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x2Need a new burgundy wingtip.
Those look great tjyoung! Can't wait for the Merlots to come in
Which color?! I'm chomping at the bit to get mine
I wouldn't send back if you can avoid it. I mailed a pair of Carmina's back and they sat in customs for almost a month. Betty still said she hasn't received them even though the tracking shows delivered.Anyway, the hole seems like it's in a place that's not very noticeable, and as long as it doesn't let moisture in I guess I'd leave it alone. You'll have to decide if that's worth the money you spent though. If you don't mind, pm me the name of your cobbler? I saw...
Pretty sure the white is shell bloom and normal for the material, though some shoes produce more than others. Not sure about the hole though. I'm sure some kind of shoe glue could be used to fill it, but I don't know what the "official" fix would be.
Fedex duty was about $26 for me IIRC on a MTO pair, less for regular. 5% of the total + 6.50 advancement fee.
Wow! Those look great
I think Pat means Claudio Coello - that's the big one from what I know. Not sure what they'll have but just email them. Though if you regularly go to those places you listed, maybe Ud se habla espaƱol - just llamalos
When I emailed a store about ordering it was picked up by Betty, so I imagine she handles the correspondence. With the time change though I'd give them a day or two to respond.
I didn't visit that store, not sure about @patliean1, but if you're a 6.5 US (so 5.5 or 6UK?) I'd contact them ahead of time to see what range of sizes they have in the store.
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