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I still like my idea of a one button to nuke a whole user account and remove all their threads/posts. didn't you guys (Fok) say it was good theory but technically hard to do?
blah I'm a consumer whore... pulled the trigger. Not a screaming good deal but I like it (have last season's one all navy with knitted sleeves. Hoping it's burgundy and navy, not brown and navy
erm, just something on my mind... forgive me if this seems presumptuous but I find myself thinking what's the point of simply posting the name of the scent of what I'm wearing. Is it a tally? am I just showing off or fishing for a response? Am I just racking up post count? my intention, and my ask to all of you if I may be so bold, is to write some sort of description, review, comment, etc along with the name. I try not to write essays, or paste the list of accords, etc,...
Today wearing Bond #9 Scent of Peace for him. Yep, it's a bit of an Aventus knockoff. Huge projection for an hour or two then pretty minimal. More fruity, less ashy (boo). I get that green apple pineapple vibe with some cedarwood undertone. Meh, it's actually pretty decent and I'd say worth around $100-150 give or take. Meaning better than regular dept store cologne but not quite good niche territory. For people with money who aren't too discerning (ie Bond's customers)...
It's an extension of Polo so not totally different from that... I'd say it's definitely a large step up from H&M and Zara and the like. They produce some fashion forward stuff without usually going into silly territory. Actually most of their stuff is pretty classic and each season is fairly consistent to the last. The quality of materials and construction is usually good but basic, nothing fancy but I've never had any issues and I'd say 50-60% of my wardrobe is from them....
Ah there's violet in lipstick rose! it just clicked, totally makes sense. I can literally smell it now in my nose and found that accord there. Is it fem? yeah, I wouldn't wear it myself. It's powdery, soft, talc-y, warm, little bit of bubblegum ness too. Une rose is more a fresh clean rose that I think would be better suited for a man
huh, damn that was a good sale. Picked up a few colors of Davish chinos for $10-15.
ditto, though I wonder if it's something about the cut or maybe just a particular body shape and movement
today finished off a sample of Boucheron Jaipur (EdP) which was actually one of the first group of samples I ever got many many years ago and have worn a few times recently to finally decide what I think. It often gets compared to Rive Gauche PH, and I don't think they're totally dissimilar. It's creamy and aromatic and spicey. A good scent but a bit sharp so there's something just a bit offputting for me. If you love RGph and want something similar but different, check...
^^^ lol you going to the Parade? (I think that's today)
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