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Is it on the back of your heel? That should go away too - just the shoes breaking in. Mine were suede and they were stiff, I imagine shell is stiffer. It must be the way the heel cup is shaped on Hiro.
Are the heels digging into your ankle? I had that on a pair of Meermin monks too and it went away as they broke in. Does suck though.
@Leaves Any updated on the polo suede u wing boots? Thanks
Was going to post this info but @patliean1 kind of beat me to it. Anyway, on the heels of his duties post here is some more info for knowing what FedEx will charge for Carmina shoes so US buyers can plan ahead 482Euro + 35 for toe taps. Fedex uses the exchange rate shown in the next picture on the value of the shoes (482) to calculate the duty. 482 x 1.0818 = 521.43 --> $521 5% of 521 = $26.05 Then they add an advancement fee of $7: Total duties: $33.05
When I ordered directly through Betty she told me the total and I sent the money via paypal.
Just wanted to do a quick review on the Wedgwood boots and add to the positive feedback for Justin. I've had these for about 2 months now and they're very comfortable. Justin's communication was good when I had some questions about the shoes before buying them. I ordered a 9.5 (my usual UK size) and I'd say these were a hair wider in the forefoot than what I'm used to in a normal width 9.5, but the length was good. I put in an insole to help take up the volume and with...
What's the difference? I'm assuming polish is a simple wax job and high shine is mirror shine?
Do I just tell Luxire to adjust for sloped shoulders? Does that change the angle they're cut or sewn? The sleeves are a little long, which is surprising since usually that's where I have trouble with my dress shirts (maybe other brands shrink more). I'll take it up a half inch.
Hey all I'd like some help narrowing down what changes to make from my trial shirt before I order more. I chose Luxire's slim fit and specified 16" neck and 36" sleeves versus submitting independent measurements for all aspects of the shirt. The collar is the NODB2 I'm pretty sure. Next time I'll try something a little taller, and also choose the thinner buttons. The shirt has been worn and washed multiple times before the pics were taken. Generally, the shirt fits...
Yeah, FedEx is ridiculous unless you have a big account with them. USPS got them there in under 10 days, they just sat in customs. They processed the return fine, I just sent them an email when the tracking finally showed delivered so they knew to look for them.
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