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for an 'oud', I found that one to have a certain lightness, almost like an uplifting champagne like feeling. Airy and expansive and almost fruity. Only smelled it a few times, never worn it so let me know if I'm way off on my memory there?
is SL MKK no longer part of the export line? I have a 50ml spray bottle was thinking of selling actuall
Russian Tea has been on my list for a few months now of one I can't stop talking about and will get a bottle for sure. I was in Milan and saw the line and just ran out of time to smell them and regret not doing so. I had a little sample of Terralba that I think I commented about a month or two ago and it seemed interesting enough to give it another try. I've also heard good things about the Montecristo one too. Curious to hear more of your thoughts as you move through the...
I smelled the Byredo Super Cedar the other day and I'm not saying it's just Iso-e super / Molecule 01, but there's not a whole lot else happening there... so if you like the molecule then I guess, but I don't think it's worth any premium for Byredo's version versus Molecule 01 for example.
Last I checked that Stuzzy store at Ossington/Queen is actually closed. Not sure what happened, as in if they're moving or something but a few weeks ago I saw it all papered window-like.
Today it's Hermes Eau de Merveilles - salty honeyed oranges. more of a textural experience than anything else. Nice and easy to wear but doesn't really quite feel like 'me'.
Also, Lutens Gris Clair has a strong sort of wet dough aspect to it i guess kindof yeastyI just got back from an event here in Toronto at the Guerlain store where Thierry Vasser attended and I got to chat a bit with him about the house and scents and materials etc. Sipped some Moet, ate some lobster grilled cheese and sprayed on some smellies (Songe D'Un Bois D'ete). Was good times :-)
By Harry's Outlet, you mean the one at Vaughn Mills? (Is that the only one?)
I guess it's for holding all those tickets from the fashion police
New Posts  All Forums: