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Quote: Originally Posted by dastig I've never met anybody else that has done this combination. My mom always added corn to the panckake batter. Corn in Pancakes are fantastic. Don't knock till you tried. Actually Denny's now offers cornmeal pancakes on their menu - i've had them and they taste pretty good
The O'Farrell Theater is a must
Giant Weta Giant Centipede Hissing cockroach Ugh
Cheetah: Speed and grace Komodo Dragon: Big-a** lizard Wolverine (the real one): Bad-a** weasel
I am much messier at work than I am at home. I'm a stacker so at any given moment I have several piles on my desk. When it gets too messy, I just either make more stacks or create one giant one. At home I'm much more orderly. I hate clutter around the house so I'm constantly putting stuff away (2 kids and high-clutter tolerance wife). I organize my clothes by type, but not necessarily by color. Same with shoes.
A couple of gems from Dorothy Parker "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy" "You can drag a horticulture, but you can't make her think" "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone"
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Hello all, I am looking at several Samsung LCD tv's. I am looking at the 46 inch ones, all are the 1080 resolution, but there are 3-4 to choose from, I am confused as to the differences and not comfortable not knowing, rather would like to be told! Seeing I trust our community here, I thought I would ask in hopes that someone can weigh in. Thanks in advance! I can't help you directly, but have...
If you are ever in San Diego you owe it to yourself to stop and eat at one of the "'--berto" joints...they are all over the place and have myriad variations on the name - Roberto's, Alberto's, Adalberto's, etc. It's quick and greasy mexican food but there's nothing better at 3am after clubbing (most are open 24hrs). Best thing on the menu is carne asada chips...fried tortilla chips topped with cheese, guacamole, and carne asada. Add in some hot sauce and oh...
Mrs Batman gets to drive the SUV
My friend had a pretty good experience buying a decent gaming system from Craigslist. He was able to go and check it out in person and make sure everything worked. He was also able to negotiate a short 30 day "warranty" period with the seller in case anything went wrong. It turned out to be a pretty good system and has worked fine ever since he bought it. I think he payed around $500 for it - it was lightly used but most of the components were fairly new.
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