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ok so i have like 9 different RRL denim jackets, not counting the chore coat variety.So the last thing i need is another. But i did try this one on and thought, damn, its pretty sweet.Come sale time if there are any left ill go for it. So it is on sale and I think its a mistake because the disclaimer says no RRL.And if you search the entire sale its not listed. So if you are tempted, you probably should before they fix the site.Besides, can you really ever have too many...
lighting isn't great, and the shirt is from last season, i think the current shirt goes much better but this works for me.
I know what you mean. I value patina in just about all the things I am into, guitars for example. Take a look at Murphy Aged Gibson Guitars. When its well done, whether guitars, furniture or clothes, I'm attracted to it. I could probably buy vintage clothes, and do some hand repair by myself, or wear things until they require that degree of attention. But if you're an xl or xxl those sizes are hard to come by. And I work too much to have the time. I guess thats my...
Wondering if any of you has had the need to replace a button on an RRl denim jacket? I need one like this. although id be ok with any same size RRL button. and if thats not possible, just a similar one that isn't like the generic Jo-Ann Fabrics type. Any help would be great. thx
When I first saw these i thought the patching was ridiculous and clunky. then i saw them in person and factored how they'd play with the current cord jacket and was instantly sold.they run slim, so had to upsize from my usual. Meant i had to forgo an inch in the length but could let out the hem. I've come to prize the handwork and distressing so for me that cost is justified. But maybe thats just me.
They aren't light weight, I'd say medium
I have it and the pants and vestits a solid jacketi like the tailored fit and the linesRRL has done a few similar but the subtleties here I do appreciatePS the structure of this is quite an upgrade from say the jaspe carson which was unlined but spare and more flimsythis jacket has more to it to hold its shape etc
I have this in an XL and wish i had an XXL. Id say true to size if not a bit slim. Any XXLs out there let me know
Saw this jacket on Mr Porter today and thought, "oh theres a new leather jacket from the spring collection" so when i went to RRL to see it there I was really struck at the difference a photo can make as I've been seeing that coat for weeks now already. I just didn't recognize it. I know this isn't a new issue. But wow what an example.
Ive heard that too. However I've noticed over time, theres a lot of repeated forms that get new material and new buttons or pockets (based on historical references) but are the same lines and constructions. I think there are occasionally new designs that are one offs. Look at the indian head varsity, that became the dixon that is now the lightening bolt dice preorder.Or the maroon corduroy and yellow leather sleeved varsity from last year that is now the winged piston...
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