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GAP (GPS), hot damn, 12-13% drop in one hit... seems like a company that'll be around for a while and every 3-4 months there's a climb and pop. Considering the range on this I'm tempted to buy some and wait it out a few months to see the recovery. I know it's based on news that isn't temporary but still, I'm sure these guys will recover in a few months and there's a 10-15% potential gain there. Thoughts? I'm sort of talking out my ass here btw.
so can anyone give me the basics on aged rums? I had always assumed that in any category, the "good" ones are always sipable straight on ice. Now I bought St. Clement single barrel (Martinique), and Appleton Estate Reserve 12 year for example, hoping each would be better than the usual stuff. And I didn't find either particularly 'enjoyable' in the same was I would sipping bourbon or scotch. Do people only mix with rum, even if it's the 'higher end' stuff? I have Havana...
Just recently finished my 10ml decant of that one myself actually. I think of it as a more or less modern take on classics like Aqua Di Parma, a somewhat streamlined simpler version. Pleasant but probably too boring for it's own good. Though I do like that sweet anise note in there, that always stood out to me. Not a bad scent, but just too inoffensive I think. Perfect as an office scent, or something for a guy you'd describe as reliable. Like so many Chanels, it's a good...
drank too much warm wine?
High class all the way! Well you are a teacher so naturally you're top of the class
Tabac, the white ceramic super cheap EdC one? (actually I recall them making an EdT?) today I'm finishing a VERY old decant. The scent my brother wore for years so it's a bit nostalgic in a way. Joop Nightflight. Rather like reduced pineapple juice, sweet and sticky with a slight herbal side. It's different, so it gets some credit there, and the bottle (original one with the silver stars) was probably the 90's version of Midnight in Paris. Pretty good for a 'designer'...
Just smelled it myself yesterday actually. Only on the card so didn't get a full impression but agreed overall. It's sort of like white patchouli, meaning it's the earthy dirty kind. Reminded me a hint of Lutens Borneo but nowhere near as chocolately. Overally didn't particularly grab me. And let's keep things in perspective here... When the line came out there were some great complex scents, then he released a bunch of real meh scents, followed by more or less remakes of...
said after a Hirsh post, damn
Yesterday I went with a light shpritz of Guerlain's Songe D'un Bois D'ete and it was as magical as ever. Sharp dry woody spice incense with a hint of warmth. Uber potent and smells solid. Don't think I'd even need a bottle or more than 10ml honestly.
for those who liked Bobs burgers, check out Bojack Horseman. It's a light chuckle plus some of the same voices.
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