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ok, I know I've been corrected by others but just wanted to take a second to recall what I said before about the different cuts, I made a few assumptions and was wrong... Just went to NYC and tried on the different cuts... In my experience PS is fairly tight and skinny but straight all the way through with a taper. NS is a slimish but not tight straight cut with minimal taper and I believe selvedge (if you care). PNS is more or less in the middle, so compared to the PS,...
@s3lam nice jacket, I dig
Avignon is much drier, like charred wood etc, hollow and haunting. Kyoto is much warmer, thicker, I think it has coffee and saffron (?) in there, it's contemplative but pensive, not distant or cold like Avignon. I own Kyoto because i feel like Avignon is hard to wear but I'll probably eventually get a bottle of that too. b1os - for Villoresi, I recall the musk being talked about, and the Sandalo although many complaining it was reformulated and never the same. For...
great info, thanks guys! b1os I'm going to look at some local option instead but thank you for the offer. Will contact Naz (Perfume Shoppe) and see if I can get samples through their program
thanks Rob! It sounds like the consensus is it's good juice but that price is pushing it. I think I'm going to pass on this for now and look around over the next few months or whenever I'm in NYC and see if I can find it around that $50 pricepoint or even taste it somewhere before buying
btw the +J vest thing was a cool looking piece but IMO there's a practicality problem... it's actually pretty big and chunky, meaning I think it'd actually be hard to use as a layering item because of the bulk, and if you're going to use it on it's own just over a sweater or something, then it'll work as a good looking fashion type thing but if it's cold enough to wear a sweater and a chunky vest, then it's probably cold enough for a jacket. I dunno, maybe it'd work to...
I spent a couple of days in Koln, went to Farinahaus, in part it's what started this whole interested of mine in fragrance actually! Edit - forgot to mention, it's a relatively small shop, but they do 'tours' ie exit through the giftshop type things but only at certain times on certain days so check beforehand. And I'd recommend reading up on a few of their scents before so you know what/if you want to actually buy anything since I got there and only had an enthusiastic...
there's not much to choose from for a Campbeltown, so Springbank's on my list. Locally we only have the 10 year and I've heard the older ones are really nice. Do y'all think it's worth picking up? meaning does it add anything unique to help round out the collection in terms of styles?
hey 'mericans! question... so I can get some Stagg Jr here for about $85, around say $75 in USD, think it's worth it at that price? I've got quite a few of the basic $30-40 bourbons covered and a few higher priced ones like say Bookers, which I found really nice, hell it's relatively cheap compared to scotch but LCBO here locally is known to jack the price $20-30 and I'm swayed becuase it seems to rare to find but am I just getting gouged here or is it worth it?
yeah, never liked Gold man either Dreamer - thoughts on Dali? I've been debating getting a bottle for years... Re Timbuktu - I've got a little 15ml mini and everyone raves about this stuff but personally I find it sort of soapy or green that throws me off. I like my spices red orange and brown, not blue or green
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