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What's the story with SUNE? Taking massive hits but I can't see why. I know they just acquired another company for $2.2B, and the industry is a little volatile, but it's down almost 50% at this point. Where's the buy in point if at all? And explanation for why it's dropping?
oh don't worry, it'll come back down again
just got this at Duty Free (San Fran), really nice stuff! I dig this sherry+smoke combo
Guys I'm doing a BIG price drop on Amber Absolute, almost half price. Instead of $4/ml it's the usual $2.4, meaning 50ml is now $120 and 30ml is $75 + shipping ($10 North America and $20 international).
^ ditto
hell, I bought in after the earnings report drop and I'm down too haaa, there's always a greater fool. I'm banking on that watch picking up sales slow and steady as the units get out there and the apps develop, same as the ipod+iphone. Also much longer term but I think something like apple pay, if they really nail it will be massive. Then again I own an iPhone 4 so what do I know
I always perceived the Champacca as a sort of bitter green woody soapy floral, not indolic but makes me feel the same was, sort of a sickly white oozyness in terms of texture
huh, never realized CottonDockers was so young (in a good way)
oh KORS, why do you sucketh so?
wait for sale duh. I get my tshirts from there for like $9-14 max and button shirts I don't look at until it's $29 max, often $19. Sometimes they're sold out by that point though. Even $39 -30% is pretty common though
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