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I spoke with a few shop owners this past weekend. Now have a few calls to make / emails to send and hope to have a venue set before the end of the month. I know it may seem like these things are casual let's see who shows up things, but on the back end there's quite a bit of organization that happens, lest you guys are thinking well hey why not just post a place and time and let's do it already. I organize with a shop owner to have the place available, staff there being...
Cramer's pretty bullish on FireEye (FEYE) has also mentioned - Fortinet, CyberArk Software (CYBR), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), and Cisco Systems (CSCO). I haven't looked into this space much but I think there's a future in it. I just bought some SOPW. Can anyone tell me why I can't buy this in a registered account?
have you been to the South?
for those truly lazy-boyz
wow, those are some tight Diesels. I think I've tried that cut. IF you're comfortable with those Diesels and like the look/cut, then those APC's are probably fine. If in isolation you asked me my opinion of the APC's, I'd say they're borderline too tight, not way off, but a little snug there... eh you're probably good, looks fine and they'll stretch out.
I think the new top header looks nice, but my first complaint is that it stays there permanently as I scroll, which I don't need to see it and it now cuts into my reading area
well, CHK did nicely today. CNX went down though
needs better pics. try natural light and closer up. at a glance, tshirt looks oversized, makes your arms look twiggy. jeans seem ok, sorta meh, not that they have to be skinny, but yours are billowing, and too wide and long. Cuffs aren't taking up enough slack and they look to wide to let stack so neither may work. not sure cuffs and those trainers work together.
if this chair's a rockin, don't er....
speaking of totes, someone should tote-aly buy my barely used otter green bag. do it, do it nowwwwww!!!!!
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