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and Carnita's! Oh wait, nevermind. I'll order something else.
Was wondering about that too... I sold off my SCTY at about 57 seeing it cycle from under 50 to 57, figured it would go back down and I'd buy back in... now TSLA's up, there's the home battery announcement coming next week so it's up, and SCTY's getting a nice bump too. Damn, shoulda woulda coulda, but I sold it and took my money off the table and I'm ok with that. I'm hoping over the next week it might drop a bit along with TSLA so I can buy back in. For me it just...
^^^ PM sent - no worries. Everything you see listed is AVAILABLE!!!!!
Wow, what a morning.... I trimmed some TSLA Sold off ANGI above $7 bought some more AMD bought some QCOM in anticipation of the earnings report bought some CMG and holy shitballs. I thought I was sniping it at market open for $653, then it dropped and dropped and dropped. OMG. I bought a bit more at $638. I just don't have enough money for stocks this expensive. I'm buying like 3-4 shares, otherwise I'm way over for any one stock. Damn you pork!!!!
and I bet you're still hungry http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/
Up for sale is Filson tote bag... Otter Green color. Mint condition, used 4-5 times and as you know this is built for anything, lifetime guarantee. Asking price is $90 USD + $10 shipping for North America and $15 for international. For comparison, even below retail price, places like Amazon sell this for $140. http://www.amazon.com/Filson-Tote-Bag-without-Zipper/dp/B004C53Y3E Paypal only please. I’ve been around here for many years and have done over 250 transactions so...
so far nothing, just sold it a week or two ago. I'm going to look around for something that makes up for all the Filson problems. IE lightweight, thing, minimal hardware, and folds up small/flat. Probably something nylon at a guess. PS, I'm selling my mint condition green tote (not zippered, used 4-5 times max))... $99 shipped to North America. PM if interested!
Yeah basically fundamental versus technical. I don't have the time, interest, or skills (well maybe) to do the fundamental. I assume there are thousands of people doing that for me and the stock's ups and downs are reflected in that already, plus some speculation/sensitivity. I don't know what % of the price is 1. basic core value today of the business, 2. net present value of future earnings, and 3. speculation, but when I see large drops like this, I assume that the 1...
opened a position on FB. On principle I hate buying at historical highs, and I'm betting on earnings, which I've been burned by doing before... but, I think these guys have added new monetization streams and there's a lot of spec movement so hoping it'll jump past 90 tomorrow and I'm out. Harley (HOG) dropped like a rock today so I bought some at 55.7. It's at a 52 week low here and not a slow downward death, it dropped hard. Looking back a year or two, it's done this...
I owned the Dopp kit and only used it 2-3 times before selling it. While it looks nice, and I love the idea, personally speaking I found it just way to over-engineered. I know that sort of Filson blasphemy but I found it large and heavy and totally impractical. On a small carryon it too up like 1/5 of my bag or something. I literally started leaving it at home and using a medium ziplock instead and was way happier ha.
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