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what about just for regular guests? is black still the most appropriate or am I fine to wear my oxblood or burgundy shoes?
thoughts on either of these coats that my hand is touching for a wedding? I'm looking for something blue for the summer. Possibly tan, but I don't think so. I plan on wearing stone or cream pants and a light shirt. No tie.
interesting. my one OTR cuffed shirt I can slide hand in and out. a bit difficult, but doable. I just got an MTM shirt. it's not even close to being able to slide in or out. found it annoying to hand to apply cufflink once shirt on. thought it may have been made wrong. I guess not.
Just got these shoes. Is it cool to rock both sets of laces? I kind of like it.
lol. winners. only $99. can't go wrong. good for the interim till i find something i like.
how's this? too plain?
i will need to look into these items.i assumed this was a peacoat, but I guess it's a top coat. how does it look?
so what's the jacket of choice for those of us who wear a suit jacket to work? leave jacket at the office, just wear shirt and peacoat home?what about times we need to leave the office and go somewhere else that requires suit jacket?
would be for over a suit. but now you're worrying me that i likely will need to buy 2.
how's this peacoat for looks? also debating between the navy and the black.
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