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I feel like some wartorn Canada Post vet here being like ah you kids and your stories, cute. I'm waiting on a $6-7K package sent expedited with tracking and it's been 2 months and they don't know where it is. I've seen some things man, and some stuff, you wouldn't believe. Every time I come home I check the mailbox man, every time. (said in the The Dude voice)
I have a general scent memory for those two and my impression is yes there's a similarity in terms of the green soapyness but they have different textures. The MC is more lime green and white with a thick blobby texture, simple composition etc. The Creed is more green, it's harder sharper and there's more forrest green and charcoal in there. I think it's more hard flat layers and has more moves. Just a general scent memory. Same way that GIT and Cool Water get compared, I...
er, duh:
yesterday was VC&A Midnight in Paris. Sort of a weird one and hard to describe. Fairly unique and feels special yet authenticly like me and yet I'm just not really sure when I'd actually feel best wearing this. That being said I'm superficial sometimes and I just love this bottle and box so much I could never bear to part with it. The scent is good enough (I hate saying that), but I love the packaging, so I think it'll have to stay!
ahem, a 'randomthought'... what's up with the hemline on those jeans?
(I'm with Questrade) SAVE (Spirit Airlines) is down quite hard. Do your own analysis but in my opinion, at this $40/41 it's 'good value'
nice pop on Amazon there. I was buying hard down to 95 today on VRX, ended up selling it all off around 102-104, thought I was good until saw the end of the day go up to 114. damn, missed out on $1000+ of profit and instead managed to claw my way only part out of yesterday's hole and still ended up losing over $1000 on this little stock to date. bulls bears and greater fools
(especially if you started buying at 160-170 ). Eh, c'est la vie. It's just money right? So probably emotional bias but I like LULU, and at around 50 I think it's a good buy. Just incase y'all looking for new companies to check out.
for my 2 cents, I thing the green backpack is better. Darker so matches with more and won't show dirt over time, one solid colorblock versus the 'patchy' multicolored tan. As Filson is becoming more ubiquitous, I'd rather have a navy or green one, more subtle. Also regarding that particular backpack, in my opinion it's a pain to roll and buckle it every single time. I went with their 'normal' backpack in navy and enjoy being able to just zip it and go. Same reason I sold...
Working through the collection, currently going through my gourmands+orientals. Today it's another long ago loved scent. Bond #9, New Haarlem. Hmmm, maybe a little simple but still quite enjoyable. I have several coffee scents so need to see how exactly this one stacks up against them. It's a little on the powdery side versus burnt side so will have to rewear it and test again. I have a few other related decants like Ava Luxe Cafe Noir, Sebastian Espresso Royale, Jo Malone...
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