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I picked up a pair of those bright purple colored pants recently since I remember liking them a while 'back and was waiting for them to hit $19. Just opened up my bin of summer clothes and damnit I already had a brand new pair of these tucked away from end of summer last year. At least I'm consistent.
I wash most of my stuff in cold water and hang dry almost everything. I find the dryer is the main reason for clothes shrinking and wearing out. anything like jeans or knits (sweaters, etc) gets a bucket soak and laid flat. yes, it's a lot more work, but if you take the time and spend the money and respect your clothes then it's just what is required.
I noticed it right away on the mannequin but am in the habit of ignoring CM new releases, only taking note so I can pick it up on sale for later lol. Did give it a closer look but besides the $1K price that made it an almost immediate back-away-slowly item, I honestly just don't enough about leathers to give you much detail there. It looked fine, but what do I know. I didn't think the liner looked very durable, that's about my only conclusion.
If it's the one I'm thinking of, I just saw it a few days ago at the Bloor street location. It's the sort of navy one with no collar and just two side pockets? $1025 or something? Looked pretty cool, though not much of a liner, and $1K come on. Even snapped a pic (it's not this dark IRL): [[SPOILER]]
I have a little sample of Roja's Amber, though now I'm not sure if there's one called Amber and one called Amber Oud?
I know this is usually a liquor discussion but I've made myself a jug of chilled chai tea (hot steeped then fridge) with honey and almond milk and it's been delicious!
unless it's a calculated preppy/trad look like tucked polo and madres or khaki shirts etc, you know what I mean, to me a tucked in t-shirt or polo is a pretty chump move for a young guy or how-to-look-like-an-old-man-101 for anyone over 40. It's not a completely perfect 'rule', but I'm going to stand pretty firm on a general recommendation here.
Has it really come to this, chinese spammers outsourcing to india now?
usually I'd have the time to wax on about this in great deal but today I'll keep it short. I tested, not just sniffed, but actually wore some Mona Di Orio Oud yesterday and was REALLY impressed. I've smelled quite a bit of oud, and also tested so many scents its rare that I find something that really blows me away and this Oud was fantastic. It was so complex, so smooth, and projected just perfectly and lasted all day and night. Had the smooth sweet side, the smoke, the...
er... guys, a polo is basically a t-shirt. There's a little collar and buttons but it's not a dress shirt, nor is it business casual. It's just a nice t-shirt of sorts. And nobody should be tucking their t-shirts into pants. It's like one of the most basic 'old-man' mistakes out there.Some thoughtsDon - the shirt is a nice color and decent fit. In general though as a 'bigger' guy try avoid horizontal stripes (makes you look wider). Also, if you have a large stomach, then...
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