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Wow, I really like that.
Rainy today so I broke out my little decant of A*men Pure Coffee. Actually held up quite well and smelled nice. Nothing fancy but can't complain about performance.
Working at a new office. Yesterday was Blenheim Bouquet (beige linen sportscoat, white ocbd, mid grey wool trousers) and today was Prada Amber Intense (dark grey sportscoat, light grey shirt, black pants). The colors seemed to fit the scents.
Holy Moly @Thomas is back?! Dude, where've you been? You didn't post all of 2016, and had one post in 2015. So it's been basically 2 years.... glad to hear you're still around and welcome back. I heard being a father takes up a lot of time but damn, we were all hanging out here at the bar and you went to take a leak and then just never came back lol. Stick around :-)
Looks nice, thumbsup emoji
Buying AAPL last year under $100 was a no brainer, if anything I regret not getting more. I think everything I bought around 90-95 I sold around 105-110. I did get caught buying a lot around $120 when it did a temp pop post market on their report and then ended up dropping back down to $105 ish, but have been holding since. Sold off about 1/3 now at $133, and am holding.... they're definitely going to $150+ by year end when the new phone launches and Xmas hits but I'm just...
While I love the smokey black tea part, I also get a pretty prominent sweet lemon note that persists for a lot of it. Was it there for you?
Hmmm, sounds nice! I really liked the P/X one they did
OK so then for me at least, I just didn't realize how far out of town I'd be and I'm busy with training all day anyway and I'm sure I'll be back in town at some point. If you guys want to meet, totally your call and enjoy, and I'll repost here about a Melbourne meetup whenever I'm around next. We'll plan something properly. Thanks for chiming in anyway on this one gents!
Sup gents. Forgot it was V-Day!OK so looks like we've got @Gerry Nelson, @The Ernesto, @fxh, and myself?I didn't realize that my company HQ was out in Glen Waverly, meaning it'll take me about an hour of commuting to get into town, so if the work day finishes around maybe 5-5:30, I can hit the road and be there around 6:30. So that's one option... or the other option is we say look there's only 4 of us, it's Valentines, I'm commuting for 2 hours so either meet without me...
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