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nearly everything's red, le sigh. Just got to wait this out.... re: other effects of cheap gas... I'd say something like big trucking/shipping companies and more obviously the airlines could benefit and it may take a few months before the quarterly report for investors to see that the companies have had lower costs. Maybe it's already been priced in, I don't know, but I'm thinking the next move is to put money into something like a few big airline and see if they'll...
Re Energy timeframe - the action on oil /energy really just started today... do you guys think this is the bulk of the drops or we're just waiting for the weekend and it'll keep going down on Monday? (meaning should I buy in first thing Monday morning or give it few days to keep dropping?). And yeah I know I know, I'm not asking you to predict the future, just a sense / gut feel about these type of things if they're a one day knee jerk dip like Oct 15 or a multi day...
hot damn, that was exciting. I think I'm going to pick up some VDE or XLE and buy on the way down and hope for some gains on the recovery, however long that takes. question for you guys, when do you decide to double down, hold as is, or just cut your losses and move on? For example, I have a portion of my portfolio in REITS, and all the other options I looked at have been going up, and the one I bought keeps going down (D.UN). Now I'm down about 3-4% from where I...
I've been heeing and hawing over Iris Silver Mist for a few years and still can't decide. The other one I would compare it to is Hermes Hiris. Anyone know these two and have thoughts about which is better or how they're different? (On the one hand I would think the Lutens is more rare and exotic, but I also think the bell jars, while pretty, are sort of impractical, and I love that Hermes blue bottle (old one), but of course the juice has to be worth the squeeze too...)
great, thanks! and just to keep on trend, currently drinking:
don't get me wrong, even with 2-3 banker boxes of bottles, I still have a pretty substantial decant collection. White tops with clear caps are 10ml, silver caps are 30ml's, divisions are categories/families... and this is a just an artificial limit so I don't overstock...just counted and looks like 45-50 x10ml, and aroundn 40 x30ml [[SPOILER]]
seems like a size too big non? shoulder seems over the edge, sleeves bunched up a lot, length in the body longer than even an untucked shirt... I guess you could be going for the 'oversized' look?
and size! How can you sell shoes down to the half size, but then for socks it's just like sorry, size 8-12 for everyone good luck. I've started buying womens socks since technically I'm a 10 in womens so at the upper end of their range. All the good ones like Gold Toe, or even Uniqlo are all way way too big (I'm a size 8)
I used to test a scent 2-3 times and buy bottles, so got around 75-100 now, but within the past 2-3 years I've mostly switched over to decants. 10ml means it's expensive, potent, or I just want to test it out more, 30ml means I like it and this should really cover my needs instead of a bottle, 50ml means it was so much cheaper as a decant than a bottle (Ford, Creed, Le Labo) that it made sense to do that. And I'm always walking around collecting samples so I have been...
currently thinking of moving a few more % into OZM and picking up some SCTY. Wish I'd got into the SCTY even a few days ago around the 50-52 area but still looks like there's a long way up. I don't know the sector but I think these guys will do well at least in the next few years (1-3).
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