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Are you planning to wear them sockless?
I'm a 9.5UK Hiro/Olfe. I take a 9 in the Ron loafers because 9.5 had heel slip. They were very tight though and had to be broken in. If you really need the width of an E 9.5 might work but you may have the same issue I did and have to stretch them.
It could be the lower vamp. Because of the suede I don't find them to be too snug, just a close fitting shoe - in a good way. My boots do have a little more room over the instep and the laces close perfectly. I guess that goes back to more eyelets = more room. I would have thought TMG was the most friendly fitting last with its rounder toe, but I'm not the maker Glad to help
That's what I would recommend
Sorry for the hasty cell phone picture:The insteps look similar, but by feel TMG has more room. I could crank down on Rain's laces to close the gap more but then it would cut into the top of my foot. I could tighten Justin's boots more and have them be snug but not dig into my foot. The JFP boots also have a Dr Scholl's insole in them that I put in when I bought them to take up a little volume in the forefoot. It's a full length insole though, so if it was removed, I...
Ok @LAluck5 and @laufer-Here are some side by side pictures, and I'll also talk about the fit of each shoe on my right foot (wider of the two, D and a half width, borderline E). I'm a 9.5UK Rain and 9.5UK everything JFP, F width in GG.Before my pictures and comments, I'll copy what Justin says about sizing on his website ( my part, left to right: Wedgwood (TMG), Carmina 922 (Rain), Wallingford (JKF), Rainier...
I'll take pictures tonight.
@foto010101, something else worth considering. At the price point, there are a lot of stylistic elements that other brands simply don't have, or aren't willing to explore. I find Justin's leather softer than my Carminas, but that's comparing crust and box calf. But they're no less durable. More comfortable out of the box with less break in time, that's for sure.And MissingBuckley doesn't have to disrespect AE, but I will For the price, they're not even close. Not...
I did some comparisons earlier in the thread but I can do a side by side of just JFP shoes and Rain if you want. I may have an NGT to throw in the mix too.
I didn't know "High Instep/Low Forefoot" was a problem until I saw your pics. Glad I'm not the only one haha. I guess I haven't found shoes that have both a high instep and low vamp, since I always buy to make sure the top of my foot isn't being bitten by the shoe. Generally if they fit everywhere else, I just live with the wrinkles. Aesthetically it's not perfect of course, but c'est la vie. Even more so for orthotics wearers I'm sure.
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