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In that case, boy was there ever a lot of content! Good job GQ writers
I've got the same stats as you roughly, and I'm a size 34! no way you're a 40, or even a 38 seems highly unlikely to me. i'm 5'6, 130lbs, 30' waist, 36-38' chest actual... small shoulders are my biggest issue. see if this helps - http://www.styleforum.net/t/68936/clothes-for-the-short-guy-stores-brands-lines-websites
(I'd never buy it) My GF gave me a copy of GQ that she found left on the plane for shits and giggles and I just started flipping. It's been a while since I looked at one of these, but holy shit, the first 68, that's 68! goddamn pages were all ads. I mean WTF, I literally can't find any content in this magazine. I'm halfway though and have seen one page of advertisements poorly disguised as an article about 'versatile items' / must have seasonal items. Did men turn into...
did Divine L'Homme de Coeur today. Nice, but not much there, and gone too quickly. Plus I spilled some TF Oud Wood on my desk, so I'll actually be smelling that for at least a few days.
Braddock - very nice! (your doppelganger might be Cravete_Noire) YRR92 - countryish, I dig. Socks might need to be depilled or coming to the end of life there... maybe too many patterns going on there too? Don - In theory I love all the pieces together, but just blur your vision and look at your chest area. There's the shirt collar, tie knot, vest, shirt, and pocket square. Too many elements in one space, plus the sweater/vest has a pattern on it too. I also agree not to...
Last night I wore PdN NY again and once again I was really really impressed. Even smelled great loud and clear the next morning before showering. And considering it comes in 30ml bottles, I think I might very well pick one up! I do have Heritage already, and so I guess this would be my alternative to Habit Rouge?
Is there a way to add to the flag as spam/other tag something along the lines of flag this thread or user? Sometimes I find a spam user account and instead of flagging each post or something.
nailed it!
I think that belt goes better with jeans...
of everything there, I think i like the ones you ordered the most! (ok, and those ruby red's too) sorry couldn't make it folks, had some stuff to take care of
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