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Most excellent! Still waiting on my invoice.
My Hiro double monks are not as low on the forefoot but the fit across the forefoot is similar. Simpson 10UK might work (as opposed to 9.5UK Hiro) but I think the shoes would be too long.
Thanks guys
Wedgwood boots that I reviewed elsewhere in this thread. Great boots. I think the new last he has for his button boots might fit me better. I'll definitely be buying more from him in the future
Just landed today. Happy to join the Vass club Antique Cognac calf/scotchgrain on U last
If you have sizing questions just email. Justin is really good about answering questions.
Try Betty at carminashoemaker dotcom
I'm a D in Allen Edmonds and the regular Rain fits fine. It is a wide heel though compared to some other Carmina lasts. If you're a narrow D you might get away with going down 1.5 sizes from US instead of the usual 1. If you're a standard D just go down a size from your US to UK - 10.5D US to 9.5UK for example.
I usually put some wax on new shoes because I'm bound to scuff them. But I don't see the need to condition them before you wear unless they look dry. Just wear them and break them in.
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