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No, I had the large. It actually fitted me pretty well but it sat on a hanger in my room for a week and I kept going back and forth over whether I'd keep it or not and in the end of just figured that if I have to think this much over it, I don't love it and I'd rather grab something else.
I actually returned this last week. Not really sure what it was but something just didn't feel right for me. Shame as fabric is gorgeous and really lightweight. Will be good in the summer.
Just use brown, medium should be fine. Personally, I'd probably add the odd coat of dark brown or burgundy once in a while. The shoes on the left here are my Oundles in Cloud. Have only ever used black on them. Carmina black cap toes on the right.
Ha, I should've known one of you guys would put the hard sell on me. If I go through with it, I'll let you know by the end of the week.
I'm hoping it's a different story in person but some of the product shots just make the menswear look a bit lifeless. It's a shame that nowhere in London really carries it anymore apart from Trunk who only had a little selection the last time I was in. Hopefully, I'll be able to get in to Edinburgh when I go home for Easter as Corniche always have a fairly big selection.
It's probably just the styling but the womenswear just seems so much more on point at the moment. If they did the business jacket and formal pant in that olive, I'd be all over it. Still might go for the navy or one of the linen options though as I want a really nice summer suit and I like how relaxed these items are.
Loving these shots of the womens collection on Instagram, especially the olive jacket and trousers. Anyone know if there is anything similar in the mens collection?
A couple of the items I was thinking of getting are only available from Nepenthes. If I decide to try and find a proxy, you guys are welcome to piggy back on the back of my order if you want. I just need to try and justify how much use a seersucker over parka is going to be.
If you'd asked me this morning, I would've agreed with you but I really liked it when I seen it in the flesh this afternoon. Standout for me was actually the patchwork cardigan rather than the knit jacket but the trousers and waistcoat were actually pretty cool too. Fit on both the jacket and cardigan was very slouchy for me.
Yeah, I've been thinking a washed looser cut like a straight leg cuffed/rolled about ankle length, white shirt and white canvas sneakers will be a great look for this summer. Seems strange saying that after running away from washed jeans and straight legs for so long.
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