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I always thought the YF-23 was a beautiful design. Too bad it lost the ATF competition to the F-22
Quote: Originally Posted by boo UC San Diego, BA Econ NYU MBA Go Tritons! Notre Dame (2 yrs, transferred to UCSD) UCSD: BS Biochem SDSU: MBA
Rocky Superman: The Movie
Got to be one of the most bizzare years in CFB in a long time...USC, Florida, Texas, and Michigan all out of the top 10? Boston College undefeated and ranked #2? Who's your pick to win the national championship? Ohio State looks good, but I don't think they've been really tested yet. Oregon beat SC, but lost to Cal and LSU lost to Kentucky. I'm thinking OhState and Oregon in the national championship game, with OhState taking it 31-27.
Quitting my job in corporate america and starting up a business with some friends. Now I have a flexible schedule which allows me more family time, plus I enjoy my work and the people that I'm around all day. Best career move I ever made.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Not sure about the Usual Suspects being overhyped...great movie, though. Top five Kevin Spacey films: 1) LA Confidential 2) Superman Returns 3) American Beauty 4) Glengarry Glen Ross 5) The Usual Suspects Good list - I thought he was very creepy in Se7en so I would put that on the list somewhere. Top 5 superhero movies 1. Batman Begins 2. Superman II (kneel before Zod!) 3. Spiderman II 4....
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym That's exactly the stuff I'm talking about, Lucky Strike. Thanks for the picture! I also love the "sesame cake" candy. What else do you guys love from Asian markets? Hmmm...I have not tried this ginger candy. Guess its time for a trip to Ranch 99 tomorrow. I used to love rice candy as a kid. Could not get enough of that stuff
Today it's bad drivers - those that insist on weaving in between lanes even though there is heavy traffic and no real advantage to be gained by doing so. Got cut off today by some idiot doing just that...there was less than 1 car length of space between me and the car in the next lane at my 11:00 and this guy in a big S-class Mercedes suddenly squeezed through that opening, causing me to slam on the brakes and nearly swerve into the next lane - Grrrrr
This new GT-R/Skyline is interesting, but the overall body style looks mismatched as the round taillights don't really go with the more angular theme of the front. I'm sure performance will be lights out but I'm not sure I like the looks of it. I'll be in the market for a new sports coupe in a couple of years and I'll certainly give this one a long look, but at the $70K range I would probably be more inclined to go with the new M3, Cayman S, or RS5.
Lot of older stuff on my iPod right now... Rush - Tom Sawyer The Beatles - Hey Jude Kalapana - Nightbird Depeche Mode - Master and Servant Flesh for Lulu - I Go Crazy The Cure - Inbetween Days Santana - Samba Pa Ti Fountains of Wayne - Hackensack Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
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