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at these prices I like the following.... KPTI BIIB HIMX AMD AXP MMM
Heard about it through a Cramer article. I bought some at market open at 403 (gulp) and saw it drop. Added some more at 390 so average cost at 396 and I'm ok with that. Expensive stock but I think there's a lot of room to go up. EPZM however, goddam, was doing so nicely and then bang right back down again.
TSM - had an alert set for it to drop a little more before buying... guess I missed that boat TSLA - Trimmed a little, also bought some more AAPL - accidentally bought double what I meant to (forgot to cancel my premarket order). Here's hoping it goes up... Today Overall for Me: Added a tiny bit - AXP, NDLS, COS.TO Added a some - TSLA, YELP Added a lot - AAPL Rebought - SCTY Opened new position - BIIB (and then it dropped more, sigh)
SOTD is Blackbird by House of Matriarch
The Noodles - Taper the jeans from the knee down. If you're going to wear such a snug t-shirt you need more definition. Not meant as an insult, just saying a little gym action would probably go a long way there
I guess my main point is this. 90-95% of the money is the capital and the rest is gains. I'd rather put in the money when it's gone through a sharp drop to a low point, and gain 5% becuase of a 'recovery', plus there's an option to gain another 5% if it keeps growing, than to buy in at 'even' and risk 5 up or down and not know which one it's going to be. I could miss out on 5% up true, but there are a lot of companies out there to invest in and I'd rather buy losers than...
So basically here's my thinking on the process. If I look at a stock it's wherever it's at, if I buy it and wait for an earnings report, it could go up 5-7-10% or down the same amount.I've tried to speculate and pick ones I thought were going to jump, like FB for example, but if they're good solid companies then either the growth is priced in already so it's fairly stable, or there's some movement going to happen because of the crowd rush, but it could go either way. So I...
alright so here was a weird one... UBNT I see it's way down in the aftermarket so I put in a buy first thing in the morning. It was about 31.5 and dropped to 27 at the open. I buy some... think hey maybe it's like Chipotle so let's give this a little while incase it drops more and I'll lean in harder, and it ends up just going up and up and up and at the end of the day closes pretty much back to where it started! I only put in about half as much as I wanted to but...
is it perhaps the picture of the vjayjay on the bottle that keeps you coming back for more?
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