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Today it's EdT Old Spice! Felt like my dad ha.
Ah, forgot about the W+H. I still really like their stuff but feel like the retail pricing has become unreasonable. For $300-350 sure good pickup, but $400-500, come on that's pushing it. On sale at $200-250, sure, I'll get a few pairs.
Some solid rec's there.Was going to say for basic cheap canvass Chucks, Vans, Keds, Supergas, PurcellsFor basic athletic type there's Nike and New BalanceFor minimal leather, the usual suspects like from lower end like Stan Smith and seriously check out the basic black/white Luca Del Forte at Browns for $125 on sale, see if Noble Sole is doing anything this season, to mid range like Zespa (Club Monaco maybe?), and check out Davids and Gravity Pope for National Standard on...
Today it's a new one for me (sample), Montale - Greyland. Which I recall one of you talking about a few times way back when. This is reminding me of a CdG type of scent. I'm getting a light waxy incense here. Unless I'm missing something, this is pleasant but there's really just not a whole lot going on... It's a burnt smokey charred wood. Reminds me of something between CdG 2 man and Avignon. Not bad, but nothing I'm excited much about either.
Wore TF Oud Fleur yesterday. I got a lot more of the oud vibe out of it now after smelling it for years. That being said I still find it rather poopy / old lady like.
Anyone have opinions on SUN (not the SU version)? High yield, low price compared to history.... but it's not really a sector I know much about and I'm reading about analyst downgrades (as if they know anything amirite?)
that moment when you suddenly see big volume and a huge swing with no news and you think, someone knows something... GLF just did 3x the normal average trade volume and dropped about 20% in a day. what. the. heck. did something happen energy related? a speech, a report, etc
huh, never heard of that one. today I work Malle Bigarade and for the first time ever I got a really really strong civet kind of note. Anyone else smelled that? It's never come up for me before. Didn't shower this morning so I'm wondering if it's related to that. Just a really creamy fatty almost Jickly like smell.
Pio you still got that IBB lot from 250? AOBC reports aftermarket on the 2nd I believe. I expect it'll take a while to fully integrate the acquisitions and then ramp up so if it drops I'm ok to buy more.
The men at work? like all men, they er, come, from a land down under
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