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New look book? sounds like Normandy just hit the stores. Anyone have a pdf they can share? thanks
i have the Krouse Popoveri had some pop over shirts in the past and didn't like so sold emthis is different, love it, look is sweetdenim, color, cut, metal buttons, pocketanxious for first wear
yep check again, theres a medium as of a few minutes ago
was going to pass on the Bigsby but all this chatter and these photos turned me, ordered today, seems too unique to pass. Seems like the Thompson from a couple seasons back but much more appealing IMHO.
How you like those houndstooth pants? Fit? They are on my list. Thanks
I picked up the brooks as well. Was a little disappointed when i got them. Again from online photos expected massive contrast in the wear but its more muted in person. Still, love them. The fit, the wear. Love them.
wow thats crazy. the look is so different from the website pics. I know thats a tired statement anymore but it never ceases to surprise me. And it swings both ways. I love it on the site and i hate it in person or i didn't like it online and love it in person. This is a drag when you don't have access to a store. Thanks for posting the pics!
just happened to me on a pair of suspendersgrrrr
to me the historical reference, the detail, the quality of materials and workmanship, the exclusivity--and low production numbers, many pieces just speak to me
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