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seems like a good place to drop this off....
Atelier Bois Blond. Meh, basic watery wood scent.
Bateman pic needs explosions in the background...
so... "coming to an Etsy shop near you soon"?
Amerika, fuk yeah ? is that the feeling that's gone?
damn, I still want to find a bottle of Mac cask strength one of these days... I'm not crazy desperate, just want to spot on in the wild sometime and grab a bottle. LCBO here locally had them for $99 which is a bit steep but more importantly it was before i was even interested in this stuff and now they're gone. recently drank a little bottle I've had for a while of Auchentoshen 3 wood. Really good stuff! Now to find a bottle...
My intention isn't to catalog for "collection" purposes. It's more about when I'm shopping so I know what I already have and if I use it a lot or it's time to replace, or to remember great combos, or maybe to share with people like on SF WAYW or facebook, etc.
had a Rittenhouse with ice last night. Was pretty hot as you guys said. I'm still pretty new at all this. It was ok, nothing special. Maybe I should be mixing with this?
I saw there's a few of these programs on the app store and was wondering if any of you guys have done this before... ??? (Basically you get an app, take pics of your wardrobe, and you can track stuff like outfits, # wearings, digitally mix and match, etc. ) How long did it take you to get everything photographed? Which App did you use and what features did you find the most or least useful? edit - it's not about cataloging... I'm thinking it would be useful so I...
MDCI Ambre Topkapi - have worn this at least a half dozen times from a decant I swapped for. It's a dirty undertoned slightly powdery floral amber. Very complex and seamlessly blended. Too old-school and mature for my tastes, plus it's well done, but doesn't really seem to go anywhere or have a purpose. Easy to wear for the right kind of guy but I'm bored here. Will pass on to dad.
New Posts  All Forums: