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well, bulls bears pigs right? I know that whenever I buy down it's going to keep going down after that, and whenever it comes up and I trim it's going to keep going up after that. The trick is to get in before the bottom and out before the top and keep the money moving from roller coaster to roller coaster. All in all, considering I started buying it around that 5-6 range but probably effectively doubled down closer to the 2-3 range, getting out from 4-6 overall I think I...
well if you've been carrying around Filsons for a while, how about the navy Filson backpack? OR I've always been partial to this Prada with Saffiano in the burgundy color:
^ I like the fit on those jeans
Wow, ended upselling off GLF up a ton but if I'd waited just an hour longer until market close, would have gained another 10-15% or more on the position. Sold at 5.75 and 6.5, closed at 7.35. Not quite sure on the numbers and it was a small position but I think it was about a 50% gain more or less. Still, damn, sucks to sell something and within an hour see it go up another 10-15%. Nearly ready to sell of CHK and CPG too and trim positions on QCOM and DIS. Sold off a few...
Kindofyoung, based on the way you dress, which I see as monotone and clean modern lines more or less, I would suggest trying out the scent lines by clothing companies of a similar style. The first one that came to mind was also CdG, who have plenty to choose from. I think Byredo might also suit you nicely since they're an exercise in abstract minimalism. You might also find a winner in MMM's line there. I can picture you smelling like MMM Untitled (very sharp woody green...
Are they noticing? SOTD is Lomani AB Silver, ie a Creed Aventus clone. It's actually really not that bad. And like $30 or something for 100ml. It smells similar. I mean in a Cool Water GIT way, so er kinda but not even close to the same complexity and quality, but if you're like some cheap high school kid or whatever then it'll do the trick.
In the same way as you count your own contributions as a contribution, not as a gain, I would think you should count their contributions the same way. Counting your own contributions as a 'gain' doesn't make sense becuase it would artificially bump up your ROI, so you separate it right? So theirs counts the same way. I mean you could count their contribution as a bonus gain, or a X% return on that portion of contribution if they matched you, meaning you put in $5K, they...
about the PM thing, I've had that happen I think when there's one poster who messages a few times in the same conversation, so it's like how your text messages will show 5 unread messages from mother but it's only one messenger and just 5 messages at once.
y'know, I was even going to make a joke about that line and then decided not to.
I feel like if you've got a boot under a suit it may get noticed but more like a huh, cool/interesting and take you more seriously, whereas someone's going to see a tassle and think this is a 'fun' joker kind of guy or they'll make a comment etc. Maybe a simple pennyloafer might work but IMO the tassles push it over the line. Just my 2 cents.
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