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Anduru, overall pieces aren't that bad but not gellin' together in terms of colors and "styles" [[SPOILER]] keep pants and change boot color and then go with a chunky sweater or cardiganorkeep sweater, swap shirt to white (go back to basics) and add casual wool pants with a casual leather shoe
yah yah, I actually meant Diorella, that's the one I tried. Just looked back and realized I typed Diorissimo for some reason... wearing it again today.
some good info/advice here guys... PS - here's to you guys: http://www.styleforum.net/t/68936/clothes-for-the-short-guy-stores-brands-lines-websites
today i tried out Diorissimo actually since someone said it was like Eau Sauvage and I did actaully see the similarity right away. Didn't last very long on me though
you're a good candidate for single pleats... you need the extra fabric around the mid-section
was gazing longingly at that Max Bill but just didn't have that kind of coin today... sigh, one day ye shall be mine!
Hendrix take note. (completely dif style I realize)B, after all the dumb insults you get for your look... this seems unnecessarily mean, guy.
what color(s) are the ones you currently have...? edit: duh, didn't read closely... also wasn't clear if all 3 were khaki though, in my defense.
gocha covered buddy... here's a resource I put together for exactly your purposes... lots of info so take it slow but this should get you started:http://www.basenotes.net/threads/252887-Resource-Archive-for-Self-Education-ABOUT-Fragrance
good stuff, updated the list below. Hopefully Arlee can blast through it and then get it out to Toronto. Nice that there was a lot in there since some had concerns it would deplete closer to the end. I've got box #4 stocked already with a shit ton of stuff since I now work in the industry so have millions of samples.Bonfire's good stuff (I had longevity issues with it though)hmmm, as long as you kept a few 'layers' since in the past even just one leak and all the labels...
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