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Kevin, you may yet be as classy as James Bond, but as far as spy-ness is concerned, you .
[[SPOILER]] Color overload. A solid shirt (white) would have imho worked better. The PS should also likely have been a bit bluer, but I guess with a white shirt it would have worked.Unless of course you were going with color overload, in which case this is spot on.
First post here. I guess this belongs in casual because I'm wearing jeans and a polo. The jacket is actually striped navy/dark blue. [[SPOILER]] Jacket is Barutti, jeans are Levi's 511, loafers are Church's, and the polo is RL.
Weird pulling in the front. Take the label off the left sleeve. Shoulder and arm length OK. The pants look weird but that might be your stance. Can't really say for the rest, I'm not there yet.
Fairly easy to do on Facebook: check "only friends can search for me" and you're good. It's not paranoid not to show your face everywhere on the net... You don't go in the streets putting posters of your face everywhere, after all.
Afaik, it's that: unbuttoned DB look weird. Then again, if it's too hot, just take it off.
Single breasted: unbuttoned. Double breasted: buttoned.
Desert boots are a great combo... Loafers (nice ones), boat shoes... captoes can work, but are better when light brown than more formal.
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