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it's not the teaching that's dead, it's the learning
pictures are hard to tell but they look good. Don't size down any more. -1 from your regular pants is good. (I did -2 and they've never really stretched out the 2 inches I was expecting)
Nothing too complicated about that point. I just meant that with a 'designer' suit, there's someone who's thought about various parts and come up with a specific idea, a look, a collection of features that creates an impression. I find MTM suits are often no-name companies with well known fabrics that product suits that hit all the right measurements, but don't have any personality to them. They fit in a sense, but they're just so lifeless. In contrast, with a little...
damn NFLX, what a jump! It's gone up 25% in about 12 days, crazyness. Have been thinking of buying for a few weeks and every time it went up I thought I'll just wait 'till it goes back down again. Just did 17% in one DAY. I'm going to pick up some AMZN instead. It's a little higher than I'd like but still looks like there's a lot of room to grow and I think this guys will do well long term anyway.
pretty dang awesome
solid dark black or that 'faux black' ie a sort of charcoal color? (the latter is often on sale since it's seasonal I think)
damn, Jetblast is back!
damn that's good Zechs and yeah +1, I want to be Parker when I grow up too
I'm sure the tailoring guys will chime in, but just as a guy who's taken shirts to a tailor before, I'll say that in my experience there are a few areas of a shirt that it's much harder to adjust. If the collar doesn't fit you, if the shoulders are too wide, and if the armholes are too high or low, I find those are some areas where there are always problems. So in my experience, wide shoulders plus narrowing the arms = problems (ie a funny fitting shirt)
first comes the calender, then comes the wet blanket
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