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That looks so good @zissou. I take it you're over the moon with it? I was in the shop again on Saturday and Nigel brought out an older Mallory to match the Bombay pants I had on to make a suit. Had to use all my will power not to grab it but I'm fairly certain I'll be back soon to pick it up. Having the Cabourn shop on my doorstep is possibly going to lead me to financial ruin, lol. Nigel has been there each time I've gone in and he's a top bloke, which is cool. Wish I'd...
@ManofKent Have to say that I was really underwhelmed with last summer initially but I grew to rally love it. Think it may be my favourite NC summer season and could have bought a lot of it beyond what I did. There's a lot of really underrated pieces. I dunno if I'm just a fanboy but I really like this season's collection too. If I had a spare 10k, I'd be swimming in outerwear.
@eluther Cheers mate. I have a pair from a couple of years ago that I think are L's, will have to double check. Thinking about it, I'm sure these are sized S, M , L, etc where as Corridor told me they had 30, 32 and 34. Think I'll go back to them to see if they are saying the 34 are a L and get them to measure them for me. Cheers
Cheers guys. I'll drop Amrag an email. Have a feeling I need the L inevitably.
@futuremythThanks for the response mate but they are actually two different materials. I've got the fatigues in the brushed cotton and they are great but was hoping to pick up the E-1's in the other herringbone fabric. It's the same as this fabric https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2381/grey-13oz-wool-herringbone-cpo-shirt rather than the fabric from this one https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2791/dark-grey-heavy-brushed-herringbone-tablier
What MoK said. You'll only regret passing on them. They look awesome, would be good to see some more pictures. Meant to post these up a wee while back but here's a few pictures of the Farm Pants. I'll try and get a fit pic at some point.
I don't suppose any of you guys got the list of stockists for the grey 13oz wool herringbone E-1 pants or have seen them around anywhere? The only place I could find them was The Corridor but they don't have my size unfortunately. http://www.thecorridorstore.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-e-1-pant-grey-13oz-wool-herringbone
I've got the Farm pants and the corduroy is some of the thickest and softest I've ever seen. It's really is beautiful. Tried on the matching jacket and waistcoat at the same time and it was pretty cozy. Can't remember much about the fit unfortunately, as I wasn't really interested in the jacket at the time and just took what was given to me. I don't have any reason to suspect I was given anything other than my normal size. Going by the measurements a 52 has a 44 inch chest...
Ha ha, I knew you would say that. It's just one of about a million EG pieces I want this season and I may have to risk leaving it till sale time.
I don't suppose you mind sharing how tall you are? I've been thinking about that piece all season and especially so since you posted that picture as I love the brushed herringbone but not sure I need both that knit and the combo vest in that fabric.
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