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I think this is the fabric I was asking about last week, it looks amazing. I didn't realise it was available in the Andover too. You can also get it in cinch pants and the Brookline. The Brookline has the Reindeer print on the other side.
Cheers mate. It's a shame Frans Boone are sold out in my size. Might drop Corridor or By George an email to see if they still have it although I may just settle for the tattersall tab collar instead.
I'd go for the Suffolk as well. I just love the colour a lot more than the Andover. Trying to decide what colour way to go for myself in that piece - brown cord, olive cord or brushed herringbone. @mbaum That's my favourite picture this season as well. I don't suppose you have a lead on the shirt do you?
Has anyone handled the navy floral flannel this year? It looks amazing but I'm just wondering if it justifies the mark up as it seems to be a lot more expensive than any other fabric.
@mbaum looks great mate, I'm glad you managed to track one down. I take it you were eventually able to find your normal size? For what its worth grey, olive and white are my go to colours with that piece. Although my brown corduroy Landsdown from 2012 works surprisingly well if you had been thinking about grabbing a Suffolk this year,
Have you seen this seasons Farm Pants by Nigel Cabourn MoK? I'll need to post pics of mine up at some point but they might be up your street. Huge in the top block with a nice taper. Rise is something like 14 or 15 inches. Pricey but the fabric is amazing.
Yeah, I went in on Friday. Nice update. Unless they've had a change in policy, I wouldn't expect them to be open tomorrow.With regards to Dark Oak, I use light brown with the odd bit of medium and dark brown.
You might be able to size down but it would depend entirely on how you planned to wear it. The knit part on the L is definitely 22" but I'd say the houndstooth part is about an inch smaller. So if you planned on just wearing the knit side and given it is wool so there will be some stretch, you might be ok. I'd be extremely wary about sizing down if you wanted to wear the other side though.
@mbaum Mike, it was bureau and norse store respectively. Jumped on both as soon as they became available.
Can I be part of the gang even though mine is slightly different? Some other recent stuff as well. EG fatigues Greg Lauren tux tent shirt RRL Gitman Vintage
New Posts  All Forums: