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just putting this out there since I saw the Ford Private Blends split thread... if anyone's interested in picking up some TFPB juice, PM me for detail$.
so if I just start a new account, do I win teh internez like you? [[SPOILER]]
overall looks very good to me... of course, to nitpick - some points I noticed: length from the front looks good but maybe a little short from the back (covering butt?) is it me or are the patch pockets a little high up? lapels could be a tad wider, and i do agree hte gorge is high will will probably date this with time (but I happen to like it, for now). could be a bit trimmer around the upper bicep area Foo knows his stuff, +1.
Foo, I'm sure you realize you have your own personal quirky biases... that being said I think you're spot on with many of the critiques above. So, thanks(?!). Citan - can't believe you're only 27. You already have fabulous taste and style.
^^ yeah, so isn't the problem just to do with a front rise that's too long? OP, measure your various pants and see which ones do what
I'm just here to improve my postcount
SOTD left hand - Dior Dune... something weird in this one, reminds me of Fahrenheit. sort of a petrolium vibe. could easily be a masculine. actually I say it's worth seeking out to try. right hand - the original Dior Miss Cherie - yup, smells like a (floral?) chypre. dry, resinous, ambery, little florals. gone all too quickly (reformulations?) right wrist - went past Guerlain and respritzed Spiriteuse Double Vanille. not quite how I remember. boozy, dark, almost sickly....
question for the tailors - I know it's fairly common to have a dropped shoulder, but I have this nagging feeling that often the breast pocket adds another layer that keeps the chest area filled, so that hte other side collapses without it, making it seem like that second side has a lower shoulder, when maybe both are low... am I right with the hunch there? As in, does the breast pocket provide that side of the chest with more reinforcement so it doesn't show the fabric...
got home from work... overall soak first thing in Essentric Molecules, then I have Dans Tes Bras on one wrist and Pamplelune on the other (after Guerlain's Cologne Imperial wore off)
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