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still working through the collection, I'm at the stinky stuff now. Yesterday was Dior's Leather Oud. Sweet stinky leather and smokey wood. A little offensive (yay!) but so well composed I have to like it. Pretty sure I'll keep this bottle. Today it's Nasomatto Black Afgano, which despite all the talk of hash/marijuana etc, I don't really get any of that. I mean it's sweet smokey oily and green, yes, but I don't feel like a druggie. I also find this one doesn't have much...
I know that Nicolas in Yorkville has some MMM items but have never seen a 5 zip there.
Alrighty guys, these aren't glamorous pics, just quick and dirty, and I'm not going to bother typing measurements unless someone's interested... PM me for details or post here. Asking prices are obviously way cheaper than retail prices, I'm just putting them so you have a sense of what these are. I'm not looking to get much for most of this stuff, just clearing out... Please take this stuff off my hands, reasonable offers will be considered!. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] ...
Pics would help me help you
Noted, thanks.
SCTY seems to be recovering nicely. Damn, I was holding a lot with average cost around 31 and sold it all off now around 34, itching to take some gains, now it goes to 37 today already. Bulls bears and pigs I suppose.
Correction, Tuscan Leather is wearing you!
I saw we started a new thread there but honestly, just like in the Australia members thread, would be a lot easier if we can informally drop in some items for sale amongst the discussion. I have plenty of stuff I don't feel like taking professional photos of and would rather just post internally to see if there's someone interested and then PM more details and pics if necessary.
md2010, if I may add a point, regarding that navy pinstripe suit, in my experience, we tend to tailor some point here or there but forget about overall harmony. Like shortening pants but then the original taper means a large leg opening. So to my eye, that suit, while a navy pinstripe which sort of says sharp slick cool banker, seems to be cut in a fairly rounded, soft relaxed way. In contrast to your grey suit which looks quite padded, with sharper lines, and stiffer. The...
I'm just going to go on record and say this.... while I do have a decent sized rotation of stuff, I've worn most of my items many many times (40-50 times?) over many many years (I have stuff that's 7-10 years old) and have almost never had anything actually fall apart or disintegrate etc. I've done one or two tiny crotch repairs on jeans and a couple of loose hem threads and buttons, but seriously, I have no idea what you people do in your clothes to make this shit...
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