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yeah call me crazy but I've got say 12 wool pants so a rotation of about 2 weeks and I couldn't be dry cleaning them more than every few months, meaning I put at least every 5-10 uses so yeah like 3 times a year max. Unless i've spilled something or they're particularly dirty, I can't see why. I shower every day, I'm wearing underwear, I shake out dust and brush them every wearing or two, and most of them look as new as the day I bought them.
er... she's already 'taken' ;-)
Well if you want something you can throw in the wash then it has to be cotton, in which case best case you're looking at decent pressed khakies. Otherwise you're looking at wool and then it's the usual wear them many times then occasionally dry clean routine.
If you can't be bright, at least you can be early. ;-)
And the best part is this is my listing! Don't say I don't love you guys :-). See if you can spot it... http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/222241100615
Damn these are nice! Too big for me. Le sigh
Also note that it's a Diffusion line... so there's a range on what all that means. Could have been a lower line, an entirely different manufacturer who the name was licensed to, etc. Hopefully others more familiar with this particular item will chime in for ya....
Looks to me like a relatively 'raw' and 'slubby' cotton, as in not overly processed so the yarns are thicker and are more loosely woven together. Look for some of those key words, or just go with linen. Hope that helps.
Will contact you (LF) and S&M shortly to discuss details.
Pamplelune was one of the first scents I read about from you many many years ago and I still have my bottle. Have been working through my collection and also sharing with my gf and she just went through a phase where she wore it constantly. So thanks!
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