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Very sharp
Shipping back to Carmina was about $60-$65 with USPS. About a 3rd of the cost of FedEX.
I'm a 9.5UK in Hiro and Olfe, 9 in Ron. Olfe feels a hair wider in the forefoot than Hiro, but length is about the same. I wear 9.5 for Carmina Rain, Robert, Alcudia.
Not a semi brogue, but Quality Shop has a U Wing: http://www.quality-shop.com/world/brands/carmina/carmina-80373-u-wing-dark-brown-suede
I'd rather have DHL send a bill than demand a check at delivery like UPS. Regardless, what US customers save with the free shipping should cover the duties levied by the carrier, so like you said, win-win. Thanks Justin
I ask because duties for UPS are about $25USD. Royal Mail may not levy duties but the price difference takes away the advantage. I'm not sure if DHL collects duties, but that may be a solid option if they don't.
Great news! What courier will be used to deliver to the US?
Carmina's not accepting any shell GMTOs right now. That boot would be sweet though.
Thanks Thanks
@luxire @LuxireStudio What's the price for that unstructured jacket?
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