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I figured if they were doing St. Lawrence on a saturday morning and over there already, then could head east to distillery and then over to leslieville and beaches for the afternoon evening as one potential cluster. The others are yorkville+rosedale, and the others are west side either along bloor or dundas/college or further south along queen/king including kensington/chinatown. Just depends if they want food, clothes, architecture, arts, high end (ie upper crust ) or...
Haaa, funny, of the entire list, that was one of only 2-3 listed that wasn't from my own list. My gf sent me a list a while back and I noticed the location and added it, so haven't personally been there, which makes sense.
Believe it or not I was holding GPRO, looking to get out, yesterday it had a nice runup and I broke even and sold out. Suddenly a few hours later my old price alert at around 28 went off and I was like huh? Checked in, saw they had reported, and it dropped like a rock. I started buying back in from 26 down to 25 and I'm hoping it has some recovery today so I can get the hell out of this one again. With a little luck never look back at it again. In other news, I'm sort of...
errr.... shouldn't you have done that this morning when it was 10%+ down? Hell, I'm waiting for it to hit 32 so I can sell it all off and be done with this one haaa. It's been a bumpy ride under 30 for the past few months and even though it looks like they may finally be turning things around I'm getting ready to just get out and move on.
Here's my data dump, though an edited version of the list... I didn't include any casual menswear on these lists... And no need to argue, but I'm open to adding ideas or if you think something is trash then lemme know. Just a random collection of ideas [[SPOILER]]
yeah was going to say that I know we have a Chinatown and all but my favorite asian food here in the city has been Thai, Korean, etc, and other ethnicities like Indian. Khao San road is one of my favorites. It's 'street' Thai so much richer and thicker stuff, also note that it's really noisy (my parents complained). Indian, yep Banjara looks like nothing but is very solid, I live right near there and walk over pretty often. For Korean, million places here in Koreatown on...
my hunch is the inset around the sink is for splashing so it drips back into the sink instead of on the counter/floor and that the cutting board there slides out further.
I have nothing to recommend for winter boots but have to say Roger my man wowser that's just an amazing collection of boots there. Truly beautiful stuff!
damn, idabe drunk allthetime! [[SPOILER]]
today I felt green and smokey, so went with Amouage Memoir which since the moment I first wore it I've loved every time. It's not overly complex but it does wear really nicely. Good solid scent IMO. Pretty sure I'll keep this bottle in the collection.
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