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thanks for the rec's guys. I'm reworking my list.
Today Tom Ford Tobacco Oud... I still like it. Probably only decant worthy and it's better than many of his more recent releases. Anyone compare this to Volutes and have an opinion?
you didn't mention shape and foot wear, but I find each of my shoes has a different way it fits to my foot so I also prefer to rotate becuase if I wear the same shoes for 2-3 days in a row, it starts to hurt my feet in certain spots from the repetitive pressures. (yeah I know, get better fitting shoes)
urrr maybe? I have a few places on my list though I'm usually in town for a short while and pop over to Astors. Next time I'm in I'll go to BQE for sure. My girl just emailed me their catalogue since she was going to Queens and said she'd pop down to the shop. Their catalogue has some of those clearance prices... pretty great deals I must say.thanks. will make a note.
Thanks for the head's up in the Bourbon thread about the Four Roses. Thanks for the recommendations above too. I'm usually in NYC and go to Astors, but I will say that they have good selection but not the best prices. My girlfriend will be somewhere in Queens I think and sent me a catalogue for BQE Liquors and they have a solid selection and often prices quite a bit lower than Astors, usually $5-10/bottle. I find that the Duty Free at the driving border, on the way OUT of...
Current lineup (note, this doesn't reflect my preference, I'm still new at this. This reflects what's been available at good prices so far but my goal is to work around the whole map first)... Lag16, LaphQC, Ardbeg10 Tal10, HP12, Mac10 Walker double black, Belvenie12 2 questions for you guys... 1. I obviously already have quite a bit of Islay... and I like them, but also want to try new stuff. If I have Ardbeg 10, is the Uagedail redundant? or is it very different? It's...
+1 to Guerlain. I've found the EdT's are fine, the EdP's are nice, and the pure parfums make you realize what Guerlains can really be.
Just crossed the Canada/USA border and there are some good deals! Got 1 liter bottles each of Talisker 10 and Belvenie 12 doublewood, total was $105 Canadian.
does anyone ever notice their desk covered in samples, bags of samples in every corner, boxes of bottles in every cupboard, hours and posts logged on fragrance related sites, etc and suddenly go, what the hell happened to me, I used to be so normal!? My desk is covered in samples, I have bags everywhere, literally hundreds of samples and bottles and I'm like what the hell is going on here. I used to own Blue Jeans and wear it once a week and was a happy boy. Now I'm...
so you can both hit the bottle at the same time!
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