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I didn't get the pic hosted properly. I will try to repost later.
I couldn't find my white linen square, or i would have used it, probably with a solid tie.
Clopay's 'Avante" door has obscured glass.
Don't get another coat until you have good shoes. Two of the following styles should get you through most occasions(links are for illustrating different styles; not recommending you purchase Alden): You will only need brown for...
Go to a brick and mortar store. Do not buy online, until you have more experience getting well fitting clothes. You will likely be disappointed otherwise. Additionally, whatever you get will need to be altered. A trip to the tailor will cost probably $20 - $50 for basic alterations. The store may do it for free, if you buy from them. Brooks brother is having a sale right now. They have at least three basic cuts for there jackets. This is a good place to start. I...
FIrst, read through this thread: on that list or in the entire thread will anybody suggest a black sports coat. Grey herringbone yes. Grey suit, of course. However grey odd jackets are not as versatile as you might think.Next, decide what you will wear to work that is on the list in the first post. My guess is the following will be enough to get you through the...
I need an off white dinner jacket. I am perfect for a size 41R but a slim 42R or a 40R with a 19" measurement across the shoulder may work. Shawl or peak lapels Double or single breasted Also interested in a light weight tuxedo with peak lapels or shawl collar.
[[SPOILER]] Victor, you have an amazing wardrobe, but this is insane. I am sure there is a good use for lizard(?) skin, but not on a man's denim jacket. Also, the denim on denim is tough to pull off, and the dark denim with high contrast stitching is more city than country.
Are you still losing weight, or are the pants unaltered from last year. Your coat appears trimmer on the chest than the trousers. Looks like the jacket is from one type of suit cut(slim RL) and the pants are from a sack suit.Also, the larger pattern is probably better suited for a larger frame, like Nildawg.Jacket, shirt, and pocket square are a great casual combination.
[[SPOILER]] Very nice
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