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I know Dainite is popular, but I'd like these a little sleeker, with the sole cut closer to the welt. Would a rubber topy be an option for you? Looks like EB can leather with Vibram on top.So this boot:But on a thinner sole and with the upper/shaft stitching like this:
I have not tried Simpson in a 10UK as opposed to my regular 9.5, but in a 9.5 the instep was uncomfortably low, as was the vamp. Alcudia has slightly more volume. Though I haven't heard of many people wearing both Rain and Alcudia. I don't hear/see much about Alcudia at all actually. If Rain was my best fit, I doubt I would find Alcudia accommodating. But because I fit Alcudia, I can also wear Rain - albeit with pretty decent heel slip until the shoes broke in due to...
I'm proposing another run of button boots - black w/ black peccary. For everyone (like me) that missed out on the first one and wasn't in on the Ostrich boots. Model: EB Button Boot Last: 74945 Upper: Black calf Shaft: Black peccary Sole: Single leather or leather with topy - would like to keep it sleeker than dainite No pull tabs Punched captoe, sans medallion, simple stitch (no punch) separating upper and shaft. Any takers?
For me, wearing the same size in both, Alcudia is a much closer fitting shoe all around. That is to say less volume than Rain. The toe is still sharp in shape but slightly more rounded compared to Rain's chisel, and a hair shorter in length. The heel is narrower and the instep is a smidge higher. IMO Alcudia is a more shapely last and really contours to the foot. Snug but in a good way.
No burgundy button boots left in my size I'm sure the rest of the sale stock will move quickly!
Maybe they have a Valway in 43.5 on F laying around.....? @Notch
I had heel slip in my shell oxfords on the Rain last until I broke them in. If they fit well everywhere else, I think you'll be fine after break-in. I wish Carmina offered a version with a narrower heel.
How do they fit the rest of your foot? Rain last doesn't exactly have a narrow heel. The slip could lessen as the shoes break in.
EB owners, Which last is closest in overall fit to Carmina's Rain last, with a slightly more generous instep? I'd like to MTO a button boot on something sharper than 363MOD but with adequate toe width. Weighing 804 and 74945 right now I think.. Thanks!
What last, Ttown?
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