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Cabourn did this one a couple of years ago, might be a couple kicking around somewhere. SEH Kelly might have something.
Thats awesome, thank you very much. Some absolutely amazing pieces there. I've gone from thinking I might save a wee bit based on the pieces that are up on the website to knowing I'm gonna spend a fortune. Looks like a great collection.
I originally wanted the grey tweed Bedford but I went in to Liberty at the weekend as I planned on getting the grey cable knit vest but I walked out with the Leisure jacket instead, which they'd only just got in. It's just so damn cozy. Really incredible piece. I'd echo what @Cotton Dockers said about sizing. The only caveat I'd add would be if you have shorter shoulders and arms for your size you may want to consider going TTS. I ended up going with the XL too as I need...
The Drakes store on Clifford St has a few ready to wear models and I believe they are all 50% off at the minute. From what I seen they had 2 chukkas (brown suede and i think loden suede) and two split toes. I picked up the darker of the 2 models which was in INC 078 on the classic last. Price was around £650, full retail a shade under £1300.
Would totally be down for a run of these on Simpson. Had just been thinking about emailing you about doing it on MTO. Is the sole edge on the new version slightly different? The original looks a wee bit lighter. Not a deal breaker either way but I do prefer the lighter edge.
Think I posted these a few years back in here but here you go.
Thanks for that. I was thinking about just giving him his 30 quid but I might just hold on now. Just spoke to eBay and they were basically useless at the moment. The woman I spoke to didn't even really look at my issues properly. Apparently they won't do anything until the buyer escalates the return.With regards to the colour, I just listed them as brown not a particular shade. Still haven't had any of the extra pictures i requested from the buyer.I don't sell that much on...
I could do with some advice from you guys although from a quick search I fear I know the answer. I sold a pair of tobacco suede chukka boots a month ago and for whatever reason it took the buyer around 3 weeks to pay. He must have received them today or the day before and I get a message this morning via the resolution centre saying that although he is happy with the shoes, the colour is darker than he expected from my pictures and he wants to return them or receive a...
Been thinking the same thing myself recently except I fancy a pair of the olive ripstop E-1s and I already have a pair of olive ripstop cargos. Wouldn't mind a ripstop Bedford either so I'm tempted to say you can never have enough ripstop...Also, this shirt is either the best thing ever or I need to drop some acid first before thinking that. Possibly both.
Ghost, did you pick this up in London? If so, any idea how much it is as I must've missed at the weekend.@jmaudi0 If I remember correctly its called the Digsby jacket.
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