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Yeah, like I had a friend who isn't into fashion, would prefer not to overpay, but ultimately didn't have more than a day or two to find a suit for a wedding. We went to SuSu, tried on 3-4 suits, one looked great, also got shoes, a belt, and a shirt and tie. First stop, in and out in a couple of hours and I think it was under a thousand or something for the whole lot. Even I was surprised at how easy it all was.
Rais, how much of your stuff is actual tech (eg military/police surplus) versus tech inspired fashion? It seems to me that most of your stuff is a combo of selected athletic wear with small fashion label interpretations / design elements of classics, etc, which is interesting to me because often that look just ends up going very vintage rather than ultra modern like yours seems to be.
Much appreciated!Thanks, I'll take a look!
TLDR: Just arrived in Sydney and looking for employment. I'm well trained, experienced, and enthusiastic. I have experience in sales, market research/analysis and brand management. Anyone hiring or know someone who is? Open to going for a coffee to chat and see if there's something to work with? Afternoon gents, just putting this out there.... So I arrived here in Sydney a month or two ago and am just about all settle in now. I'm early 30's, have a degree in psychology,...
it's like TWTR on fast forward
I'm still pretty new at this but I don't enjoy my whisky cooled at all. If anything I add a few drops of water, give it 5-10 minutes of air time to open up and drink it fairly warm. Forget the 'drink how you like it' appeasement for newbs point, how do you guys drink yours? Is there a general consensus in the community about warm versus cold, straight versus diluted, glencairn versus tumbler, etc?
now that's Grillin'Smart
That cigar box type of case reminds me of something you'd find at a Tom Ford boutique. SOTD is Hermessence Santal Masoiia (?). Soft warm wood with a peppery water side. Reminds me of Vetiver Tonka and Marine Epice
Browns house brand called Luca Del Forte. Made in Italy. I've looked at a LOT of this style of sneaker and usually the 'copy' versions are pretty obviously bad, from chunky lasts, clumsy cutting/stitching, 'off' proportions, etc. These ones I found were very close to being like a CP look with decent quality but they fit my fat feet and at $125 were worth the price for me (not at $200-300). I'd say they fit pretty true to size, I'm an 8 in most shoes and 7.5 in dress shoes....
Sort of what I had in mind too. I've read a few seeking alpha articles saying that even discounted, their assets are currently worth more than the share price/cap. I'm hoping for another price spike so I can sell out and move on.
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