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Jesus this pain seems to never end. I mean even my Canadian index, like the entire market is down 3-4% in a single day. So many companies down hard wow.
OZM had a nice pop there. Not that I'm touching it. So as I'm looking at my holdings here... I've stuck holding the bag on TWTR, yes you can say told ya so. I'm at average cost of 25 and as soon as it's at 25-30 (if ever) I'm out and never looking back. I'm stuck in MU and QCOMM, both of whom I assume will eventually recover but I'm down 25% and 15% respectively on these and have been buying down but man have they kept going down. Again, probably good long long holds...
was walking through a shop killing time so naturally I found myself at the Guerlain counter and doused myself with Habit Rouge
Yeah sorry, meant BX. Typed REIT first becuase was researching a bunch of those and was going to ask about one of them. I meant BX just as an equity. Are they basically like an aggressive Vanguard and a safer OZM? They're banking/consulting world right? I see fat yields and low historical prices and huge market cap so looks pretty win all 'round.
Couple of stocks I'm looking for opinions on... REIT - BX. Looks big, good or great yield (looks like lowered dividend) and seems to have dropped very hard from historical highs. Anyone have an opinion of what's happening here? Why so down? and worth getting in to? AA - so yes, I know that China's slowing down majorly but I've also heard these guys are huge, pretty durable, and are moving away from just aluminum so they'll be more diversified in future. Seems more like a...
quite a list there!
yesterday I rewore my decant of Masque Russian Tea and enjoyed every minute of it all day and night. I love finding stuff that makes me feel great and smell myself constantly. I'm going to keep wearing this one and probably get a bottle at some point.
So this was a pretty hard one for me to swallow. I think I kept adding bit by bit to this position and forgot how small they are and how speculative a buy it was... had an average cost around 1.5 and had been playing little fluctuations. When it just dropped early yesterday to $1 I bought about 50% more than my original position and assumed it would come back to 1.25/3 and was just an overaction about something. Seeing it setttle at 0.85 and this morning going to 0.65 I...
JFC, my biggest holding (and regret) is MNKD. It just dropped like 30% today and I'm down a few thousand on it. Shit, this is not fun... I'm getting that sinking Vaelant feeling again.
Well, that explains a few things....
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