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I'm not much of a vintage hunter.... I know there's some great stuff out there but I'd had to buy something that's off, and it's also a bit of an endless rabbit hole once you get into vintage. That being said, the stuff I own or have smelled even from the 80's and 90's is just so much better than what's being pumped out today. Now we've had some really amazing niche and the industry seems to be booming, so it's not all bad, but when you smell older Chanels, Guerlains, etc,...
I left the house wearing Lomani AB Silver (an Aventus clone), then a few hours later went past a perfume shop and smelled some EDLO's, and quite liked (and liberally sprayed on) Remarkable People. I really can't pick out any sort of individual notes/accords on this but I'm sensing a powdery leather floral perhaps with some sort of nutty sweet candy tone. Hard to describe off hand.
could be part camera angle but I agree, looks like too much taper for the body type. Maybe reshoot the pics with better light and from a waist-level camera angle
SOTD with a few reapplications was Tam Dao edt square bottle. Also was walking around town and smelled some DS&Durga's and put on some Bowman. Sorry to say I don't much like this line. I find them a little raw and unbalanced.
Insta-loved that one. I'm going to work through my decant but I'm pretty sure it's on my to buy list.
yeah was just going to say the same thing... I mean ok coolish pants, but basically khakis with a front pocket and some knee re-reinforcements. Look nice but $550 CAD seriously? I'm not criticizing you for having spent that or whatever you paid, but personally I find around $200-300, any sort of basic item like pants gets into diminishing returns territory pretty quickly. I liked them enough to follow the link too, just er damn, that's way more than I was expecting.
For NYC there are quite a few good shops... I have been to Aedus many times and usually get rather standoffish service so I don't go there any more. I regularly check out MiN, Osswald which hasn't been mentioned yet, and then there are a few other places like Bergdorfs and Barneys that carry a lot of good stuff too. With Bergdorfs, not that you need to go to the womens store downstairs and Barneys has a newish facelift with several almost hidden rooms so walk around. But...
Tried it a while ago just on a spray card becuase I had heard of it. I think I got a sample from MiN a while back and will rummage around and see if I can find it. A few winners in the Montale lineup but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.You saw my reply above right? As for similar to that one, nothing that comes to mind for me that's really quite close. TF Oud Fleur maybe but I don't personally like it much and I think it might lean more fem side.
I have, and own a decant of it. There are a ton of different ouds out there, but I think there are a few too that are quite different, not necessarily better, but different and worth trying. Creed's Royal Oud and AdP Colonia Oud. I think they're both examples of something a little 'different' from the category. Now I'm trying to think of a few others but drawing a blank. Hmm, even Tom Ford's Oud I find is rather warm and nutty and oily. Most of the new ones, like Polo...
Looks like a normal cuff. Second picture makes me think they're a bit short. j/k
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