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Up for sale are two pairs of French Trotter shoes. They're a great clean profile sneaker, along the lines of a Common Projects look, though with a lightness closer to Chucks/Keds etc. Hard to find out here too I believe. These are brand new with tags still attached ($200 retail). Asking price is only $99 with shipping ($10 extra for International). Paypal only please. I’ve been around here for many years and have done over 250 transactions so everything here is legit. If...
it's not magic, it's nature! PS - magnets, how do they work?
wait, cider vinegar isn't a cure-all? never tried the butter coffee thing, just read a bit and watched some youtube vids. not saying it's all bad, but let's just say I wasn't compelled to try it either.
oh, it's a thing alright
SVB, an idea, I think something like a collar pin to prop up the fat tie could be interesting too [[SPOILER]]
oil and gas related, sort of like a GLF, has anyone looked into or have thoughts on DHT? Seeing as how we've got an oversupply issue, a company with storage and tankers might be a hedge of sorts
Today I tested Masque Milano's Terralba. Basically a green lemony scent, herbs, shrub, citrus, along the lines of Mr. Balmain, Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien, etc. Not very long lived, but actually quite nice. I also have a decant of Masque's Russian Tea and again, I was quite impressed, though I still think it's missing some polish. It's good, but like many niche I think it's still a work in progress. The first few times I wore it I could have sworn I was going to just buy a...
Hey that's not a knife, oh wait no, actually wait that's definitely a knife. Alrighty, yeah here you win.
I was surprisingly impressed by one of the new flankers, that Ultra Zest (orange bottle) one. Weird becuase it's was a fresh citrus then that dark chocolatey thing
suggestion, put together a shared spreadsheet... username, email address, minimum and maximum you're in for (depending on the barrel yield), column for paid/not and shipped/not
New Posts  All Forums: