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yeah Stazy, IIRC you've got a little bit of the ol' hips and quite a few of your pics, well maybe it's the angle or I suspect it's your pant fits, they really accentuate that. My suggestion is to take it easy on the thigh tightness with your pants.As for the W&H Westpoints though, I was also told by multiple SA's to size down on them as they would stretch, so hang in there... I suspect that if/when they do you'll get less pocket bulge. Speaking of which, maybe 5pocket...
the Sebastians are marked down to $99, so I'm assuming getting them for $60 was only for the 40% off boxing day sale...
TORONTO PSA - on Cumberland in Yorkville, there's a GREAT shop called UPC. They carry all your ninja-goth stuff from Krane, Rogues Gallery, Won Hundred, Rykeal, 5th Ave Shoe Repair, Philip Lim, Philip Sparks, Velour, Rad, etc... and unfortunately they're going out of business and will close their doors in late January. But in the meantime they have a lot of stuff left and most of it's 50-70% off. Krane jackets are 30% off. Maha, I believe, is the owner, really nice woman...
overall fit around chest and shoulders is good. the sleeves are a bit short, and so is the body, but the bigger issue is the proportions are off. The whole jacket is just made for someone shorter since the button stance and length are too high. See if they have a longer version.
are you saying salaried but not hourly? ie a flat weekly rate with 'expected' hours like it's an office job or something? I've worked plenty of retail where there's a basic hourly rate with no commission, but as the scheduled hours per week fluctuate, so does the pay that week.
nice photography Scott. Fits (and hair) look good too).hang in there bro, Thom's got your solution [[SPOILER]]
clarksDB - posting old pics from summer...? CDHagg - welcome to the forum. For fucks sake, please just because you have a thought and know how to type does NOT mean you need to share it. Seriously, I'm trying to be polite here, but just resist the urge. Lurk more, learn, and comment when you have some actual value to add or if you're seeking actual feedback (although at this point your style is so far off from what people typically do around here that it's hard to even...
ah, ok, PM reply on it's way. CR's sometimes a bit slow on the response just FYI.
oh, I agree. Just saying I'm not surprised and mentioning you might have to wait a little while but he should come 'round in the end.
I think the same thing happened with him and one of the earlier fragrance swap boxes.... basically not everyone's as addicted to SF as we are, I think the guy just checks in every week or two or something so (unfortunately) jsut give it some time but I do think he'll get back to y'all in the end. Might just take a little while.
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