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first comes the calender, then comes the wet blanket
brown shoes or heck even grey shoes. black shoes and beige pants just reminds me of the 90's
some amazing good deals at the USA/Canadian border (from Canada into the USA), damn. Just bought El Dorado 21 for $60 which would have been solid (LCBO has it for $110), but I think they also did some special discount at the register even further. They also had Bookers for $43 Canadian plus 10% discount, so only $39 bucks! (LCBO $70) and plenty more... Laphroag QC - $48 -10% Cragganmore $64 -10% Glenkitchie - $74 -10% Kraken rum 1 liter - $20 El Dorado 15 - $33 Basil...
there's good pizza, great pizza, and even ok pizza, but it's got to be really really bad for you to say it's bad pizza. Scotch on the other hand, well... there's plenty of bad stuff out there and if you've never heard of it and it's under about $60, it better be Irish or Bourbon (I don't even count Canadian stuff). (not that I'm saying Ka Va Lan is cheap, just sayin' IMO blind buying Scotch is a little riskay)
that sounds good!
well, it doesn't really like the nose on YOU!
not a major point, but a little comment... I think the brown jacket and shoes go great together, the grey pants and either the shirt or sweater... but I think the combo of the shirt and sweater is just a little much. The orange and green really visually bump against each other and it disturbs my eyes. IMO if you have a crazy fun shirt and then tone it down and cover it up with a neutral sweater, vest, or sportscoat. If you have a crazy colorful sweater, then again, cover...
bene - totally my 2 cents, trying to be constructive. I think the reason this fit was so better than the previous one is a point I've made a bunch of times in the MC side. When you have a 'statement' piece, the trick to wearing it well is to back off on everything else. Go neutral on the rest so you've shown restraint and an intelligent calculation rather than just having thrown everything wild and crazy together. Your mall cruising fit that got looks wasn't because it was...
???? I don't understand the question. it's sort of moot point now because the sale is over anyway
looks great. I think the stacks usually should happen around the hem, with a bit around the knee. not so much at the thigh and calf. I'd push it all down to the bottom and let the walking/sitting pull up as much as needed.
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