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What kind of scents do you like? I could just shotgun it and name like 5 worth trying but they're all pretty different categories
This reminds me - we need the SF Confessional thread back
graphite dust, ie rub a lead pencil along the teeth and that should smoothen out the action
I concur with the above point there and have noticed it too... I used to frequently click on 'new posts' but found it was constantly showing me huge threads about some designer/affiliate or something so now I pretty much only look at my subscriptions. It's been literally years since I opened up a subforum and looked for new threads. Here's what I figure. If it's a massive pinned discussion, or an affiliate thread, etc, there's so much activity there that it should be...
Ohhh, I have bottles of both of those I almost never wear... but I'll retest them now that you mention it. My challenge is about counter seasonal wear. For example it's summer and I sprayed on Dior's Leather Oud and it was beastly, delicious and lovely but clearly it was way to hot for it and I was in full bloom for hours and hours as I went through the subway, busses, etc. I think with a single spray, some of the heavy fall/winter scents would be interesting to wear in...
So... party at Meyer's place then?
for the sexing part you want to keep the meal light and simple with a tossed salad perhaps [[SPOILER]]
I've always like the Intensa the best out of the original 3. That being said, actually I really really liked their newer line, particularly the Oud and Leather. I didn't like the Amber and there's one other with a weird name I'm forgetting. I know there are a million Ouds out there but I highly recommend the oud and also the leather scents, they're different from everything else and I think pretty solid.
I say if you're comfortable and happy with the fit, keep them and wear a belt and just enjoy. You could size down one but half the ownership period they'll be too tight and you'll be stretching them out, so I guess would you rather be uncomfortable in the beginning but happy in the end, or happy now and possibly less happy later?
Last week I had a friend who wanted help getting ready for a wedding on a reasonable budget, but like most normal people, anything over $300 for dress shoes was inconceivable, so I really had to rack my brain for where to look. We ended up going to Suit Supply first and it was an absolute win. Shoes were like $250 or less I think and looked great and seemed pretty well made, especially for the price. Their suits too, I was VERY impressed to be honest, especially at the...
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