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I'm not much of a leather guy. Mostly here for the cool pics. I've found that Golden Bear for example often has jackets that retail for $1000+ that end up on sale for like $200-400 and are pretty solid jackets overall and at those prices definitely worth picking up. For example check Club Monaco's website. They often have them marked down to like $400-500 and have 30-40% off sales. Plenty of locations to go try one on and plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Plus...
I think you can save money by buying online but considering how important fit is and assuming he's risk averse because of the low budget, and he's inexperienced... I'd say only buy online if you have already tried it on in store. In his case I'd say start by thrifting and fitting things on, or go try $600-800 retail jackets like All Saints etc where you can then pick them up online on sale later for a few hundred less. For your average person, somewhere between a fashiony...
Le Petite Prince - in the year 3042
Say... what kind of "Huntsman" exactly are ya?
Both good I think. I like double monkstraps but find they're slightly flashy/dandy-ish. Really not a big deal though.
It bothers me that they're mismatched pieces (I think right? aren't the pants supposed to have a satin stripe?) and the belt is pretty casual. I mean I guess it's sort of tongue in cheek since it's a female wearing a tuxedo so it's her version of it, but it seems to me more like she thought oh hey I've got this tuxedo like jacket here, I'm going to a fancy place, let's "put together" a tux, i'm sure nobody will notice. And then grabbed black pants and shoes and a belt...
yeah my first thought was to either add a second black pair in a different style or a dark brown. I don't like the way wholecuts crease all over, but if you were set on getting a pair I'd do it black so it's less visible. Depending on your current black pair, I'd say a simple clean non-brogued cap toe oxford is a solid basic. I mean black is formal so I prefer simple wholecuts or non-brogue captoes for that, and then where you can see the details like patina and pattern,...
Iron ick, nough?
I could be wrong but I recall the PNS as being a big bigger in the thighs and having a higher rise compared to the PS. So compared to PS's, the PNS would have a roomier top block, as in higher rise and bigger thighs etc.
I spent a semester at school in Lausanne, which was on lake Geneva and we could literally see Evian across the lake. I regret no taking the boat over to walk around and drink some water from a fountain. True story bro.
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