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I only recently spray waterproofed my go-to suede rain shoes. They repel water excellently now, but even before I did that they weren't worse for wear. Let them dry and brush them to bring back the nap after they get wet.
Wholecut is more formal without any ornamentation. Captoe is standard and just as appropriate for business wear, some might say more so. Both will work for your purposes so it comes down to which you like better.
Yup. I wouldn't go with a cutaway but standard spread works fine.
I sized down 0.5 from Hiro to Ron then treed the loafers until they stretched a little. Same size as Hiro had heel slip.
Different strokes for different folks
Haha, well the pants are grey so they're not right next to each other... But yes I know the rule, and quickly eschewed it
I think burgundy or number 8 would be more versatile than black. http://www.carminashoemaker.com/cordovan-shoes/tassel-loafer-shellcordovan-734-burgundy
Green Rainiers in the flesh. Very comfortable out of the box, just like my Wedgwoods. Looking forward to adding plenty more JFP to the collection.
Neutral polish and wax. Or just use a lighter brown than the rest of the shoe if you don't mind some patina.
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