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Maybe your feet start to sweat at 2pm. Have you tried talcum powder for where the shoe is squeaking?
I wore mine for a long (and bloody) day around the city They only need a few more wears after that. I'd say 10 or so wears would probably be the end of it. Get some moleskin to put on if they're rubbing you the wrong way.
My Hiro suede double monks were brutal, I know your pain. But they did break in and get better.
Fantastic! I can't wait to see the other colors.
My bad, poor reading comprehension
Did you just specify in your email correspondence that you wanted x mm of room here and there in the shoe and they were able to accommodate you?
What's their upcharge for a last adjustment?
Brown museum, burgundy suede, F last, double sole?
Highlight the image code and then use the spoiler button
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