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I don't know what all is in the IBB (biotech index) but it just dropped 3% today and has come down from 300+. I sold off some at 301 and was going to sell the rest at 310, now it's back down to below 280 again. Damn. Added a few more shares now at 280 and will add more at 270, 260, etc. I mean on the bright side, with an index like this I get the volatility that lets me make money in between without the risk of any one company just dying.
Could it be that the counters, walls, etc have expanded over the years with moisture or settling? So it was snug getting it in but now is too tight?
That makes sense. Will crack open this Bunnahabian in the next few days and let you guys know what I make of it.
Sarah was very knowledgeable but not hot. Correlation? Ended up going with the Bunnahabian. In truth I'd already bought it and come home but then figured I'd post up here just to see in case you all said something radically different like get the Glenfarclass or something else. So the Hibiki, is it just called Japanese Harmony? Is that the standard expression? Because I thought I saw one that was called Hibiki 12 that was quite a bit more expensive and then a cheaper one...
BMY, of which I'm holding after the last drop just took another big hit today... this sucketh. Oh well, will hang in there for a while.
I'm thinking that the thinner twill or waxed cotton versions might suit my needs better. Haven't quite given up hope yet haaa
Is the 40% off available in store? Weekend only or including Monday?
Found a cool local designer here in Toronto, the brand is called Noble Sole. They're made in Portugal and I'm pretty sure it's the same guys who do CP, W+H, National Standard, etc... what's the name of that factory again? Very solid build quality and well worth that $200-300 price point. I found they fit almost the same as my W+H ones. I got these lows in black and navy and the chukkas in brown. Were marked down for a steal at $100 Here's their website -...
Work from home lol. I just use it for walking around town or daytrips here and there. In truth I love the idea of these things being built for life but often reach for other bags instead since my Filsons are just too damn heavy and aren't even that big. The dopp kitt? sold it. heavy, didn't hold much, and zippers kept cutting me. the 257? too big for my daily needs, kept flying around my hips, too heavy for one shoulder, etc. My backpack? not much capacity and weighs a ton...
Hey guys, need a quick opinion... I'm going to Astors tomorrow and can get 1 bottle of something to bring back to Toronto with me... my goal is to get something that's fairly well known/reviewed, a fairly standard expression, and most important, adds something quite different to the styles I've already have. So I'm looking to add a whole new type/style here... and ideally under $100 Here's what I own: Laphroaig QC, P/X, an cuan mor, 18 Ardbeg 10, uigeadail Lagavulin...
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