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edit - just searched and saw a comment above. Looks like I'll flip through a few episodes dunno if this one's come up but anyone watched that Ricky Gervaise series Derek? I added it to my watch list but if you say it's junk I'll skip it
Maybe it's just being sold on consignment so the shop has nothing to lose by putting it out. Will just give it back to the owner if it doesn't sell.
I will say that I've seen mixed reviews about Spiros. I guess it depends on what style you prefer both in terms of suit and relationship. Works for some, not for others. So my assessment shouldn't be taken as a negative review of them, just a larger than normal warning to do more diligence before committing with them. also forgot off the list, Harry Rosen's themselves. I had assumed they only did MTM through their various vendors but looks like they have their own...
let's be clear here, what you think and what you like and enjoy and all that is different from formal rules or conventions. Plenty of guys want to wear FC with their jeans or sportscoats but that doesn't make it 'correct'. and don't get me wrong, I'm actually in favor of wearing them more, but rulz is rulz
nah nothing that complicated. by 'tailoring' I meant alterations. by casual I meant SW&D like jeans, khakies, and by 'formal' I meant MC so business clothing.first section is MTM and bespoke tailors. second section is for tailoring stuff once it's been made or OTRalso just a caveat, I haven't used any of these places myself and have at best maybe had a few casual conversations with some of these guys, but the list and comments are based on having read a LOT of internet...
Ah good, well that makes sense. I guess if you like Italian Cypress then try Polo and Polo Modern Reserve. Also PdN New York they do a 30ml size which is nice. It's more warm and powdery than BdP but along similar lines.Oh nice! My samples were from many many years ago. I've found it quite pleasant, slightly sharp, but easy and enjoyable to wear. Even in EdP strength, still not the longevity I wanted, and the scent was very nice but doesn't make me want to rush out and get...
^ give Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Parfums de Nicolaii New York a try also, , guys I just did a MAJOR update of the fragrances I have for sale so take a look. Link in my sig below.
Step right up, step right up! OK you guys know what these are and how it all works, so no need for heavy details. What - Common Projects, size 41, note that these are a limited seasonal edition from a few f/w's ago and are an AWESOME burgundy color and pretty hard to find now. They're the Achilles PREMIUM so not only are they a little more padded but retail was quite a bit higher on these to begin with. Condition - look I'm selling them as brand new in the box. You're...
I still like my idea of a one button to nuke a whole user account and remove all their threads/posts. didn't you guys (Fok) say it was good theory but technically hard to do?
blah I'm a consumer whore... pulled the trigger. Not a screaming good deal but I like it (have last season's one all navy with knitted sleeves. Hoping it's burgundy and navy, not brown and navy
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