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hey accordion, deets on the plain white Tshirt?
Wow, anyone looking at biotech today? I've been buying up IBB as much as I have the cash for. Also my price alerts went off for BIIB, EPZM, etc. Also, SUNE is pretty down too, I just bought in. This one jumps around a lot.
Nice scent, just not great longevity. It's also pretty one dimensional. I like the bottle and the perfumer and I really like Cassis so honestly I'll probably go buy a bottle despite the poor performance.
Enchanted Forest - Vagabond Prince
^ was going to ask the same thing. I see a few different share offerings for VW. Can anyone explain the difference please?
Red across the board today In all seriousness, despite ethics and lawsuits etc, is VLK a good buy at this point? I mean 20%x2 drop in two days, you think it's going lower or not going to recover most of that within a few weeks?
Just bought back into BIIB after that pointless dip becuase Hillary wrote a tweet. Thanks Obammm, er, Hillary! I'm patiently waiting for my LULU stock to come up GPRO took some hits and I've been loading up. Really hope this one isn't going to implode... Trimmed off a little LXP today. SOPW - call me crazy becuase I don't even quite know what I'm buying and it's a tiny stock with huge spread and terrible liquidity but this thing is like a penny stock. Regularly bounces...
I recently tried Habit Rouge Dress Code and didn't particularly care for it. YYMV though. I prefer the original. It wasn't bad, and I only wore it once on the back of my hand so not a full impression. +1 to Costa Azzurra. The scent actually grew on my quite a bit but for the price it's a pass IMO. At the $130 price point in a split, I mean, eh maybe, but certainly not at the $250 retail. Love the color of the bottle though. ++1 for Spice & Wood, I really love this one....
So... this is still happening... (only on this page ironically)
Pretty good day overall it seems. I've already trimmed quite a few positions just to get some money off the table. Now at about 10% cash I think which I'm much more comfortable with. BIDU, NFLX, SCTY, trimmed those guys. Still waiting on my GPRO and LULU to come back up.
New Posts  All Forums: