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Another vote for U
Maiden voyage for the BB Gatsby seconds I picked up
BB Gatsbys today
I think it's hit or miss. I placed an order on 29Mar, got the invoice 31Mar, and tracking on 1Apr. I guess the shoes were in stock and ready to go. I think most delays are from things that aren't in stock?
Added my info! Wasn't sure how to embed the table
Have a pair of suede loafers in the Ron last. I'd say I'm a pretty perfect 10.5D US and there is a little bit of heel slip in the 9.5 Meermins. Will they stretch as they break in making them looser, or as the sole breaks in will the heel fit better? I'm trying to decide if I should return them for 9s assuming they'll be really tight at first and then stretch to fit.
Hey everyone, I need some sizing help! I have the navy loafers in the Ron last, size 9.5. I'd say I'm about as true to a 10.5D US as there is, and these fit pretty well. A tiny bit of heel slippage, more on the left shoe than the right. Since these are loafers, will they stretch as they break in making them even looser? I'm thinking a size 9 might be really tight initially, but don't know if they will stretch to a good fit. Trying to decide if I should return these...
I have some jackets with lapel holes that just needed to be cut and some with just a line of thread stitched on to look the part. A tailor should be able to add a hole in the case of the latter for $10-15.
I'm a 10.5 US and wear a 9 in the dub monks and 9.5 in the derbies.
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