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Yeah I was eyeing it but not over 200. Just bought in at about $199. Could keep going down to even low 190's at which point I would buy in more, but I'm ok at this level to buy in and I'll sell it off if it hits $230-250. I saw your post above and was surprised you jumped in right then and there. But even from there, it'll go somewhere, I wouldn't worry too much.Same thing that happened to me with GILD. I wanted it under $100, bought in at $107 expecting a jump, and...
Today it's Lomani AB Silver, an Aventus clone. Will report back on how it wears.
recent item? Looks to me like the standard Davis (or Davis slim) model, although I don't remember seeing that color actually
Well then.... I stand corrected
haaa cool, just bought that one too. I did the blue one with beige wraparound and green pockets (I think that's the configuration)
my thoughts on TWTR was that they're at a bit of crossroads where they either die (which I don't think will happen), get bought out and integrated into some other platform (good for the stock anyway for my purposes), or, which is my bet, they're actually just 'passe' around here but there's a whole new market overseas they're breaking into that will still see this as exciting and novel and use it. There's celebrity support, youth support, and new markets that are HUGE...
I was hoping TWTR would hit 50 but it stopped short. I sold it on the way down (I think) around 47 and made a little cash. If it goes under 40, or closer to 35 actually I'll pick it up again. I'm buying TSLA tomorrow. Wednesday is their report and sounds like it will be better than expected. Looking at the history this one seems to jump 30-40 points quickly at a time so hoping to get in and get out in a few days. If it drops, then I'll hold it longer term. What do you...
Tres excellent Franks. I've been looking for a hat like that for a while now, anyone have a recco? Basically unstructured, all black, and some sort of tight mesh or suede or something, but sleek and minimal
Pio, are you wearing a raincoat?
I don't like most of the ELDO's, but I think they're doing it right in terms of having a clear position with the names, packaging, smells, etc. It's good niche.
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