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Try betty (at) carminashoemaker (dotcom)
USPS is about $55 from the US. See if you can put them on Carmina's Fedex account
Great pickups @peppercorn78 and @RogerP
Bib front or pleats? I've been quite happy with my TM Lewin for pairing with my black tie rig.
Might fine! And a great burnish.
I had another thought since my earlier post. If you scour the net for information as a new person breaking into "menswear" you'll see Meermin come up a lot. It's touted as classical styling at a price point everyone can afford - especially college kids getting into the real world. Plus they're goodyear welted and sturdy (read impossible to break in, as many report). IMO, the person that's just getting into dressing better and doesn't have a lot of money to spend is...
I feel like a lot of the activity on the Meermin and Carmina threads is related to sizing, and there appear to be far fewer sizing questions here so there's less discussion. I think your presence on IG is also far better (as compared to the Meermin/Carmina) so you're getting feedback there (likes and comments) as opposed to in this thread? @The Shoe Snob
Damn @RogerP those are serious!
Glad to have you aboard. My "Look Closely" tie gets heavy wear in the office, especially for our heavy meeting days
Justin Fitzpatrick
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