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Up for sale is a tie from Jcrew. Navy and green solid stripes repp style with gold accents. Perfect 3 inches wide so modern but not skinny. Length standard 60 inches. 100% silk, handmade in the USA. Worn once, perfect condition. I don't even remember the retail price. Asking price is $15 plus shipping of $7 for North America. Paypal only please. I’ve been around here for many years and have done over 250 transactions so everything here is legit. If you have any...
damn son, Fuji got jacked. I remember when you were just a skinny young punk. brings a tear to my eye. it's nothing, it's nothing, just some dust. (damn kids grow up so fast) Get off my lawn!!!!!!
(as you know) I bought 2 pairs of the same pants, one in a Conner and one in a Davis and found the conner much slimmer - thighs, taper, etc. 28 Davis I can wear, straight slim no prob, the same size conner is too skinny even for me and I wear tight shit. Just a data point.
Up for sale is a black crew neck tshirt from Filippa K. Size is marked as Medium but it shrank a little in the dryer so I'd say it's a slim medium or more like a loose small. Crew neck that's wide, not super wide or low, but not tight around the neck. Color is solid black, my pictures have backlighting so not so accurate. Material is mostly cotton with a few percent stretch in there (label has faded so can't see exactly). Nice thick material and well made. Worn 2-3...
I made a boo boo, can someone please move this to SW&D classifieds instead of MC? http://www.styleforum.net/t/407712/fs-pair-of-marc-jacobs-stinky-rat-long-sleeve-t-shirts-teal-and-plum/0_100
Up for sale is a PAIR of beautiful shirts Marc Jacobs. Selling both as a pair. It's Stinky Rat, a line he did a few years ago. I picked these up from the shop on Newberry street in Boston. Made from 100% cotton, very thin and tightly woven. Great for layering or for summer. Colors fantastic and unusual. One is a sort of teal and the other is a light plum. Excellent condition, 9/10. Note there is one tiny tiny hole in the purple shirt where the label is on the back of the...
hey Baron have you tried Roja Dov and MDCI? If you like PdN NY which has that sort of old school french style, you might like the offerings from those two houses.
in mutha russea spit balls shoot you! ha I joke. KGB shoots you. That part serious.
true, but honestly at the same time aren't those sort of buyers more risky (scammers) anyway? Unless you're doing personal payment, I'd much rather have fewer buyers but good quality ones. I've sold to new posters but always been a little wary and usually ask for personal payment or have to request other forms of verification
will look up Star Trek Continues, thanks for the tip
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