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I just stocked up on Cypress , you guys know where to find me SOTD is Dior Homme Intense. I never really 'clicked' with Iris. I mean this is a nice soft gourmand like scent and I can see the female appeal but somehow these just don't quite work for me.
believe it or not, Bond #9 has a scent called Wall Street and some people say it smells like money. Now the general consensus is that Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather has a strong coke smell to is, so I guess if you carry around a lot of $100's... Oh hey for good summer scents, hit me up if you guys are interested in Byredo Palermo (grapefruit and white musk), and various Fords (Neroli Portofino is a long lasting warm neroli citrus and Champaca is a bitter green woody soapy...
Good stuffs Bene, definitely best you've done in a while. Everything makes sense together. Different shirt* would work too *not bright orange slutty tshirt
Berry and Musk huh? Interesting. I've worn it a few times and totally thought of it as vinyl, glue, burned rubber. Something CdG would put out. It was an interesting 'experience', but I don't wear a brimmed hat and hang out at art galleries so figured it wasn't for me. I got the sample from someone I know here locally who's sometimes into some more avant gaurd stuff so figured I'd give it a few wearings. Meh, just didn't quite work for me I guess.
Bump for an oldie but a goodie
"I don't know if you've ever seen a hundred thousand dollars before, except perhaps in the movies. But let me show you something that gets lost in the translation." [opens briefcase revealing single stack of bills]
Haaa, yeah, those were interesting. Good idea actually and I really like the white tops but yeah they didn't really sell well. I think the urban was very dirty/raunchy and I rather like it. Musk Pure should've probably been the one to stay instead of Suede but whatever, both rather clean / soapy. Jasmine Musk also was too similar to Jasmine Rouge and I think they're both good but the JR is a very solid soliflore.
ah, ace ventura. those were the days
Yeah, so I was being conservative considering how much it's dropped today. Realistically I'm happy to buy up tons around $52/53. I think even by day's end they'll be back up to 55/56 or something.
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