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GLF WTH. Was up 20% today, I sold all my shares, put in buy orders for the come down and have already started to buy back in a tiny bit at 6. From 5.80, to 6.60, now back down to under 6 again, all within a day. Wow. Today I added more to FB under 110, and opened positions in MSFT (at $51) and UAL (at $51)
Well then, I'm looking forward to buying some FB on the dip!
I've returned stuff past the 30 day mark. Basically if it's still new with tags, they'll probably take it back. But keep in mind they'll only credit you for the last price... so if it's seasonal, you might be in for a surprise there.
I've gotten great longevity out of Ambre Russe. Definitely on my to buy list soon. I own a lot of ambers but I find this one unique. Sort of boozy and bubbly, then dries down to a watery honey with smoke. I own Tea for Two as well but that's much drier/tanin-y
Today I had trouble picking what to wear. SOTD was ByKilian Amber Oud. Started out rather Oudy, then dried down to a honeyed smokey amber. First 1-2 hours had big projection, then it stuck around but much softer. Wouldn't pay $500+ for this, but if it was $100-150 maybe. It's fairly good but not really all that excellent. Would be impressive if it were a designer scent, but within niche it's fairly middle to upper pack. 8/10. Not worth looking for, but if you're smelling...
All that being said, I own CdR EdT but find the Parfum version really super too and worth smelling if you can.
Is that for some special editions or for all of them? Is this of interest to anyone? - www.ebay.com/itm/272209200688
D2 Potion. Which again, is a total cheapie more or less and somewhat designer but this is my kind of version of Gucci PH I. I find it's a nice warm nutty wood scent, fairly simple but feels pretty cozy to me. Something I've been meaning to get a bottle of for quite a while actually. If you like sandalwood scents and are at the local mall, give this one a shot.
NFLX just dropped about 12-13%. They said they expect subscriber growth to slow down as they raise prices and see competition. I'm still betting long on these guys. Doubled my position this morning around 97-99/share and will add a lot more at 94 and 89 if it hits those prices. Set to trim most of it at 110-115 and will sell it all at 120-125 if it goes there eventually. Edit - just bought more this morning (4/20) at 94.
(shyly posts) SOTD is Lacoste Essential. You know those scents you don't know why but you just like? This is one of those for me. I remember taking the sample and trying it a few times and thinking I don't want to like this becuase it's 'designer' mall brand etc but I gotta say it's fresh and clean and green with a metallic smoothness, sort of like Mugler's Cologne and it's working pretty well. Got a bottle for cheap in a swap so may keep it.
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