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I spent a couple of weeks in Sydney a few years ago and of all places I ended up kopping stuff, it was at Cotton On, and the T-Bar, and it's all held up surprisingly well. A few of my favorite shirts.
in reaction to the dropping equities, my bond portion (VAB) hit it's sell limit so I used the money to double down on Canadian equities (XIC). I'm temporarily way too heavy into equity with no bond stability but it'll recover soon I'm hoping and trigger a sell and I'll move back into the regular stock/bond balance. My one US equity fund (VUN) also hit it's upper limit (just realized I set it too low) but I'm going to move it over to a better fund (ZSP) anyway.
New Standards are basically a slim but relatively straight cut with normal rise. Good amount of space all around. Petite Standards are basically a skinny jean. Lower rise, thinner thighs and quite a heavy taper. Whatever your true/actual waist size is, go down 3-4 from that, meaning if you're used to buying pants with a 2 inch vanity sizing built in, then go down about 1 maybe 2 from there. example, my actual measured waist is 30 inches. I generally buy size 28 pants...
I find PS have a MUCH slimmer thigh and overall fit, so if you're at all athletic, ie have a butt and thighs, then IMO the NS is a much better cut for that. BTW WTB Petite Standards in 27 indigo/blue... PM me if you've got a pair you're looking to sell. Might be open to a 26 too.
nevergreen - dunno man, looks all over the place. top is slinky slouchy loungewear, pants are loose military, and shoes are sporty street. plus color tones are all wrong. top is spring summer fresh, pants are deep broken in dirty industrial city fall weather, etc... to me it's a total mish mash, but not in the good kind of way. I'm all for thumbing guys that shove stuff together and it somehow ends up working, but IMO this is a flop. nice experiment but I ain't feeling it
eh, I'm a smalltimer. Made some tomato soup. I like the liquid/broth with a lot of chunks / texture.scored and blanched the tomatoes then pealed the skins (skins are hard and float to the top so removed)cut in half, cored and removed pits but strained out liquid (pits get bitter when blended)mixed bunch of dried herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, etc) with boiling water and strained out herbs (herbs sometimes stay hard and don't blend well)Sauteed mire poix with olive...
I hope this one will inspire future meetups and I'll add you to the PM list.Y'know I've probably walked past it a hundred times too and one day I went in and it's actually a really great shop. It's pretty big, they carry quite a few lines you don't see anywhere else, and the owner's a really cool guy.Great, looking forward to meeting you along with the guys!
hey if anyone wants to give me a little more power like locking threads, banning spammers, that sort of thing, I'm game. I'm online here like an hour or two a day and my 'hall monitor' status only lets me report a post and it gets hidden for review. I don't know if that's all there is to it? Anyway, just saying I often find a spam account and would prefer to just remove the whole account and all of their posts instead of reporting every one of them.
Great, see you there!Booo, it's the center of the universe, how could you move!Bah, we'll catch you on the next one then. Will post some pics here in the thread so you can see what you missed Great, hope to see you there.Nice, see you there guys!Damn, timing. Will try to organize these things every once in a while at various venues so I'll message you about the next one whenever it happens.Great, come on out! That's really the idea, there are so many Toronto guys and...
Yo, incase you guys didn't see the announcement or get a PM, Toronto Meeup Up is on - http://www.styleforum.net/t/430689/the-toronto-styleforum-meet-and-greet-october-23rd-7pm-at-nicolas-menswear
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