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If the buttons are pulling or the lapels bow, the jacket is generally too tight. Chest looks fine in the grey suit, and jacket length looks fine, sleeves look a little short, but that could be fixed at the tailor.
Thanks Roger, I figured it was something with the throat. So even though this has a plain toe, the inset throat makes it a reverse, right?
Can someone explain the difference between an adelaide and a reverse adelaide? Skoak has both incoming according to the website.
Wow, the Carmina site does not do those shoes any justice at all. Very nice.
Skoaktiebolaget has a Carmina Adelaide and Reverse Adelaide planned for incoming stock. Can someone shed some light on the difference between the two styles?
So far it looks like: Medallion: borbor, wklq76a (2) No medallion: watchidiot, Shawl Lapel, filangler (3) JR sole: borbor, Shawl Lapel, wklg76a (3) Tomir sole: watchidiot, filangler (2)
Cool, thanks
@hookem12387 What collar is this?
I voted no medallion. I'm kicking myself for not getting in on Skoak's cognac shell version, and I'd like to get as close as possible - save for color of course. JR sole was my vote too, but that's not a deal breaker.
In for Burgundy shell U wing boot - Rain! Or those adelaides...
New Posts  All Forums: