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but, what if I like burgundy pants?! Actually I find them pretty useful as a color. To me a dark red is almost a fall staple color. I assume you mean that blue shoes are basically a try-hard hipsterific GQish trendy look? I don't really follow the trends. Is a blue leather/suede shoe like some sort of current trend? My question was more around is it a versatile color to those of you who own it. Blue Jeans / Navy pants are almost beyond questionable, and a blue shirt...
actually maybe workable. I find the white shirt destracting, so try a low white v-neck T and buttoning the green shirt up so no undershirt visible. Or, another idea, take it off and wrap 'round your waist tying the arms together in front sort of like a 90's grunge throwback
maybe a noob question... i was thinking of picking these up (pic below). Questions:1. I only have the low versions, do the high's fit similarly?2. I've never worn high tops (I know I know), are they any less comfortable or more restrictive, etc in terms of fit/style?3. Most important, I'm concerned about the color. Is this blue useful? I can't imagine wearing them with blue jeans... and even if I think of the W+H khakies in olive or brown, I'm not so sure they'll pair...
yeah isn't that one of the better points about NYC, you can get a cab almost anywhere anytime? But to your point, actually rarely but yes, I've been 'that guy' and pointed out loudly to someone "hey the back of the line's over there". It's one of those social injustices that happens because people let it.
yeppo, well sort of. Just read through the whole thread this morning actually and was surprised I missed the announcement an discussion from about 3 weeks ago. Basically they're transferring OFF Huddler and back onto VBulletin so it's sort of the "Old" system but with promised improvements, although the transfer of all info and updates will apparently take several weeks eek.
Some mini reviews for y'all. Today it was a bunch of Penhaligon's samples I've had for ages but just never gotten 'round to sniffing: Hammam Bouquet - hmmm, this is old school, lovely very old school. It's that fresh English rose that I usually hate but well balanced out with a soft talc-y baby powder. For some reason reminds me strongly of Jicky with a sort of creamy fattyness. Come to think of it, they're from right around the same era so maybe makes sense. Overall...
There's a point in there that I've said over and over, which is that I often find looking at MTM suits. Arguably, they 'fit', in that they're the correct measurements, but all too often they seem to miss out on style/personality. It's probably SF blasphemy, but I'd rather have a designer suit with lots of style that's a 85% fit to 90% fit with tailoring, than a 90-95% fit but almost no style. I know often the price-quality ratio gets wonky if you're overpaying for the...
For Byredo (Encense) Chembur - At first all I got was an etherial woody incense, but upon reading the notes, I noticed there's a sort of citrus (mandarin?) opening there, and also quite a lot of dried ginger. I find it wears nicer than it smells just on paper, although even though I'm an incense guy I still don't really like it much.
how would you compare the fit of those Butteros to CP's or W&H's? And quality-price ratio? (I'm looking for a CP alternative since they're too narrow for me)
Maker/Source please? and how'd you size it? (I'm like XS usually so 5'6 130lbs)
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