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I was at a few NYC stores and asked the same thing and nobody had ever seen an XS. I'm usually an XS in everything so was worried these would be too big but they're just fine. Got the grey tapered sweats in S and all's good.
hey look if you hear otherwise lemme know, especially about employee discounts
this seems to consistently get good reviews from people but I just find it so boring, like I barely have an opinion on it. maybe someone (you?) can explain the appeal. I just get a really simple unremarkable smell I can barely even describe.
no student discount. for most 3rd party items they don't do the discount. also it's a new item they just started carrying. and as mentioned, no employee discount either. I asked a couple of peeps I know who work there.
huh, thoughts on XGD? From a 5-10 year perspective it's gone to that 20-30 range, withing the last 1-3 seems to be more like 10-13... currently at 10. I know nothing about gold or the companies it's holding... but seems to turn around pretty quickly, so buy and hold for 4-6 months max, buy at 10 sell at 12?
Will check if I got any good pics...Probably no monthly, but I'll set something up again in a few months. It takes a few days to get it all organized so just depends when I have time.It was good, around 25 guys and gals I think. Was expecting closer to 40-50 but had a few last minute cancellations. We'll do it again sometimes.No prob! See you at the next one!
Bloor and Yorkdale have them. Apparently sizes sold pretty quickly but they'll likely restock. Also they have that one pair of burgundy CP look alikes from Zespa, made in France. I googled around and nobody's ever mentioned the company. I like the W+H but $380's pushing it. I own a couple of pairs and they're pretty decent, but I'd buy them at $250 easily, and at $300 I'd still think about it but probably do it. At $380 + tax it's a nogo at least for moi
? have them cut a V into the back of the waistband?
lemme know what you think of Racine. I've got a bottle and quite enjoy it. Citrusy vetiver. Also Sartorial's a nice pickup there too IMO.
blah you bailers suck lol. The event was good, had about 25 guys and gals come out. There were a solid 20+ people who RSVP'd who didn't make it last minute for various reasons. The shop's great, nice stuff, good food and drink, and I think people had fun. I've got a few pics, will check if they're any good and upload.
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