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Yeah, I picked up that floral one and it is great. Still kind of wish I'd had the balls to go for the turquoisey, blue, green and yellow floral bedford.I think this is my favourite from SS15. Just love that jacket.Loving these trousers too.And this vest from what i can see.
I might be over thinking this but what do you guys wear with FBT's? Just jeans, cuffed/uncuffed, maybe something a bit more drapey than denim. I'm at a bit of a loss for some reason. Have always wanted a pair and quite fancy these ones. Price doesn't seem as insane as usual either.
Did you ever end up picking that up? I'm really happy with the one I got but I still kinda wish I picked up the indigo one instead.The peak lapel version looks great. Frans Boone have it at 50% off if you or anyone else are interested. Speaking of Frans Boone, I was really impressed with the service from them this week. I placed an order on Tuesday night with basic shipping and apparently UPS tried to deliver to my flat in London from the Netherlands this morning.
There was no current season stuff on the sale. I think it only went up to SS13. If you have your heart set on the washed army, have you thought about the cold weather parka? Different style obviously but looks a nice piece. Cabourn website still has a 48.
Pretty sure these were printed in one of the other threads a few months back but these are great. Would put some of the pictures here if I wasn't on my phone. http://www.freshnessmag.com/2014/02/20/engineered-garments-fallwinter-2014-collection-lookbook/
Not sure if you're addressing me but I don't have a denim one. Haven't seen the fabric either unfortunately.
Thanks for this Dave. My SA got back to me to say that one of the Ralph Lauren stores in town actually has some womens RRL. Went down yesterday and they actually had this dress in stock at 50% off but only in a 1 or 3. I was in two minds to pick up the 3 but I think it would be too big for her and the 2, as you suggested, probably would be perfect unfortunately.Was the first time I'd ever really seen any of the womens RRL in person and they had some nice stuff. Thought...
For me, the blue denim one just looks terrible in all the pictures. The fact that so many retailers got it suggests that there must be something about it, so it may look much better in real life. I came round to the army denim one and thought about picking it up in the sales too. This one was the stand out for me though this season. Picked it up a wee while back and goes great with the deck pants I got. The fabric is beautiful.Ended up grabbing the indigo sweatpants in the...
Thanks for posting Shah, love so much of this. Not just the patchwork but some of the floral too.Norse Store also has some. Got the Sashiko vest from Mr Porter this week and it is so cool. The fabric is insane.
Auctions end on Sunday afternoon. Drakes tie NWOT http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Drakes-tie-3-wide-check-made-in-England-NWOT-Viscose-Silk-Drakes-/281367913540?pt=UK_Ties&hash=item4182d5a444 Drakes Grenadine Used http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Drakes-Navy-Check-Grenadine-Tie-3-100-Silk-/281367925227?pt=UK_Ties&hash=item4182d5d1eb Pal Zileri Neat tie NWT...
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