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By the way if you're at all into wet shaving, I'm sure most of you guys know but that tabac puck of soap with the tallow give a great shave! And last forever.
I had about 250ml or more of AA and slowly sold it off as 30-50ml decants. Probably should have kept it and sold it for even more. Le sigh. Still have about 100ml though! Of like 100+ bottle, I only have 3 with backups and that's one of them. Fantastic scent. I'm amazed it was disco'd SOTE - just gf and I lounging around and had a craving to throw something on so liberally doused myself with something dirty... MFK Absolute pour le Soir. Turned out to be quite nice. I...
I never realized the NS's had such a taper? How big could taht leg opening be? I thought they were like a slim straight cut, and you only took off 2 inches. Anyway, you could easily taper a little from the knee down and probably not even lose the selvedge. PS's, personally I like them but I find NS's loose in the thigh for me and PS's tight so there's a big difference... PNS might actually work but honestly with APC I suggest trying on in person instead of guessing.
I liked both Poivre Samarcade and Vetiver Tonka but honestly if they were like $150 per 100ml I'd consider them, but at nearly $300 I don't think so. I have more brains than money. Ambre Narguile however, well that I believe truly is an excellent scent and I did buy a bottle (a partial at a discount though) Today I dug through my decant box and sprayed on (6-10 sprays) YSL Live Jazz. Ok projection for a few hours then soft skin scent. It has a certain watery celery...
Damn now you guys are making me think of just selling this Dopp kit. It's so nice but too heavy for my needs.... Hmmm
Water AND lemon? Oh wow, that sounds delicious. Can't believe I've never thought of combining those two. Mind blown gif
Huh some nice stuff there. +J was a great collab. Wish they remade some of those items still. Hey anyone have trouble ordering off Uniqlo USA? I've got a few items in my cart that say low stock but lets me add it. I go to check out and says error. Then cart says no stock. But item page stills shows ok and lets me add the item to the cart. So what the hey? Anyone know how to resolve this issue?
I'm not a leather afficionado but my first instinct says 'nah, not feeling that jacket at all'. belt seems out of place, leather looks pleathery. I could be completely wrong here, but at least to me it looks sort of cheap. maybe just shit photography.
You might feel more at home here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/0_100(looks good from waist up. some points though... pants are too long, shoes are horrible, and pocket square is a bit dull compared to the rest)
love me some Hitchcock
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