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Sweater/hoodie sleeves seem short. I'm all for showing some 'cuff' but more like with suit/tie. All my sweaters have longer sleeves than even a long sleeve henley etc. Not a major point, I mean overall it's pretty cohesive between colors, cut, styles, etc. My other comment, again minor nitpick, is that with a henly that has buttons and the hoodie that has buttons, it's a bit much. So maybe stick to a simpler shirt like a v-neck tshirt. As for the hair, even if you don't...
Don't care what the store/sales people think. You're there to buy something. As long as you're not asking for a lot of help or making them do too much work, screw it, you're the customer. You're spending money. And this is coming from a guy who's worked retail and hates time wasters. They're there and being paid by the store to help you if you need it, or at the very least they can give you space while you do your thing.
And shoulder seems are already going over the edge
Have found the same experience on both. I do find that the Hermes is more sort of fresh and crisp so I prefer it in summer. It just fades so quickly. The Pamplelune I prefer in fall/winter since it's a little sour which I wouldn't want to have in the head of summer and then that creamy patchouli/vanilla base stays for quite a while and I prefer that in the cold. I don't think I'll be getting a bottle of Pamplemousse Rose since it's so fleeting and I have other citruses I...
I just left my house for a few hours and now I'm back. You were right. Nothing much is happening out there.
SOTD is YSL M7, the vintage one. It's pretty decent. Not sure I love it but it's a nice solid scent.
Today I tested out a newly acquired bottle of Bottega Veneta EdP, the original version and for women. I find it's a soft buttery suede/leather scent. I've tested this many times before and rather enjoy it. It's simple, but wears nicely and is enjoyable to smell. It edges over into 'female' territory but I think it's very wearable on a guy. Nothing much exciting about it but I just like the way it smells and will keep the bottle. I also think it's one of the nicest packages...
yeah probably more accurate. I've smelled worse. I mean it's wonderfully dirty but I've only worn it around the house. That being said maybe someone else will enjoy this, plus it's sort of a collectors item at this point too
Her pay raises are scheduled by time so every few months she gets a slight raise, so the income is a completely known amount. That being said I think it's still probably better to take a 5% refund now and let the principle grow for 2-3 years and it should be worth more than just a 10% return in 3 years. Thanks guys.
Working my way through various collection scents. Today it was Kingdom by McQueen. Some truly amazing clothing designs and quite a scent. It's sort of MFK Absolute Pour Le Soir / Lutens MKK's dirty smokey spicey musk and body odor with a classic waxy floral top block. Like a dirty french lady. Wonderful and rather daring, especially many years ago. That being said it's not something I think I'll wear much but it's certainly a scent worth smelling and the bottle is pretty...
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