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They aren't light weight, I'd say medium
I have it and the pants and vestits a solid jacketi like the tailored fit and the linesRRL has done a few similar but the subtleties here I do appreciatePS the structure of this is quite an upgrade from say the jaspe carson which was unlined but spare and more flimsythis jacket has more to it to hold its shape etc
I have this in an XL and wish i had an XXL. Id say true to size if not a bit slim. Any XXLs out there let me know
Saw this jacket on Mr Porter today and thought, "oh theres a new leather jacket from the spring collection" so when i went to RRL to see it there I was really struck at the difference a photo can make as I've been seeing that coat for weeks now already. I just didn't recognize it. I know this isn't a new issue. But wow what an example.
Ive heard that too. However I've noticed over time, theres a lot of repeated forms that get new material and new buttons or pockets (based on historical references) but are the same lines and constructions. I think there are occasionally new designs that are one offs. Look at the indian head varsity, that became the dixon that is now the lightening bolt dice preorder.Or the maroon corduroy and yellow leather sleeved varsity from last year that is now the winged piston...
Sorry hit the wrong button, I have the Krause top and love it. Only wore a couple times so far. Always gets comments. Very rigid. I'm normally not a pop over guy but it adds to the uniqueness and to the wearing less often I suspect
i have more than once i think, no problems. great seller as far as my experience.
I picked up the new limited edition sack coat which i love. of course one of the riveted buttons just popped right off. And they are sold out of my size. i tired the web site and the broadway store and no luck on replacement riveted button. Which is odd since i have a much older farm coat with the exact same button. Its a common one for them to reuse. Any advice or anyone know a source for these? I may have to settle for a similar but even then id like it to be cool and...
id say true to size, I've got the xxl and no need for additional tailoring, fits perfectly
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