features.
You would think I'd be the same size. But I think the vamp of the simpson is lower than alcudia, making the shoe too tight. I also had a captoe in Simpson and where the shoe flexed cut into my toes. My alcudia shoes are plain toes so maybe that's why they don't dig into the top of my foot.
If per Brannock or AE you're 10.5D, I'd say maybe a 10UK Simpson. But the shoe might be prohibitively long in that size. I've only tried 9.5 in Simpson and know that it doesn't work with my foot.
No, you're right. I had to go back and look at my order - I specified the NOBD but with straight collar points. They did still have somewhat of a curve in the packaging but with the added height it disappears when worn.
Thanks. Shirt feels pretty thin, almost exactly like one of my old CTs. None of my stripes feel as nice as my solids *shrug* Easy to iron though. Not as soft to the touch as one of my trial shirts, but I wear an undershirt so it doesn't really bother me. For the sale price it was I can't complain.I added to the collar height, so it doesn't lay as flat as the NOBD. In the packaging though it looked like my other NOBD-collared shirts.
I'm a 10.5D in AE and 9.5 UK in Robert, Rain, and Alcudia. I'd say you're an 8.5. I think I saw you wanted a leather sole, but the Tomir is sleek (dressy) and very comfortable.EDIT: just saw you're a 10.5 AEs are US sizing AFAIK. I'd go 9.5 for Carmina in that case.
That's mine, wearing it today
New Posts  All Forums: