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I feel like the shirt makes this busy. This is actually a situation where I'd wear a white linen PS and a white shirt. Boutonnière is very nice though. edit: Actually I'll explain my point of view a little further. I think color-wise you're already covered (yellow in the hat/jacket, blue in the pants (apparently, colors might be wrong), green in the tie, and orange/red for the boutonnière). There's also some darker and some lighter elements. Normally I'd say a pale blue...
Very interesting thread, particularly thanks to your interventions, dirnelli. Great review on your blog too (and, as you'll find obvious, as a now former student of Janson-de-Sailly, reading reviews of Atelson, Nodus or Alain Figaret has proved being entertaining). As a way-too-young-and-poor-for-now student, I'll keep an eye on this thread for future buys...
I think you'll find this fairly hard to coordinate with anything... It's got a bit of every color in it, with not a single dominant color, as blue and green are both pretty much equal. I'd go with white too. If you want an alternative for a more frisky "early-spring" time, and depending on where you live, I think you could try a dark green turtleneck and creme pants. Not sure how it'd go, but it might work with the right shade of green.
First time wearing a tie, this is a "test-drive" for when I'll actually need to.Picture quality is meh, sadly my camera is with my sister in Brittany.The jacket is striped navy/blue; close up with actual (if a bit too dark) colors in the spoiler, and the shirt is striped white/light blue. [[SPOILER]]
I think it could clash, but picture quality makes me undecisive.
That's likely a dumb question, but given I'm as much of a starter as can be, I'll ask anyway: By too large, do you mean around the waist, shoulders, generally? If's it's the waist, that wouldn't be a surprise since I've never taken it to a tailor yet.
I'd say this jacket makes you look weirdly skinny, but I can't figure out how.
We need a DJ named MC Casual.
This reads "Tailored(cut) by Henry Montpellier", where the name of the tailor is Henry Montpellier. It's almost certainly bespoke, given what is written and the estimated age of the suit.
Aeglus, I'm really impressed by how your fits always look effortless.
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