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I keep hearing good things about Vera. Gotta find somewhere to try them! Also, I've only sampled 2/4 but have been rather impressed with Masque Milano. I thought (small sample) Terralba was quite nice and have really enjoyed my decant of Russian Tea and hear good things about their Tobacco one. You guys tried any?
not sure if this question is going to get lost in the shuffle... so I'm in Canada. Over the past year I've started gambling I mean investing in the stock market. All my money was in CAD, but as I've purchased stocks late last year and over this year, it's all been converted into USD. Now I'm starting to think a little longer term and I'm not sure if it makes sense to work on selling off my USA listed stocks, converting the cash back into CAD and then buying Canadian...
I rather like both the Andy Warhol and Plum Japonais but find them only similar on the surface. From memory I find the PJ much more fruity, sweet, sour, with some spices and syrup and a suedy soft leather drydown, whereas my recollection of the AW is much more about sweet fruit like berries and sort of incense and stuff, closer to Jubilation XXV I think. about Reflection Man, Amouages have really started hitting this discount stream hard. I think you can get most of...
I was a little surprised to be honest. I usually at least like most of the scents from L'Artisan and love many but this was a total miss for me. Made me a bit nauseous actually. Well give it a try I guess and let me know how it goes
Shirts are regularly $30 but seasonal colors/fabrics go on sale so you probably found some random spring/summer inventory marked down (they do $10-15). That's my guess anyway. I think it applies to both regular and slim fit so that's not the reason for the price difference.
in my humble opinion... 1. pocket square seems unnecessary, you've already got purple pants going on... (ok fine a white tv fold would have been ok). 2. and those jacket sleeves are too short, 0.5-1 inch for sure.
SOTD L'Artisan L'eau de Navagateur. Meh, smells like bug spray. Not a fan. And I generally like this house too.
pictures would help
I own some GPRO but have moved up to 50% of it in and out every few days. I'm playing the fluctuations (like today's 7-8% 'rally') but ultimately it's a short term pick for me (meaning 2-3 months of playing around). Long term I don't think it'll go anywhere. So yes, short term, as in over a few weeks, with a 10-15% up and down range it's fun for daytrading but that's it. I've started taking a lot of my gains, even small ones, off the table as of now... earnings season...
I put it down to the condition of them having the mente problems
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