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I've seen a few Mortlachs and based on what I've heard I've been interested in trying them but they always seem so expensive and the bottles are pretty small like 500ml or something
Estranged, your chest/shoulders compared to your waist looks like this - IIThe jacket was designed for someone that looks like this - VSee the picture below.. You have narrow/short shoulders and a small chest so there's a bunch of fabric there not being filled out. That's why there's extra fabric bunching up in the chest near your armpits (red), it's why there's divots forming at the top of your arms (blue), and it's also why there is extra fabric bunching up on top of...
My 2 cents... Shirt and hoodie are loose layers and wrapp-y, watch is casual menswear so very out of place (replace with nothing or maybe one of those black bead things), pants are modern slim military as are the boots. So... drop the watch and change to looser pants and casual shoes like a slip on or sandal etc. Keep the pants+boots combo, just not with those tops. Try it with a chunky oversized sweater or something or slim turtleneck etc...
I put it together several years ago and it's in desperate need of an overhaul (speaking of which if you guys have anything to add let me know and I'll edit it). I intended it as a surface level but fairly broad bunch of links so partly the breadth not depth was the intention, but secondly it was also based more on the links I had available and was organizing, rather than what I ideally would have liked to have covered.Depth takes years of exposure or personal work to find...
whoa, he lives!
Yep, go to Basenotes.net, the subforum of just starting out, and then there should be a sticky thread (which is horribly in need of an update I admit) called 'the resource archive for self-education about fragrance'. It's a good starting point!
yeah I don't really own too many solids and given the choice always prefer at least an oil, or of course ideally an alcohol/synthetic base. I have tried the diptyque and Kilian ones and they were nice, but would and do own the perfume versions instead
3/8th of an inch versus deeper 1/2 inch ones. In my opinion, having a single 3/8 gives a little extra fabric to account for hands/objects in pockets, raising legs while stepping, etc, whereas 1/2 inch and even two of those just add a lot of extra bulk.
The IBB discussion might have been me? I was toying with it around the 290-320/330 range and then left it alone. Then started buying it a few months ago after the Hilary tweet and the whole thing dropped a LOT. It's come back up but adding in VRX, MNKD, and another one I'm forgetting, basically a few big hits and concern about the whole industry, I mean hell even GILD was down pretty hard, so I decided the individual players were too risky (still regret not getting GILD...
yeah well makes sense. Just different strategies I guess. I'm a trader, get in get out, that's the game. I also understand buying on dips and shoring up positions and holding longer term and getting dividends in between.
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