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thanks y'all. Will rework and keep posting here and there.
Have just the thing for ya.... http://www.styleforum.net/t/338954/streamlined-shoe-wardrobe/0_100 As for an evaluation of the shoes you just purchased... are you looking for approval here? Serious. Otherwise my personal opinion, well sure, welcome to real dress shoes I guess and it's good you have an interest and some budget for them. The ones you've selected are ok, I don't think they're great. Open style laces like that are a bit more casually traditionally speaking and...
if it's a true 3B, ie the lapel falls to the top button, then I think it should be acceptable to close the top two. If you want to just do the middle, it can be worn that way but I think it fits a bit strangely. Matt S is technically correct from what I know, a true 3B is actually cut differently than a 2B so it'll never quite fit right but yes, you could attempt to press the collar so it'll softly roll closer to the 2nd button and wear it like that.
looks interesting but the stock pics you've posted are two different items... which one is it and do you have actual pics of the item? general measurements / size stats it would fit? is the hood detachable?
yah, I see it. High button point and short length so looks a bit shoulder/chest heavy. Partly camera angle though. Agreed, I've known that for a while and need to find a better fit.Thanks, agree in retrospect the boots are a bit too rough for the SC. What's wrong with the Henley (0)?Fair point, my shoe/boot game is def my weakest part right now. I did get these as cheap beaters but they're letting the rest (for what it's worth) down. Thanks.Would this fit work with a...
Thanks for the feedback on the last fit. Don't agree with all of it but some good stuff in there. Will re-evaluate those items and the combo. Random work fit. SC is Uniqlo, shirt is Club Monaco, Jeans APC PS, boots Palladium
if the colors aren't apparent, dark brown peacoat, navy t-shirt, burgundy sweater, orange scarf, mid-grey wool cargos and medium brown leather boots [[SPOILER]]
and a random fashion thought... what's the difference between broken in and broken down? I have Converse and Keds which to my eye just look beat up and worn out but I know there's a whole culture around seeing them broken in and stuff, I don't understand it, can someone explain? I usually scrub mine every few weeks to get them looking as clean as possible again, and now as i'm about to toss them, I'm wondering if somewhere out there someone is cringing because they're...
dunno if it's still available, but for example about a month ago I got a pair of 19cm indigo (MiI - are they cheaper?) Diors for $280 shipped to North America. I think it was a pretty good deal. Got them off LuisAviAroma
Molecule 01 all over, as usual.... Few days ago I apply some pure Iso-E Super (from the Perfumer's Apprentice), in an oil base... I think it was pretty potent stuff. Anyway, it smelled a bit like vinegar and gave me a headache all day. Not the first time I've done this either lol.
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