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One of life's small pleasures right there
Hire someone to pay it for you? :-)
My gut feeling right now is we're pushing the limits here on the market optimism... This thing could break through and keep going higher but I have a bad feeling we're near the top here. I'm perfectly willing (as always) to miss out on some upside for the sake of safety. I'm currently around 30% cash I'd say and most of my sell orders are set for about 4-5% higher while my buy orders are set 10-15% lower. I've tried to be conservative, and who knows what will happen with...
Wow, beautiful bag!
Just arrived in Sydney and went past a liquor store out of curiosity and pardon my language but holy shit the prices here on liquor are crazy. I'm from Canada so I'm not used to even USA level of cheap here, but most of these are like double the price. I mean bottles that are $50-60 in the USA and $60-70 in Canada are $100 or more here. Wow. Stuff that was an everyday drinker at $50-60 for me are now $90-100 so yeah.... I hear there's about $20 tax per bottle plus they pay...
I'm travelling for a few months and went through my sample and decant box and grabbed a bunch to test out... so for the next while these will all be pretty random. I took a few I know I'll like, but most of these I'm sort of assuming I won't and can just finish the sample and lighten my load as I move. SOTD is Fragonard Eau de Bonheur - a bit of a chemical mess opening. Moves into a pleasant citrus floral. Basically some sort of soft EdC style. Light and fresh and...
I'm a fan of TF Extreme personally. I find it's a better rounded easier to wear Tuscan Leather. The bottle is nearly black IRL. If you had a dude who was semi baller and had some money but didn't want to go crazy with scents etc, I'd say to him grab Grey Vetiver and Extreme and Black Orchid and you've got something for summer/day/casual, something for power meetings and something for a night on the town, respectively. A perfect set of 3 well rounded scents.
boy who cried wolf? maybe there was hope they'd delay it again? I sold off most of my TSLA at 201 yesterday. I'm assuming it'll keep going to 210, 220, 230 etc but I bought these at 180 give or take and am happy to make 10% turnaround in a month or less and wait to rebuy. If it comes down to 190 I'll nibble more, at 180 I'm buying a chunk, and close to 170-175 I'll take a lot. BKD, I've done this cycle of buying around 11-11.30 and selling at 12-12.3 several times....
I thought that one went out like 5-6 years ago or more? They recently did a re-release of Amber so maybe they'll do that with others?
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