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Made it about halfway through the stories but I can't go any further. I'm browsing SF while waiting for dinner to heat up and now I'm not sure I can eat.
NR is one the few scents I find rather repelling. Something about that super green bitterness, the wet cement, I just find it so unfriendly. Nice bottle though!
Huh, I just received my bottle of TF Arabian Wood actually and was about to post it up on the decant thread. Weird timing. Yesterday's scent was testing an old vial I made. Mugler's Angel, Taste of Fragrance series. I think I just find the whole A*Men series too rich and heavy. They certainly perform so that's good I guess, but there's not much nuance. This miniseries/version added in some sort of chili/gourmand layer, again not too shabby but I think the original is...
WMT stock had a nice pickup today. I'm nearly at breakeven. I think I'll wait to make a few % and sell and move on. Not sticking around long term. I'm sure it'll do fine but I want to trade and was hoping this was oversold and would take a few days or a week to come up a few % and I'd just flip it. Instead I'm holding and I don't want to.
what do i know I'm already as drunk as a skunk
At first I was like, wha? it's 1pm! Then I realized you're in Germany and with the time change it's normal drinking time over there
This, it sucks.
I have a sample of this and all I smell is stewed fruit (prunes?) and old bananas. It's not unpleasant, but it is a little weird. Like much niche, I think it's worth sniffing to know that someone out there can make this sort of smell, but not something I'd wear more than the one time from my sample. Same with Pear & Olive IMO.
MNKD, huh.... I originally started buying under $3, then got a little worried for a few days and have been steadily buying down, today it popped like 20% and I think I'll sell half and hang onto the rest for around $3.5 with some luck. Tiny part of my plays but this one is jumpy. I'm a little pissed that a few of my picks like say WMT dropped and have just been moving sideways for a while with no sign of even any recovery. I was hoping I'd bought on an oversell and...
(don't scare him off with all the talk about 'that's not real bespoke' guys...) where are you located roughly?
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