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Think I might be in the minority but beyond a few shirts I really prefer EG this season. Also, I was speaking to one of the sales assistants in Goodhood about a month or so back as he was wearing a 7 cut flannel and he mentioned that they will be carrying Needles this season. Forgot to ask about EG but I'd been speaking to a girl on Instagram before that and she mentioned that she was going to try and get them to stock that too.
If you can, you should go tomorrow. Nigel will be there again and he'd be able to give you the best advice. Plus it's great chatting to him. He's a seriously top bloke.
I'll try and answer a few of your questions but unfortunately I wasn't really paying too much attention to names and didn't ask for prices.Questions for those who were in attendance:-What's this new line?  I assume it's labelled differently.  What's it called?  What are the pieces they had that comprise this collection?  Price points?  If there are the classics, IE Mallorys, what are the fabrications?It does have a different label on the garment. From speaking to the guys...
Absolutely love this from the back, best thing I've seen from RRL in a long time. Really wish the front wasn't leather, maybe it will make sense in person but I don't think I could pull off the leather.Ha, I sent you another email as soon as I realised but not sure if you seen it. Will send you another. Really appreciate you taking the time to share this.
Yeah, I went in this afternoon as well and was really impressed by what I saw. Standout for me was the Farm Pant in an Indigo/Navy selvedge wool. Could complete a 3 piece with a notch vest and I think the jacket was the work jacket, can't quite remember but its the one with the selvedge line across the chest pocket. Kinda wish it didn't have that visible selvedge line. There was a nice take on the cameraman as well, can't remember the name but it had slightly different...
Cheers Alex, I appreciate it. I'd been keeping an eye on one at Trunk but I think someone returned a M for the L they had and was aware Independence had sold out. Frans and Alan Joseph don't seem to have it on their site so I'll drop the Corridor an email. Was only something I decided I wanted after getting the E-1 pants. The fabric, like most EG, is really nice.
Nice. I'd been thinking about those E-1's too. Can't wait to see the fit pic when you get it. Any reason you didn't get the cinch vest to complete the 3 piece?I forgot to take a picture but I just wanted to say thanks to Gary and especially Steven at Drinkwaters with their help recently. Got the Brown Homespun button shawl from those guys and service was as great as always.Probably too late now but does anyone know where I can find a Bedford in the 13oz Wool in a L? Love...
A few recent things Stevenson Overall Chore Coat EG E-1 Pants in 13oz Wool Herrnbone EG Upland Vest in Brown Homespun Nigel Cabourn Reversible Duffle Coat Cabourn Farm Pants in brown corduroy
That looks so good @zissou. I take it you're over the moon with it? I was in the shop again on Saturday and Nigel brought out an older Mallory to match the Bombay pants I had on to make a suit. Had to use all my will power not to grab it but I'm fairly certain I'll be back soon to pick it up. Having the Cabourn shop on my doorstep is possibly going to lead me to financial ruin, lol. Nigel has been there each time I've gone in and he's a top bloke, which is cool. Wish I'd...
@ManofKent Have to say that I was really underwhelmed with last summer initially but I grew to rally love it. Think it may be my favourite NC summer season and could have bought a lot of it beyond what I did. There's a lot of really underrated pieces. I dunno if I'm just a fanboy but I really like this season's collection too. If I had a spare 10k, I'd be swimming in outerwear.
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