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Soon there won't be any Leffet
My first thought as well. I'm a bit petite so prefer around 3.25.
not my size, but nice!
yeah the other week after setting up a few mouse snap traps and watching the little guy sniff and them and walk away and run under my door, I set up some of those glue ones... whoever says they're humane is wrong. I woke up at 3 am to a mouse screeching for it's life and it was a horrible thing to hear. I had to carry this struggling little mouse trying to escape but glued to a pad outside and leave it there overnight and then find it dead in the morning and toss it....
Tabac EdC splash today, very liberally applied. Soapy leather and I'm feeling like a man baby! CRDB I'm not sure I understand. Could you please explain?
seems like a bit of relief today in the market. not high enough for me to trim anything but at least up a few percent compared to the many I was down.
I was going to say David Spade
I've tried on the raw black and raw indigo a few times and found the same thing. I sized one up for the faux noir / black ones. Also note, as I've mentioned several times that sometimes the indigo ones offer a 1-2% stretch which makes a huge comfort difference but the same black pair don't for some reason.
Are you looking for recommendations from within the Ford line to check out? Or just in general? (in which case which lines do you have access to?)
Whoa, nice word use there. I had to look that one up. New word acquired, thanks!
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