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I haven't tried Uetam but 9.5 in Rain is comfortable for me, meaning it fits but isn't snug anywhere. Alcudia fits snugly, in a good way. Simpson in 9.5 was too low at the vamp and instep for me making the shoe crush my foot when I walked and flexed it. I didn't get a chance to try it in 10 to see if that was better. But generally I've heard to go up half a size from Rain to Simpson.
What you called a weapon, most of SF would call chisel toe The transition from the laces is the way it is because the shoe is a wholecut. A captoe or wingtip may be less severe. The waist is the area under the arch of the foot, where the sole narrows to the heel. Many higher end shoemakers have a very close fitting waist and pay extra attention to the sole in this area.
I'm good on suede shoes but I appreciate the sentiment
If 9.5 Rain is comfortable for you then you probably need a 10 in Simpson.
Thanks guys.
I think those would look pretty killer in suede.
Cherry Kudu? Amazing.
Um, looks like a pretty good shoe collection for a grad student to me. You could probably get away with something in a brown museum though if you wanted to add some diversity.
What you're asking about is subjective, but look at the two shoes below: Can you discern a difference in the sleekness of the two? Generally, sleek shoes can hint at a higher level of craftsmanship, especially at the waist of the shoe. But it comes down to personal preference, and some looks aren't for everyone.
Sweet What last?
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