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Of those, the second one.
I have them on mine.
I think they're fine as-is. Just not as snug as my Ron or Hiro shoes. Maybe I'll try Park for my next Meermin purchase.
Looking good guys, I got mine too. Park looks great! Next time.. :P Olfe seems wider in the forefoot than I thought it would be, but they're not unwearable. Bit of a gamble I guess, but with the soles/nails and everything we got I'm very happy with them.
I posted this in the Carmina thread but I thought I'd check here as well. Have tried these on but not worn them out yet and trying to decide if this was something that could have happened during me trying the shoes on or if it's a manufacturing defect. I've never seen that stitch tear through before but just checking before I email Betty to exchange them.
Those look great
Would have liked to make a Carmina p0rn post but have to ask advice instead. I ordered these direct and noticed this last night. I've only tried them on two or three times, haven't worn them out yet. Is this something that happened during manufacturing or could me trying the shoes on have done this? Trying to decide if I should exchange them. I've had a tight fit before with bals but never seen that stitch rip through the leather like that.
3rd here. Expecting them Friday. (Fedex)
Charles Tyrwhitt can be bought pocketless.
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