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Nice report @AdductorMagnus From the pictures I've seen it looks like Vass knows what they're doing with shoe shines, so that last part is up to you.
Great pickup, U last?
Fantastic options, there!
Some Wallingford in-the-wild shots...
Should be killer, @youtubs
Just got my deerskin/rabbit lined gloves yesterday. Very supple, extremely soft inside with the rabbit fur, and the sizing chart was spot on. Thanks Notch
Any other interested parties or is this a no go?
I am looking at fulfilling this through Skoak, and I believe the price is $750 USD + $65USD upcharge for peccary. I am not sure what various sole options would add to the cost.I have heard mixed reviews of the grip provided by Millerighe. I think I am still leaning towards the leather/vibram option for sleekness and grip.Thoughts? @youtubs @SvelteDave
So could I
I know Dainite is popular, but I'd like these a little sleeker, with the sole cut closer to the welt. Would a rubber topy be an option for you? Looks like EB can leather with Vibram on top.So this boot:But on a thinner sole and with the upper/shaft stitching like this:
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