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Isn't it rather two pocket squares?
Yeah, if it's really too hot, there's also the "shower twice" method... Though you need access to a shower.
May Bono advise you against orange, teal, brown, pink and red?
Cut the iPhone in two.
I think it looks bad too. If you want colourful glasses, you might consider black frames on the outside and color on the inside. The exact opposite of this, for example.
They feel like this, I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing:
Definitely not formal wear. I could see it at work, depending on your business. It looks weirdly shiny, but that must be the picture.
For now, I've read a lot and a lot and a lot about men's fashion... But I don't nearly have the time, energy, money or means to have a proper wardrobe. Though a definite improvement was finding a place to buy pocket squares in my small city.
That's an unwritten style rule that you only wear black to black tie events or funerals. Of course, it's as usual with rules... This one exists mainly because it's very often a uniform. As for your question Cwalker100, I'm tempted to say wear it with a dark navy or a dark green suit (not that there's many), but I'm not sure about the exact color (or rather, luminosity) of the shirt so I may be wrong.
More importantly: does it really matter? Afaik, suits are a vestige of military uniforms. So, not colonialism directly. Or maybe you're referring to the fact you have to wear one as a result of colonialism... In which case I don't see how there could be a link. It's pretty much a relaxed version of a uniform.
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