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that's what I've been working on too... here's my problem though, I've realized and observed that like half of what everyone else is wearing (ie the GAP) is somewhat military inspired in a watered down way, so even if I'm wearing actual vintage pieces or modern designer versions, somehow we end up looking too similar. Like I wear minimalist clean cuts with subtle military themes and colors - eg green crew sweater with epilettes, beige slim khakis with cargo pockets and...
I've tried this one a few times and while there's nothing really wrong about it IMO, I sort of found it a bit boring overall, like it just didn't really go in any one specific direction.haaa, I remember that place. I took a pilgrimage out to the shop at one point and tried my best to ask about the most overlooked bottles, use a bit of french, and say hello to his wife, etc... what an interesting adventure that was.favorite? do you find this one changes or develops at all...
Ja, we could do something. i'm happy to help organize and message everyone. Anyone got ideas for a venue that's accessible and makes sense for both SW&D and M/C?
maybe you can let them out?
have we mentioned the loud music kids - so what, you can't afford an ipod? or maybe you just want to show off how loud your cell phone can play that fancy hip hop pop tune. I'm sure everyone on the subway car will enjoy it, so why not? oh and nobody is going to tell you to turn it off because naturally you're the center of the universe and you're with a group of 6 high-school female classmates, which nobody wants any ambush of attitude from.
For posterity's sake, here's my little project... Starting shoes, Allen Edmonds Manhattan, a nice enough wholecut shoe originally in cognac color which I had tried to darken to saddle brown by applying the AE brown polish to, mixed in with some black... needless to say it caked and ended up looking pretty bad. Plus for work I have to wear black shoes so I figured WTH, instead of buying new black shoes, try to transform these ones. Step 1 - Using deglazer and cloth,...
(secrets posted below) [[SPOILER]]
FTFYcan't help but think that they're Dior's sure, but seems to make you look pudgy. Instead of long and lean with stacks, these just look sloppy on you... dunno why.
also, look into wurkin stiffs (sp?)
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