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I wonder if that limited ed motorcycle jacket is the one currently listed online? The pocket detail is different. Sure like this one much better. Just like the varsity in the cookbook, i had to have it, but they changed the patch and it ruined it for me.
Agreed. I picked them up too based on all the rave reviews and they are now my fav pair. Absolutely love.
ok who's got the spring look book and can share?
Spring lookbook 2015 for RRL, I've heard it is now in the stores, does anyone have the PDF they can share or know where one is posted? thanks
Ive heard the spring cookbook is in stores, does anyone have the pdf they can share? thanks
got it, thanks so much
how are you seeing this? what makes you think that? thanks
i saw a pair of shackletons in the san fran store but they only had one that was ordered for a client so only got to see them. they are awesome and am on the hunt myself. Really hate that they aren't online, have only heard they are in stores. and still not avail in my size. i like a 36x34 but closest was 36x32.UK site lists a pair in my size. anyone ever order from a foreign site before and ship to US?
Saw this one last night. I too have been lusting. But in person it's much darker and less contrasty looking. Still nice. But prepare for a subtler look in the pattern contrasts. Didn't try on.
its a basic flannel. No exceptional fabric. No special buttons. No special sewing. No unique pattern. Not particularly vintage. No distressing or hand work. Fairly common. That would be my guess.
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