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yeah actually I was going to say, the olde HC's are pretty good. I think I've got a bottle of 7 anejos and it was like $15-20 or something a few years ago.
ermagerd I have 500ml (no joke) of Lavender Palm. If you guys want some please lemme know. today I wore Noir de Noir from a new flacon... I've smelled very different versions of this it seems and I don't know if it's batch variations, reformulations, or just bad juice. The one I own is dark juice, almost smells musty, and heavy on the chocolate sort of side, and the new one I just got is much lighter juice, smells weaker, and seems to focus more on the rose side. both...
just picked up a bottle of Aberlour A'Bunadh (so excited! thanks SkinnyGoomba) and a bottle of Springbank 10 (b1os, SkinnyGoomba?). Calgary airport had the Springbanks 10, 15, and 18. They were $72, $102, and $144. All 750ml's, Canadian dollars, taxes included, and they had 10% off for my flight attendant girlfriend. I did some reading and chose the 10 as an intro for $64. I know one of you guys recommended to do older Springbank years but from what I've read, the 18 at...
daddy when are we going to eat??!!!! quiet son, the Van Winkles are waiting!!!!
I'm nearly nearly done with all my samples so will begin working through all my decants and eventually bottles and then the sellings will be begin. It's a balance between offering people good deals and stuff and spammyness. Don't want to step on anyone's toes with posts or PM'ing people but also it's usually good juice, barely used, and good prices and would rather work with you guys than random eBay people. SOTD - Terryfic Oud (Terry de Ginzburg) - second time testing...
well they've been slowly leaking over the border with at least some success. I don't think the plan is to branch out into Canada further. I think they're almost done there, plus are slowly upping their price points and moving from donuts into more like soups/sandwiches etc, just introduced nicer muffin styles and new coffee etc. So I think it's about upping price per ticket and moving into the USA with a strong leader like BK. At the very least they're a good solid basic...
not that I really contribute much, but I'm fully deployed and now at the mercy of the rollercoaster, hanging on for as long as it takes for everything to recover so you probably won't be hearing much from me for another 4-6 months. PS - Thoughts on Tim Hortons? They're a generally solid company and the BK takeover should do them a lot of good with cutting costs, more distribution, etc.
goddam, I just frantically called them and she sold the last one 2 hours ago. Le sigh.
I actually decided to go scentless today. And not so I could sniff a stack of samples. Just scentless. I like to give my nose a break for at least a full day and I do it probably once a week. I find it helps keep me balanced from this little world overtaking my bigger life world, plus I find my sense of smell improves when I get back into it.
^ dude, I'm selling some! PM me
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