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it's not magic, it's nature! PS - magnets, how do they work?
wait, cider vinegar isn't a cure-all? never tried the butter coffee thing, just read a bit and watched some youtube vids. not saying it's all bad, but let's just say I wasn't compelled to try it either.
oh, it's a thing alright
SVB, an idea, I think something like a collar pin to prop up the fat tie could be interesting too [[SPOILER]]
oil and gas related, sort of like a GLF, has anyone looked into or have thoughts on DHT? Seeing as how we've got an oversupply issue, a company with storage and tankers might be a hedge of sorts
Today I tested Masque Milano's Terralba. Basically a green lemony scent, herbs, shrub, citrus, along the lines of Mr. Balmain, Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien, etc. Not very long lived, but actually quite nice. I also have a decant of Masque's Russian Tea and again, I was quite impressed, though I still think it's missing some polish. It's good, but like many niche I think it's still a work in progress. The first few times I wore it I could have sworn I was going to just buy a...
Hey that's not a knife, oh wait no, actually wait that's definitely a knife. Alrighty, yeah here you win.
I was surprisingly impressed by one of the new flankers, that Ultra Zest (orange bottle) one. Weird becuase it's was a fresh citrus then that dark chocolatey thing
suggestion, put together a shared spreadsheet... username, email address, minimum and maximum you're in for (depending on the barrel yield), column for paid/not and shipped/not
nice ink, have you posted them in the show us your tatoos thread? (haven't seen it in a while so might be buried somewhere down deep)
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