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doing a little tasting through these
I opened a position on MU, at 29 EPD is nearly there, will buy around 32.5 SCTY goddam. I'm overcommitted already but if you haven't tried this one, I think it's a good price to get in, in my opinion. I'd sell it off at 57. Problem is I bought it at 57 a few months ago lol. Question for you guys... so I have two stocks/funds, EWC and SCTY that are quite down. Now I'm already into them for as much as I'd like to be, but they're down like 10-15%. Question is, do I keep...
Nice MA-1 NN jean stacks seem sloppy(?)
I'm looking at MU, it's getting close to where I'd buy some (around 29) just read an article talking about some guys with strong upside potential... KORS, AAL, TSLA were in the mix. The former two are on my radar but not low enough yet for me
those are good questions (serious). not gonna lie, I bought a little stock... either I'm catching a falling knife and it's all over or it'll bounce and come back eventually hell even to $50-60 and I'm happy. What's the worst case scenario? their reputation is shot and they liquidate all their inventory (see what I did there) and a competitor comes in to buy up their real estate space and customer database? I dunno
well, active investing within a much much larger context of index funds... I suspect that's the case for most of the guys here
Still smelling lingering Amouage Opus 6 from yesterday's application
I bought a little more TSLA under $200 also put like $75 into NBG lol currently circling around LL too. This may be a disaster of huge opportunity.
I'll repeat what i've always said. I think Benes has a bigger upper body, especially traps+neck area, so wearing many layers and stuff with visual bulk (chunky scarves, turtlenecks, epaulettes, etc) just draw attention to that. add in tapered pants and a little camera angle and you end up with a top heavy look. Needs looser pants to balance it out. The low tshirt neckline and minimal cardi without neck area stuff is a good move.
New Posts  All Forums: