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Pio, whoa, interesting. I've been hearing stories about people trying to get their hands on it, and especially wowed you found it for $20. So... thoughts? marvin100 (et al), thoughts on the Corryvreckan? I've got the 10 and the Uegedail already, and this one looks to be around $200 so I'm not blind buying. Thoughts?
^ he's a doctor, by the way
Will hopefully be seeing her sometime in the next few days and will ask about it!
Spent yesterday walking around NYC and stopped by the Dior boutique to test Feve Delices and Bois D'Argent. Both good, but not 'great', meaning decant worthy but not bottle worthy IMO. Also stopped by Osswald and one of their temp SA's turned out to be a professor teaching a course (in French) on the history of French perfume with a custom textbook written in collaboration with Surrender To Chance people. Wow. Made me want to move here and take the course haaa.
couple of my guys did well today... CNX, CHK, AA, etc. Did some trimming to take small profits off the table.
I think it was something about legislature to extend subsidies maybe? Hell, it went from hovering around 30 to jumping to 33, 37, 40, now up to low 50's range. Took a small hit today though.
can't believe I was holding a few hundred shares of SCTY at 30/31 cost and sold 'em at 33/34
I think Ravageur is supposed to be tonka in the base Lotus, as long as you're testing/smelling the line, also try Tobacco Oud. It's the raw earthy spicey tobacco leaf part of TV but not the vanilla part (I find it dries down to a soft vanilla and personally prefer the spicier opening parts)
I'm still getting this thing....
don't remember if we discussed this or not but Dreamer, have you tried Masque Milano Terralba?
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