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sorry to hear about your stain. i was at a business dinner recently and had a limited edition RRL seersucker double breasted naval jacket and some RL madras pants, white shirt and a pair of McQueen spectators and my associate in mid story didn't see the waitress set down a glass of port and he dumped it all over me. I laughed it off--cursing inside because the jacket is no longer avail etc. Told my dry clear what it was and they got it all out, looks brand new. They told...
Don't take this as definitive but i did look at them in store and they seemed very black, i didn't pick up a black/brown at all. And yes appeared high waisted as would be consistent with suspender buttoned waist. I didn try them on though.
Dude that looks sharp. Im really on the fence. Ive got the dixon, an older reversible flight jacket and the last lighten bolt fist varsity, and not sure if i should get this one too. Got any more to say about it? plus or minus? thanks
I sure liked the look and feel of it. But it didn't catch my eye until the xxl's were gone, perhaps they never made any. Felt like a quality piece and was unique. the pockets made it a more versatile piece i felt. Anyone happens on an xxl drop me a note.
Saw the blue in the malibu store and the olive in the melrose store, both caught my eye, didn't have my size or i would've considered it more. Pretty cool.
Maybe you owe yourself a first hand look? I know the reports have been spotty but my stratton from last season is exceptional in its leather and I'm super happy with it.Well except i got an xl and am now wishing i sized up. Anyway I'm constantly surprised at my impressions of pieces and the wide swing from photos online to the real thing. Im constantly surprised. Love it online then don't in person and eh online to wow in person. Sucks when you don't live close to a store....
Ive got the type II. I go between an xl and xxl and had to go xxl here. So don't size down whatever you do. Mines breaking in nicely. I wanted the roper but they sold out of it. Was cardboard stiff and did a couple soaks. Still has some stiffness but is comfortable.
Has anyone picked up the nautilus coat? Is it just a lightweight pea coat or is there more to it? The warmer weather has me wondering. Ive only seen the photos on the RL site and a couple other retailer but not a "real life" wearing shot. The loftman shots were more a tease than a good look at it.
I ordered the Campbell in an xxl. It was pretty big and I determined I should size down one. And although I liked it, for some reason I saw it as a jacket but its was a coat. Heavier and not really an indoor thing. So i decided to return it.
Not a great photo I know but got the Thompson Chinos today. Looks to be a nice pairing with the empire. I like the heft of these and the fit pretty much. Also picked up the Bloomington Carpenters. They were less blue than appeared online. Still nice. A lighter weight than the Thompsons. Buckle backs, not form fitting in the seat. Probably keep them. Will try with the Allen and maybe the Empire as well. Anyone else come up with a nice pair for them?
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