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enjoy the Lavender Palm Jman! (btw I just got about 600ml of it... so if anyone wants a 50ml decant let me know). SOTD is an oldie but goodie... Dali Pour Homme. This stuff is really something strange and special. It's a dry dense tobacco scent with a lot of spices. Sort of like Serge Noir or Chergui with thunderclouds and dirt. It's dirty, dank, and rich. Reminds me of a dark cellar with old barrels and cigars etc. It's truly gothic and not in a dandy sort of way. This...
I've got about 5 samples from the line I'm working through. Did the vetiver which was good, but I'll need to retest before final verdict. I suspect it'll be like the amber, very good and well rounded but a little boring. The Oud I have actually tried and did comment on a few days ago. Excellent. Took a whole day to open up and it was so smooth and covered all the angles. Really excellent. Pricey though, but IMO well worth trying for a very wearable take on the note.
Mona Di Orio Amber. I feel like there's a hint of something dirty in here like an oud. If I had $$$ I'd buy most of this line, but since I don't, I'll say this amber is very nice, but nothing unsual. Well build, smoothly blended, multifaceted, and yet, perhaps a bit too boring for it's own good.
I'm rockin' the old Kilian Taste of Heaven today. Seeing as how I have about 250ml of it . I'm hosting a split by the way so if any of you guys like this stuff let me know.
well they're not too slim
DrChili - good stuff buddy! welcome back (to posting), keep it upTagut - I suspect you already know what's going to be said... [[SPOILER]]
Armani Privee Bois D'Encense, for a cool summer evening patio party
er, you do a lot of jogging in your sleep? I usually lie down and then don't move for about 8 hours... maybe a bike ride is in order?
edit - didn't even read what he wrote, just typed this up. IMO, and I realize this is sounding repetitive, Breformed has done it the way I personally like, which is there's a fun element there (red pants and even laces), but the rest of it is neutral and restrained (white shirt, beige sportscoat). The obvious thought can be seen with the shoes still matching the jacket, which means it was planned a bit, and implies he has enough items in rotation to be able to make that...
can i just go for a jog on the treadmill in these things to accelerate the stretching?
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