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No burgundy button boots left in my size I'm sure the rest of the sale stock will move quickly!
Maybe they have a Valway in 43.5 on F laying around.....? @Notch
I had heel slip in my shell oxfords on the Rain last until I broke them in. If they fit well everywhere else, I think you'll be fine after break-in. I wish Carmina offered a version with a narrower heel.
How do they fit the rest of your foot? Rain last doesn't exactly have a narrow heel. The slip could lessen as the shoes break in.
EB owners, Which last is closest in overall fit to Carmina's Rain last, with a slightly more generous instep? I'd like to MTO a button boot on something sharper than 363MOD but with adequate toe width. Weighing 804 and 74945 right now I think.. Thanks!
What last, Ttown?
Try betty (at) carminashoemaker (dotcom)
USPS is about $55 from the US. See if you can put them on Carmina's Fedex account
Great pickups @peppercorn78 and @RogerP
Bib front or pleats? I've been quite happy with my TM Lewin for pairing with my black tie rig.
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