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I think it was something about legislature to extend subsidies maybe? Hell, it went from hovering around 30 to jumping to 33, 37, 40, now up to low 50's range. Took a small hit today though.
can't believe I was holding a few hundred shares of SCTY at 30/31 cost and sold 'em at 33/34
I think Ravageur is supposed to be tonka in the base Lotus, as long as you're testing/smelling the line, also try Tobacco Oud. It's the raw earthy spicey tobacco leaf part of TV but not the vanilla part (I find it dries down to a soft vanilla and personally prefer the spicier opening parts)
I'm still getting this thing....
don't remember if we discussed this or not but Dreamer, have you tried Masque Milano Terralba?
Today it's Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe. Nice, simple, and gone too soon. Will probably keep my decant but would never buy a bottle.
I'm in Canada and use Questrade. Overall pretty happy. Their mobile app sucks though just saying. I use their IQ Edge program on the computer and also pay $100/month for real time data and 5 cent per share trades (no other fees). If you're doing basic ETF trades, they're free to buy and about $5-10 to sell so good for that. Have you looked into Canadian Couch Potato? I also have a few other Canadian related finance blogs if you're interested. As for today. FACK, I had...
^ [[SPOILER]] OK so not clothes but definitely lifestyle related.... On offer is a pair of All Clad Stainless Steel D5 9 inch and 11 inch French Skillets in near new condition. Retail is about $260 CAD or something. Asking price only $180, meaning heck I'd probably take $170 even if you came and picked them up (Bloor and Ossington).Other details... so they're All Clad meaning best in the business with lifetime guarantee, D5 so 5 layers, stainless steel so easy to clean, 9...
def a little weird but I like it. Today's scent is Byredo Accord Oud. I remember liking this more for some reason. Maybe the drydown? It's got this slightly acrid paint terpentine ink like accord now, artistically interesting but I'm not sure how wearable it is. Reminds me of something CdG would make. I think I'll keep a small decant and sell the bottle on this one.
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