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I've searched and founded lots of opinions on the best penny loafer. Ideally, Rancourt would be my choice but it just isn't something I have the budget for and I tend to beat the heck out of my shoes, especially during the summer. The problem is most of the well recommended penny loafers only come in hideously shiny finishes. Any suggestions for a sub-$150 classically styled penny loafer in a finish similar to that of Rancourt?
I would say half lined. NYC summers can be brutal (I would know) and with linen the most important place to be lined is the sleeves. Embrace the wrinkles in the tail, which will be there regardless, although maybe slightly less so if it is fully lined. But wrinkles are part of the wonder of linen.
I would try a white, blue, or lavender shirt with a blue tie, maybe a navy grenadine. If you haven't bought the jacket already, don't.
Anyone have any ideas where I could find this cardigan? The post says JCrew but it's obviously a few seasons old. Anything similar out there?
Looks like the collar is a little big. There is a pretty visible collar gap in the first picture. Could be slightly big in the shoulders/upper body area, which might be contributing to the bunching. The sleeves should be hitting between the first and second nuckle of your thumb when unbuttoned. That way you have some room to move in them. But the sleeves themselves could be slightly slimmer. The cuffs look find to me, but that is personal taste and feel.
Definitely too big in the body but that can easily be corrected cheaply. The shoulders seem to be a little big based on the movement of the jacket on your camera arm side (that ruffling looks off slightly) and the sleeves could be maybe a half inch shorter as well. But all of those are definitely fixable so pretty good value for the price.
The new Gap slim fit that someone else mentioned is actually quite good. A better fit than J. Crew or Brooks. Nothing fits me all that well from Gap but these are great out of the box. And cheap at 30% off when they run a sale, which is often.
I have 100 dollars to Ralph Lauren that I need to spend before it expires. What should I buy? I was looking at various pants and wondering which cut was their slimmest. All of them look gigantic on the site. Is Rugby slimmer? What pair out right now is my best bet?
I think some slim chinos, dark denim, and slim oxfords would be a good start. It really depends on what your style is. The internet can give you advice but you have to tell us what you want. Remember, it's your style and the key is being comfortable while wearing it. A little more info on what you like would be very helpful.
I would say tweeds, herringbones, and rich plaids like that one in earth tones would work well for you. As long as your job isn't too formal that could work great. I'm going on the premise of a dress code where you could wear that blazer. Many of these fabrics can be found for a lot less, including quality stuff on ebay a lot of the time. Worth looking around.
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