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Don't say I never do nothing... I know this was from ages ago but I made a mental note to properly respond to it since you took the time to write it all out… This is basically just a run down of some of the major niche houses and the stuff I also personally like or know is often recommended so might be a good starting point…I think your approach makes sense to get a bit of everything in the beginning and feel out the field.For a sense of the ‘old’ way of doing perfumes,...
Had some of my Laphroaig P/X finish the other night and it was really nice. Then had some Ardbeg Uegedail for compare/contrast.
Have heard some of those arguments before and I do understand the perspective. I guess it just seems a bit pessimistic and conspiracy theory-ish but I do take not of it. Hmmm, some food for thought. Thanks.
Went sniffing through a department store the other day and asked what's new/interesting and must have smelled 15-20 'new', mostly flankers and not to sound snobby but I've got to say that pretty much all of them smelled completely generic and weak. Once you smell niche and stuff from other countries it's amazing just how bland the mainstream stuff is and it's such a shame to think that's what most people are smelling and think this is what fragrance is all about.
I can't imagine not owning any jeans. Probably half of my pants are jeans.
Always loved that one. If I were into florals I'd wear it. Gave some to my mom hoping she'd like it but she seemed indifferent unfortunately.
some of my reits have been doing quite well and I've ended up trimming off some shares to take a 10-15% return on a portion. (CLDT, NLY, and STAG) several of the stocks i'm holding seem to know no lower bounds. AAL and UAL have come down fairly hard. FSLR and SCTY have come down very very hard, particularly the latter. AAPL, NFLX, GILD, etc are all at pretty darn low prices and I've loaded up fairly heavy but can't figure out if it's just the overall market letting off...
Oy, er... no. Sorry.
Those look snug but if you're going for a slim fit ultimately then yeah they're probably ok. Climb some stairs, do some squats, give 'em a few weeks or a month and you should be all good.
I had a fairly big buy day today... Added a good chunk of GILD at 85.5, MU at 10, and a few UAL at 45.5 and FSLR at 52. Fairly heavy these days into a few guys like MU, TWTR, NFLX, GILD, AAPL, etc. Hopefully I'm not way off in all of these guesses but I'm feeling fairly comfortable buying companies like GILD at these prices, and AAPL at 93 etc. I'm hopeful of at least 10-20% returns by the time I'm done with them. In my slow steady (REIT) account, trimmed off some CLDT at...
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