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pictures are hard to tell but they look good. Don't size down any more. -1 from your regular pants is good. (I did -2 and they've never really stretched out the 2 inches I was expecting)
Nothing too complicated about that point. I just meant that with a 'designer' suit, there's someone who's thought about various parts and come up with a specific idea, a look, a collection of features that creates an impression. I find MTM suits are often no-name companies with well known fabrics that product suits that hit all the right measurements, but don't have any personality to them. They fit in a sense, but they're just so lifeless. In contrast, with a little...
damn NFLX, what a jump! It's gone up 25% in about 12 days, crazyness. Have been thinking of buying for a few weeks and every time it went up I thought I'll just wait 'till it goes back down again. Just did 17% in one DAY. I'm going to pick up some AMZN instead. It's a little higher than I'd like but still looks like there's a lot of room to grow and I think this guys will do well long term anyway.
pretty dang awesome
solid dark black or that 'faux black' ie a sort of charcoal color? (the latter is often on sale since it's seasonal I think)
damn, Jetblast is back!
damn that's good Zechs and yeah +1, I want to be Parker when I grow up too
I'm sure the tailoring guys will chime in, but just as a guy who's taken shirts to a tailor before, I'll say that in my experience there are a few areas of a shirt that it's much harder to adjust. If the collar doesn't fit you, if the shoulders are too wide, and if the armholes are too high or low, I find those are some areas where there are always problems. So in my experience, wide shoulders plus narrowing the arms = problems (ie a funny fitting shirt)
first comes the calender, then comes the wet blanket
brown shoes or heck even grey shoes. black shoes and beige pants just reminds me of the 90's
New Posts  All Forums: