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cool, good stuff this thing's on the move again. Arlee - thanks for the samples, looking forward to them. also, I suspect everyone had to pay about $20-30 for shipping but look at it versus each of us spending $15-20 on samples from the Perfumed Court or something. Excellent bang for buck this way.
eh, I wear No.5 Premier... I think that counts today, I'm a scentless apprentice, walking the streets of NYC and following my nose to wherever it takes me.
yep, if it's the one I'm thinking of with the pink packaging, then I found it (sorry) rather boring. It's a simple slightly warm an fresh simple clean rose. Nothing of real note (so to speak) here, and especially considering they have more interesting alternatives I think.well I'll be around until Sunday and could easily make it out to that area.. send me a PM if you want and we'll work out a time and place. IF ANYONE ELSE IS IN NYC AND WANTS TO MEET UP FOR A COFFEE OR TO...
suppose this is a little old... ^^^ I've seen his suits at GotStyle, they seem decent enough and can be found for around $500-650 or something. At that price range for most OTR, fit will be most important since there really isn't much in terms of great quality.
hey prof fab, I was thinking of you yesterday as I applied some Jicky parfum to the one hand... and then some mouchoir de monseur on the other... and I have to say I preferred the latter! any thoughts?today I was in nyc (here for the week incase anyone wants to meet up) and went past Creed, Malle, Diptyque, and Bond - all along Madison Ave. smelled bond harrod's oud (quite like Ford's Oud Wood), then NYC oud (really nice!), and the new ambers (rather unusual, not sure I...
B, what sort of vibe and also notes/accords do you get out of TF VB? 'Cause I spray it constantly and give it to women but my impression is '50+ year old boring conservative lady'... what am I missing?
Anduru, overall pieces aren't that bad but not gellin' together in terms of colors and "styles" [[SPOILER]] keep pants and change boot color and then go with a chunky sweater or cardiganorkeep sweater, swap shirt to white (go back to basics) and add casual wool pants with a casual leather shoe
yah yah, I actually meant Diorella, that's the one I tried. Just looked back and realized I typed Diorissimo for some reason... wearing it again today.
some good info/advice here guys... PS - here's to you guys: http://www.styleforum.net/t/68936/clothes-for-the-short-guy-stores-brands-lines-websites
today i tried out Diorissimo actually since someone said it was like Eau Sauvage and I did actaully see the similarity right away. Didn't last very long on me though
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