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Tres excellent Franks. I've been looking for a hat like that for a while now, anyone have a recco? Basically unstructured, all black, and some sort of tight mesh or suede or something, but sleek and minimal
Pio, are you wearing a raincoat?
I don't like most of the ELDO's, but I think they're doing it right in terms of having a clear position with the names, packaging, smells, etc. It's good niche.
I've started to view my stock purchases as roulette essentially. Most of my money is in a few ETF funds and for the 10-15% that's in stocks, yes, I have not much rhyme or reason for choosing them, fine. I'm speculating. I'm looking at historical general price ranges and buying in where I feel like it and selling where I feel like it and trying to use a few quick judgment tools in between to help guide the process. I'm not a day trader, not am I doing any particular...
Well, I bought TWTR higher than I wanted at 41 a while ago. It dropped into the mid 30's, I was sweating it out but decided not to commit further. Today's been a nice jump. I'm sure this thing can go higher, or honestly I was hoping they'd just get bought out. I think I'm going to sell at 50. Get in, get out. Now I still think there's a long term growth potential as they move into new markets like China, India, and the Middle East but I'd only pick this thing back up when...
I've got bottles of: Tom Ford Amber Absolute, MPG Ambre Precieux Hermessence Ambre Narguile Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche Armani Privee Ambre Soie I've got decants of: Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Balmain Amber Gris Mona Di Orio Ambre Kilian Amber Oud (and that's just what I can remember) and going to buy Parfum D'empire's Ambre Russe soon so I feel like I sort of have this category covered pretty well... (open to suggestions though!)
currently waiting for my decant of Russian Tea to arrive... I keep hearing good reviews of it! SOTD is the last of my many many years old decant of LDDM. It's a dry smokey amber scent and I feel about it the same as I did all those years ago. I can see why people like this, but something about Tauer's work gives me a headache. It's too sharp, too RAW, like I can smell each layer one piece at a time. It's hugely potent and a pretty nice smell overall and I like his whole...
EL did nicely for me. Waiting for it to come down to 70-71 and will pick it up again. Predictions on Linked-In (LNKD)? Twitter will hopefully get some gains and maybe even make it back to where I bought the damn thing! and EPZM's seen a big bump today
ok thanks guys. I'll try retake pics and rework the order and stuff.
huh, I do understand your point... but it's still brand new with tags attached. I have a picture of me showing the overall fit. Thought that would help sell it. Isn't that sort of a standard thing for sellers? I've never worn it, just put it on to model the pics.
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