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got it, thanks so much
how are you seeing this? what makes you think that? thanks
i saw a pair of shackletons in the san fran store but they only had one that was ordered for a client so only got to see them. they are awesome and am on the hunt myself. Really hate that they aren't online, have only heard they are in stores. and still not avail in my size. i like a 36x34 but closest was 36x32.UK site lists a pair in my size. anyone ever order from a foreign site before and ship to US?
Saw this one last night. I too have been lusting. But in person it's much darker and less contrasty looking. Still nice. But prepare for a subtler look in the pattern contrasts. Didn't try on.
its a basic flannel. No exceptional fabric. No special buttons. No special sewing. No unique pattern. Not particularly vintage. No distressing or hand work. Fairly common. That would be my guess.
Agreed on the beacon print fleece. picked it up early as i didn't want to miss out on my size. glad i did. Love it. Agreed on the faded look. Worn a few times and without fail multiple compliments, its a great look. Am considering the Roebucks too.
I picked up the Star Wrangler Shirt. Haven't worn it yet but looks great in person. Definitely a bold look.
Ive been eyeing these as well. How are you guys wearing these? Doing a soak? Just wearing out of the box? My last rigid raw experiment i wasn't so happy with. I soaked in a tub with them on and let em drip dry then wore a few months, seat bagged out, fade were minimal. Just throwing in the washer these days as knock around jeans. Odd fades mid crotch where water from the counter top would hit it. Am thinking just wear em out of the box and thats it. what do you guys think?
I while back I had offered to kill for an xxl posadas vest. No takers. Then a few days ago an xl popped online, prob a return. So i jumped on it. Then for twenty four hours i got all excited thinking of the pairings and looks i could go for. Then I got a note saying sorry, we are sold out?!? ugh super disappointing. So i scoured the web and-- i know-- i know -- theres either no xxls made or they made 5 and the owners apparently don't need anyone bumped off. So i popped for...
I agree I stopped and looked twice when this one popped online. Theres a number of sweaters that caught my eye this time around, its probably just me but I'm not super thrilled with the shawl collar craze. Prob because i don't think I pull it off so well. Have my eyes on the club v necks though.
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