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They have a Carmina store, but no outlet. Only sale I'm aware of is free or 1/2off shipping for online purchases through 31Aug.
I bought that exact pair in the Madrid store They were very snug but after keeping some trees in them they've stretched just enough to where they're really comfortable.
Got mine this morning too.
^ I think the bowing is just a loafer trait. There's no lacing to hold them tight to the top of your foot.
Awesome bag, Moosic
Is the rest of your rig traditional? I see you're doing peak lapels, what about buttons, vents, pockets? I have a peak lapel tux and cummerbund because I already had the cummerbund and didn't want to splurge for a traditional vest. Especially when it won't be seen anyway. If I had time and the funds I'd opt for a vest, but if you're pressed for time I don't see anything wrong with a cummerbund. Better than no waist covering at all.
I'd be looking for something like Ian's vs the Galway, but thanks for the heads up
These aren't U but they are vests... https://www.uniformalwearhouse.com/apages/tuxedo_vests_solid.html http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Formal-Backless-Tuxedo-Includes/dp/B00DG7V63E Brooks Brothers also has one. Maybe some luck here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/388249/u-waistcoat-suspenders-for-my-tuxedo/0_100
No update on my order status on the Meermin website, so you "20 days" people are lucky I guess.
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