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Check out this page from *ahem* superfuture. Scroll down a bit to see pics of worn Red Wing 1909 GTs...same basic model I believe but different color, more brown than the 1911s sample pic from a user named "Red Winger"
I currently have a pair of the SD and had a pair of the GTs but returned them. I usually don't have problems fitting most shoes, but the GTs were just way too narrow and uncomfortable on me. The SD fit really well out of the box. They have this kind of anatomical "arch ease" fit which takes a little getting used to, but actually feels kind of therapeutic when walking around in them. I like the quality of the leather better on the SD as well - very soft and supple. ...
I have some dress shoes and boots I'd like to have re-soled. As I'm relatively new to the area, I was hoping someone could recommend a good quality cobbler/shoemaker in the Northern California area. Can be anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose, as I live pretty much right in between. Thanks for any suggestions.
I think Samurai produces a Wrangler-style jean, sold in the US through Blue in Green. Check it out here...a little pricey however.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor i know that a boot cut is when the bottom is a bit wider than the knee. what if the bottom is the size of a boot cut but the knee is the same size as the bottom. what could it be called? um...ugly? I'm picturing something like this
Can probably find some at your local military surplus store.
I bought my White's Semi-Dress from LineGear, took about 5 weeks. I just ordered the Wesco Jobmasters from Big Black Boots. Lead time is 13 weeks.
**EDIT: Whoops! didn't see the post by Novaguy...sorry!** And the best news yet... From aintitcoolnews.com: "UPDATED!! THE HOFF IS IN!! KNIGHT RIDER Press Event Pics!! + The New Voice Of KITT Is... Merrick here... We've been hearing indications for a while that Hasselhoff was in talks to reprise his Michael Knight role as a guest shot on the upcoming KNIGHT RIDER TV movie. The script definitely leaves open room for more appearances by characters from the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Why would he remove the stiching lol? I was under the impression that japanese repro jeans sold in the US had to have back pocket stitching and red tabs removed as an outcome of the levi's lawsuit...
Cool! - looks like the Guitar Wolf model will be available as well. Kiya - do you have to remove the back pocket stitching? Would be a shame to ditch the cool lightning bolts...
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