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just a quick check in here... random question but why do you need a suit? you haven't mentioned anything to do with work or upcoming events etc. It sounds like you're relatively young, live in a casual environment, and have modest means and therefore budget for a suit plus more important upcoming needs like moving. Are you just buying a suit because you 'need to own one'?
brianoh - I have both W&H Lows and CP Achille lows in the same size. The fit is a bit different but same size. The W&H fit a bit wider and boxier and have a higher instep room so I leave the laces a bit loose but could really tighten them up a lot more, ie they're a bit looser and also toe box is more wide and short. My CP's are much narrower along the width, cut shallower along the top, and are narrower around the toe box (feet get squished a bit) and shallower around the...
trolling... it's like an art form
^ PM sent.... as for Canada it's long sold out as far as I know (called about 5 stores that showed even 1 in stock and none left). Might be some floating around the USA?
David... you necro'd a dead end thread from nearly a year ago... whatchadoingbuddy?
Here ya go... see if this helps - http://www.styleforum.net/t/68936/clothes-for-the-short-guy-stores-brands-lines-websites
for the price point... why not H&M, Zara, if there's one near you then Uniqlo....
Started off with a liberal spritzing of Hermes CdOV then walked past a Saks and tested out Riverside Drive (still don't get the appeal Rach even if it is Roucel, sorry) and Warhol Silver Factory (opening was decent enough but I've really enjoyed this drydown!)
shoplifters take note! check out the Bloor street location lol, believe you me, when I worked there and menswear was upstairs it still got pretty busy...
burgundy FTW, actually blue's not bad, maybe just not that particular navy version
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