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Carmina was over $400 this time last year - not a bad deal at all...
FWIW I'm a 10.5D in AE and 9.5UK in Rain and Alcudia. But Simpson is too tight in a 9.5.
You could try betty(at)carminashoemaker(dot)com
With the exception of the last pic (can't tell where on the boot that is) it looks like the veiny areas are on the shaft and heel of the boot, so not very prominent when you're wearing pants. So that sounds like good clicking in terms of placing the less perfect places of leather. I have seen some veining on the museum boots, I don't know if it's harder to work with or they just have less of it so we see more problem areas of the leather making it to production. Bottom...
Hiro is definitely closer to D width than E. You're probably an 8UK
Very sharp
Shipping back to Carmina was about $60-$65 with USPS. About a 3rd of the cost of FedEX.
I'm a 9.5UK in Hiro and Olfe, 9 in Ron. Olfe feels a hair wider in the forefoot than Hiro, but length is about the same. I wear 9.5 for Carmina Rain, Robert, Alcudia.
Not a semi brogue, but Quality Shop has a U Wing: http://www.quality-shop.com/world/brands/carmina/carmina-80373-u-wing-dark-brown-suede
I'd rather have DHL send a bill than demand a check at delivery like UPS. Regardless, what US customers save with the free shipping should cover the duties levied by the carrier, so like you said, win-win. Thanks Justin
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