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Yeah fairly rigid. Which they had an xxl. Good luck
Yes tried an xl, I'm an xxl and it was fairly fitted so it had to go back. a nice piece otherwise.
$790 and for that i didn't think an abnormally small neck and a slim fitting jacket really lived up to its billing. it was a bummer because the colors and patterns were on point. i wouldved liked it more with say a quilted lining, a touch thicker and hand pockets
i did grab this in an XL even though I'm an XXL because it looked so great. was always a touch small on me but loved it. Then an XXL popped on ebay so i grabbed it and sold my XL. Keep your eyes open maybe another will surface. Its killer
Yes I ordered that beacon blanket jacket. Its gorgeous and soft. However I had to return it. The neck ran small, couldn't button it. And I felt it was a slim overall, not very shirt jacket sizing to me.
couldn't agree more. just do a search of all rrl items, then look at any other category and see items that weren't listed under "all"?then order a size listed and be told days later when its too late to do anything about it that its not available? And lets not even mention the way things look online and then when you get them How about the utility vest right now that has photos showing buttoned pockets and there is no flap or button on the real thing. It would appear they...
Good point, although has been showing pre-orders the last few seasons but none so far that I've seen. In fact stuff is popping in store well before online and sometimes not online at all or very late once some sizes are no longer avail...said the XXL collector
anyone else see this? you'd think you'd see it closer to home ( before Barneys.
Anyone else see this? Kinda aggravating. You'd think you'd see it closer to home before elsewhere.
ok so i have like 9 different RRL denim jackets, not counting the chore coat variety.So the last thing i need is another. But i did try this one on and thought, damn, its pretty sweet.Come sale time if there are any left ill go for it. So it is on sale and I think its a mistake because the disclaimer says no RRL.And if you search the entire sale its not listed. So if you are tempted, you probably should before they fix the site.Besides, can you really ever have too many...
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