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her whole items listed page is good for a laugh. I like the one entitled simply "Axe"
noted. I'm probably only in for a short term bump then out.Oh and to follow up on:I stand corrected then. I thought it was just about a good report coming. Looks like oil is getting back some stability. Let's see if it's a temp recover for the beginning of the full recoveryXIC has done well for meEWC is by far my biggest loser to date. Really hoping Canada doesn't keep lowering interest rates, and the oil prices come back up. I'm in it for as long a term as necessary, but...
Alright, just opened a position on GILD. It's higher than I'd like but I am hoping the Q4 was better than expected. Come on red 23!
Just read it but not really interested. A&F seems like it's way past it's time and now trying to scramble for relevance. Flash and then gone and good riddance. I'd much rather go for more lux stuff. I own Lauder (EL) and have been looking at something like LVMH or a few others. Mostly just because I know the space a little so am more comfortable in lux goods and especially cosmetics.it's on my radar for sure, will try to get it when it's lower though. Again, i prefer buy...
and am I crazy or is she preggers too? WTF
Yo Bene, do it like this:
looks good!
yeah it's a small part of 'fun money' So I used to have about 20% bond 80% equity when I started, and when bonds popped up a few months ago I sold them off so I'm now 100% equity. Now, I'm currently probably about 15-20% individual stocks and the rest is 3-4 big ETF's. Ideally within 6 months a few of these stocks will come up and I'll sell them off and get back to 90% 4-5 big ETF's (or fewer) and 10-15% stocks. And I'd say I regularly look at 20-30 random stocks and...
was just reading about Chip stepping down from Lulu's board, hopefully they'll get a temp down blip so I can pick some up. Headlines are all doom like chip's resigning, and then the quote of I'm no longer needed here the company is back on track. Some news chatter about Yahoo being a good buyout target, which makes sense, and optimism now that they're selling off that BABA stake. Somebody else says nothing will really happen with Yahoo until closer to the year end when...
huh, never posted here before so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong... I have a whole LOT of fragrance and skincare for sale. PM me if you're interested and you'll get it for cheaper than ebay prices... Username DGJ2004
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