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10.5D US here and I took 9.5UK in Hiro (Dub monks) and Olfe, 9 in Ron (loafers). Not sure how much more room you get in the monks though because of the buckles vs laces.
Those wingtips are excellent!
Did some maintenance to prep some AEs for a new home. Didn't go for a mirror shine, just a good cleanup. Saphir Renovateur, Saphir Polish Mahogany No.9, and Saphir wax No.9. First time using Saphir wax and I wanted to try it out on my AEs before moving over to my Carminas. It's great stuff, I'll be picking up more colors in the future. Before After
I bought these a year or so ago, but have worn them maybe 10 times. They just don't fit my instep right and there's no use keeping them in the collection if I'm not going to wear them. Plenty of life left in them, and the retail on these is now is $385 so get first quality shoes at below seconds prices. Shoes will come with original box and bags, no trees. $200obo shipped CONUS. Payment via PayPal.
You can have as few or as many shoes in your rotation as you want. Most would probably say 2 pairs of dress shoes at a minimum - one brown and one black. But with fewer shoes, they'll wear out faster - especially if you don't like upkeep. No one says you have to get 3 pairs of AEs, and you could probably get a bunch of cheap shoes for the price of one pair of AEs anyway if you don't want to take care of them.
I'd give Allison a call... I just asked about going from 10.5D to 10E because I have a little bit of room at the toe of my 2-Last shoes, and sometimes they pinch my pinky toe. She said dropping down in length might make the pinching worse because the toe will be shorter, but at the same time going up a width gives about 1/4" extra all around the shoe which could lead to heel slip. So I guess I could get some pinky relief but without a good fit at the back. Long story...
The boot I've been waiting for! I'm in
That's very true, Leaves, I forgot there were that many. I stopped in only at the one on Claudio Coello, seems like that's the largest of the ones there.
You're welcome. Be sure to add Sagrada Familia to your list of stops in Barcelona
Leather conditioner won't hurt the distressed finish. You can get brown or neutral wax if you want to keep a shine on the toe.
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