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Samurai S3000VX: Looser, more relaxed cut - I wear these most of the time Samurai S510XX 21oz: Slimmer, slightly tapered fit - heavier denim for colder days Samurai S5000BK: Black jeans for when I feel like...wearing black jeans Dry Bones Guitar Wolf: Straight leg fit - for variety S3000s are worn about 75% of the time, rest is split between the other 3.
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Company of Heroes Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War series
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I would not wear jeans in this situation, unless I know that the senior members of the firm are also wearing jeans. A skybox is a bit different than the stands. Iirc, when I was in a corporate skybox for a Flyers game, most of the senior people were wearing chinos and such. Agreed - I'd play it safe and go business casual at a minimum (slacks, collared shirt, no sneakers).
Roadhouse and Top Gun - for some unknown reason I'm compelled to watch these ridiculous movies when I catch them while channel surfing. Roadhouse I can justify by saying I like seeing Kelly Lynch in her heyday...Top Gun I have no excuse other than I lived in San Diego near that air base...
Johnny Depp Robert DiNiro Tom Hanks Bonus: Would have been interesting to see how River Phoenix's (RIP) career might have turned out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD This forum lacks a definitive thread about video games. Ah, video games...not much time for those with 2 little kids running around. Didn't even get a chance to finish Final Fantasy XII. In between diaper changes I try to squeeze in a little Warhammer 40K: Dawn of Wary - Dark Crusade every now and then. Waiting for Starcraft 2 and Dawn of War - Soulstorm, as if I'll have time to really play anyway. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Spray a cloud in the air about a foot in front and above you, then walk under the cloud of cologne molecules and let them settle on you. +1 This is what I do for spray cologne, plus a little spritz on the wrists. For non-spray I put a dab behind each ear and on both wrists. Someone once told me the idea is to put it where the skin is thin, so the warmth of body heat and blood flow encourage evaporation.
My normal inseam for slacks with a medium break is 31, so jeans up to 34" in length I normally stack. Any longer than that and I have them hemmed.
She's a pretty gal but I find her look to be so contrived. Can we talk about Jessica Alba instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Sick as a dog. Borrelli jacket Gap flannel Grifters C&J Chelseas I don't normally post in this thread because I haven't shared pics yet, but this is an exceptional outfit and I had to acknowledge it. I think the jacket looks better open IMO.
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