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"I don't know if you've ever seen a hundred thousand dollars before, except perhaps in the movies. But let me show you something that gets lost in the translation." [opens briefcase revealing single stack of bills]
Haaa, yeah, those were interesting. Good idea actually and I really like the white tops but yeah they didn't really sell well. I think the urban was very dirty/raunchy and I rather like it. Musk Pure should've probably been the one to stay instead of Suede but whatever, both rather clean / soapy. Jasmine Musk also was too similar to Jasmine Rouge and I think they're both good but the JR is a very solid soliflore.
ah, ace ventura. those were the days
Yeah, so I was being conservative considering how much it's dropped today. Realistically I'm happy to buy up tons around $52/53. I think even by day's end they'll be back up to 55/56 or something.
(Let me first disclaim that I'm not a financial adviser nor do I take any responsibility for your actions) Damn, check out LULU. 15-20% one day drop. They surpassed expectations. Only issue is margins shrank a little and they've got higher inventory. Now some people are saying this could extend down to $52. I've been buying in under 60 and it's now at 53 or something. Considering it moves from 58-66 fairly regularly, IMO I'd say this is a stock worth considering. At...
anyone remember the blue cashmere onesie? I think it was recently on clearance. Guess the market for that piece was smaller than they expected.
Are you going to be living in the house while all this construction/renovation is happening?
Yeah I'd say the Bloor and Yorkdale stores are good for interesting stuff. Eaton's just has a lot of stock so good place to look when sales racks come out. Ones like Queen West or North Yonge (Eglinton/Lawrence) are kinda meh. If you're in the neighborhood I guess.
Bladeless Dyson, how do they work?
Seems like a good way to 'get in there' but I'm also pointing out that your current space works for you in terms of size and location and price plus you can always walk away. Now you'll have to commute 25 minutes, rent goes up 50%, the space is better but still limited, and I'm not sure how much you've planned for but I would assume things will come up that need to be done and with a house, those things happen in increments of thousands of dollars. How 'rare' are these...
New Posts  All Forums: