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Thanks @Leaves
Awesome MTO @RogerP Does EB provide medallion selections or did you sketch something up?
Any preview of the new styles, @AnGeLiCbOrIs?
About the same $ for me. Sat in customs for a month in Spain though before being received at Carmina.
Visa will work but you might have to call your bank first to have them authorize it. A supervisor had to do it for me, it was above regular customer service's permissions.
FWIW I've seen shoes in both shades sold as "Vegano". I chalked it up to different dye batches, but I will say Carmina's browns do tend to be dark.
I go down a full size from AE to Carmina, Rain included.
You're welcome. I'm a "D" width in US sizing with a higher than normal instep. Alcudia fits me best out of all the Carmina lasts. Was snug at first but it fits the shape of my foot perfectly. Rain is similar but slightly bigger overall and wider in the heel.
I have both in Oxfords in 9.5UK. Alcudia works for me where Simpson is too tight. Alcudia has a higher instep and vamp and I think the way the shoe fits changes how it creases. My Simpson captoes crease right on top of my toes and make it tighter on my pinky toe. Both are narrow, but Alcudia fits my foot much better, more room across the forefoot, if only by a little bit.
New Posts  All Forums: