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So for every bottle you buy they'll donate one to some smelly kid somewhere? :-)
So with the REIT game it's usually about holding it and collecting a dividend but I've actually found them often better to trade with... for example. CLDT is a tiny little healthcare reit with a decent enough yield, but I find it regularly bounces between 21 and 22, only a 5% spread but it seems to happen like once a week so I keep adding and selling more and more every time it does that little move which seems to happen regularly. NYRT was recently down heavy and I...
nice bit of relief today but I'm not holding my breath... will assume it will keep going back down over the week. MU's been interesting... quite big swings. I was buying it originally way too high but got most of it out recently and at least broke even if not made some in the end. Might be going somewhere over the week, keep an eye on it!
oh nice, hmmm, tempting
I put in some buy orders I only thought would go off tomorrow and they went off today... jeez. Looks like I own more NFLX and GILD and airlines (AAL, DAL, UAL) oh and FSLR+GLF+CHK
I try not to get too hung up on packaging but I really love the Encre Noire one. The scent I find decent, let's say 6-7/10, it's cheap but good enough for your average user but with the box and bottle I give it more like a 7-7.5/10. oh here's a question... for those of you who do a preshower scent, is this being applied while wearing pajamas? Doesn't the smell stick for a few days then? I often get up and work at my desk for 2-3 hours then go shower as a break but if I...
the sleeve zippers on my jacket keep coming undone about an inch and then stop there... is that normal? Is there a trick to getting it to stop?
Airlines... wow, going down hard. Good thing I'm not, oh wait, I am holding a shitload. Damn. Also, stocks like AAPL, DIS, GILD, etc all look like decent buys. Good companies in bad markets. I wasn't going to include NFLX on that list but I've added more to my position. Any of you guys know about BKD? The seem to have come down a LOT recently and I don't know why. I keep moving my alert lower and it keeps going off anyway.
huh, was just eyeing my sample of that one the on Friday as I was sorting through various bottles.
Thanks for the responses on VIX guys. I basically just buy/sell individual stocks (15-20) and hold a few REITS and indexes. I don't know much about options or intend to ever get much involved in them but I do track a few for fun just because of how much they move around.
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