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I'm a 9.5UK Hiro and 9.5UK Simpson is too tight. You might be able to get away with 7.5.
Saw these on IG. Those boots are killer!
Thanks for the sizing feedback @ecwy
Awesome Can you give your size in Carmina and a fit comparison?
You're correct. They can't add it because it wasn't an original detail on the GMTO. Single MTO would be no problem.
I would think that's within their skillset, but I was just thinking about the Kudu MTO I jumped in on. There was an option for trees but not for taps. When you order from Carmina they give you an option on the order page. Was just curious if anyone knew upfront if G&G gave the option before I emailed Skoak to inquire.EDIT: Just saw your reply @Leaves, I'll email. Thanks.
Does G&G do metal toe taps? I know trees are an option for G&G MTOs, but wasn't sure if toe taps could be added too.
I posted this a little while back in the Carmina thread but @TtownMD here you go
The other trees you're using have a higher vamp which I think could help to stretch the shoe length wise and reduce the bowing at the ankles. Some AEs are notorious for bowing though, it might not be the trees at all.
Quoted for poignancy.
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