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not that I really contribute much, but I'm fully deployed and now at the mercy of the rollercoaster, hanging on for as long as it takes for everything to recover so you probably won't be hearing much from me for another 4-6 months. PS - Thoughts on Tim Hortons? They're a generally solid company and the BK takeover should do them a lot of good with cutting costs, more distribution, etc.
goddam, I just frantically called them and she sold the last one 2 hours ago. Le sigh.
I actually decided to go scentless today. And not so I could sniff a stack of samples. Just scentless. I like to give my nose a break for at least a full day and I do it probably once a week. I find it helps keep me balanced from this little world overtaking my bigger life world, plus I find my sense of smell improves when I get back into it.
^ dude, I'm selling some! PM me
recently I've been focusing also on matte textures. maybe it's just a fall/winter thing, but anything with any sort of shine or bright shades I've just become less interested in
yeah that's exactly how I've been feeling. I bought when I thought made sense, so it's fair, and I also know that I'm not buying at the bottom buy on the way down so it'll keep going down after buying, but jesus I thought these were good fair buy in points and they're still dropping like another 5-10% more after my buy in points and I've run out of cash to deploy. I'm missing out on recovery gains, which of course is a stupid illogical way to look at it but I'm human. Wish...
Jeebus the markets are just DYING here. Like every day 2+% drops. EPZM just dropped 7.5% this morning, for no damn reason. Good buying chance I guess, it's below even it's 52 week low.
Random warez. indigo crew roll neck knit - Club Monaco grey khakies - Uniqlo white Purcells
Today I'm wearing/testing Dali Homme, the black bottle with the lips cap. it's a spicey dirty tobacco scent. I was afraid this would be too twisted/weird or offensive or something and probably too mature but I've got to say I actually quite like it. It's sort of like Tobacco Oud as it's base but a lot less pure as an accord. There's more spice, earth, etc. It's a gritty texture and dark brown with black flecks. Reasonable projection, longevity I'm only a couple of hours in...
straining is hard, on your back
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