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Yeah so I find VIX an interesting idea but it's too complicated for me to try and work with it. It was a pretty sure thing with it that low last week and Trump coming in that there was going to be some spiking happening but if you're wrong, you can't hold this and wait, which I don't like. My impression is volatility is more of a trading hedge type instrument since you're basically buying future contracts. I keep things simple and just buy and sell actual company shares or...
I did a little digging about vix but it seems hard to buy. You basically have to go to a short term with double leverage to even get sort of close to something that tracks it, and there's a big erosion problem so you can't hold it for very long. How are you guys buying into VIX? Have been reading comments about HIMX and people are suggestion it's being manipulated down for a possible buyout?
Yeah man, I was flipping through pics of Willychessesteak, ga-vroche, Robbie, GetSmart, JPGM, kelvinsense/driveslowk, PinkPanster, Socal2NYC, sq4you. Lel, Braidkid, Listi, Stazy, MellowFellow, Eason, Slack Tide, LabelKing, JKISSI, The-Arm, BreezyBirch, and even some more recent but now not as active guys like artishard116, Bows1, 3 Prague Winters, Ivwri and The Shah, etc Some truly golden oldies in there...
Y'know I've got a bottle of Afgano and have worn it a few times and honestly didn't really experience anything that strong from it. It performed well and all but I never got any overwhelming sense that it was hard to wear or controversial. In contrast, I tried House of Martriarch Blackbird/#1 a few times and found I couldn't wear it at ALL (currently selling my bottle in case anyone is interested).
Will do! Planning to be back in a couple of weeks and will message y'all closer to the time
Alright, so... did a quick skim through some super old pics I have saved from the years and tried to find ones that were 'inconsistent'.1. I'm not saying these looks 'worked'2. Sometimes there's a general idea here, more than just the actual items3. Don't bother picking one and coming at me about how this or that, etc. I'm just doing a quick data dump with some random ideas here as inspiration. These are what stood out to me as being unusual mixes of various elements that...
I think it's unexpected encounters with celebrities, not encounters with unexpected celebrities.
I think that can happen because it stretches to the maximum needed size overtime. Meaning if you're sitting, crouching, etc, it'll keep stretching out eventually to the max size, but then you're just standing there normally and now they're a little loose.
I'm planning to buy more BMY and AOBC and MAT at these levels... GLF had a nice run there. I sold about 1/4 of my stock that I bought at 1.2-1.3 at 1.7-1.85 and it went all the way to 2.1, so got some gains but could have waited. I'm hoping it'll keep going and I can sell this off and move on. Been way too deep into this one.
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