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forgive me if this is too big a question to answer or it's obvious, but what's the difference between 'worse' and 'better' whey powders?
Yesterday I stopped by the Guerlain boutique and put on a drop of songe d'un bois d'ete and oh baby was this ever good. Dry smokey spices, gave great projection off a couple of arm drops and I can faintly still smell it the next morning. Some seriously potent and good juice. Now is the smell all that unique, eh, there are a lot of light spicey wood scents, but still a great release. I'll try get a small decant of this one for further testing.
I've got a pair of Conners in purple size 28 BNWT and want to sell off for cheap cheap cheap. PM me if interested
'nother fit, why not. Linen, Cotton, Leather. Summer's sort of my 'fun' wardrobe
I've found part of my summer uniform. Behold, the Davis lightweight slim fit chino rainbow, bitches! (well ok only 7 pairs)
going to try starting to post random fits. still need to find a good lighting spot [[SPOILER]]
hey, I've done this thread before on another forum and it produced some excellent responses. Seems to be being overshadowed by huge brand/affiliate threads. May move to General Chat? http://www.styleforum.net/t/403622
I am currently wearing a Davis slim fit from maybe 2 years ago and agree that the new ones are slimmer, not a crazy amount, but a bit more taper. BTW the Conner's a completely different cut (duh). I accidently bought a pair of those since they were in the same color pile at the store and the same size was way too tight.
So, an idea that's been going through my mind, probably like an old man on his deathbed equivalent as I prepare to taper off my time here and move on to other hobbies... I wanted to present a question to you all and hopefully this can be a very genuine, thought-provoking discussion. I've gained so much through this board, whether it's knowledge, friendships, killing time, a helluva lot of clothes, etc and I feel a strong sense of ownership/stewardship towards the forum....
I think there was some in-store sale but it's usually like 30% maybe 40% here or there. The online one was 50% off clearance which was pretty sweet. Final sale though. And the merch is different to what's in store in some cases.
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