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Thanks! I love the jacket as a suit jacket, but like you said, it doesn't work as is as a SC.
Thanks for the feedback guys. gdl's response is what I figured would be in line with the more senior members. You've further justified the need to go get some SCs made
How not SF approved is it to wear a 3 button suit jacket as a sport coat? I'd think it could be passable sans ticket pocketMTMMTMMTMAE Clifton - Burgundy [[SPOILER]]
Self made MTM Cape from last fall. Apologies for the poor lighting [[SPOILER]] thing ever! My pits used to be fountains even when I was cold, now they're dry when its 100
Gonna be a scorcher MTM light pink Penguin HSM Alfred Sargent
FedEx called me in advance of my package going through customs to have me fill out a form. They were pretty helpful and made sure the overnight shipping wasn't delayed by customs, and I didn't get charged any additional duties
Today and earlier this week [[SPOILER]] which really don't work with this outfit [[SPOILER]] Girlfriend's Bday. The shoulders fit much better than the picture would indicate, but I lengthened the sleeves a little too much. Lost the pocket square and finished the outfit off with a dark brown calf belt and dark brown suede penny loafers
Thanks! $420 US for all 3 pairs and 3 shoe trees with free shipping.
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