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Ok guys trying to nail down my size in rain, I'm 10.5D US. 9.5uk Alcudia is a perfect fit 9.5uk Simpson is tight on the top of my foot but length is fine 9.5uk Robert boot is good fit all around I tried on some 2 eyelet derbies in rain yesterday and the 9.5 was really tight. I'm not sure if it was because with fewer laces there's less room for adjustment or if the box marked 9.5 was really 9.5us though I thought Carmina only marked boxes/shoes in UK sizes? Or I just have...
After measuring I got a length of 27.5cm and width of 10.5L/11Rcm. I think my right foot's slightly wider than my left but there's leeway in the measurements too. Hiro fits fine in length, maybe a bit snug on my pinky toe (on my right foot, go figure). Olfe has a tad more room.
@mimo That was some poetry right there. Like an English Gatsby scene. I like my double monks but I'll see what design options we have. In for brown lizard though sorry anderz.
Is your length just from heel to big toe, and width the width across the widest part of your foot? I can take some measurements today when I get home.
Is "F" a normal width in Church's and Loake? I'm a 10.5D (normal width) US and I take a 9.5 in Hiro and Olfe.
@GenluddMight be in pending price. That would be my 3rd vegano marron Carmina shoe though What last?
@mimoI really like the look of the Simpson captoe from Unipair and I thought I saw a double monk in that lizard somewhere but maybe not. Might be interested if I can nail down my sizing for Rain... [[SPOILER]]
Me too. Seriously awesome looking shoe!
I gotcha. I have Saphir polish and wax (two separate products). In either case less is more is the takeaway I guess.
So a thin coat of polish, then multiple layers of wax, i.e. don't layer up the polish and expect the wax to get a nice shine on top of it?
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