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Haven't tried it sorry!
So.... interesting day. Pretty much a negative for every position of mine oy! I'm looking at adding more HIMX and AA and HOG and all my airline positions... I'm considering opening positions on PG and RDS - thoughts guys?
Yeah, Ambulance Chaser, I think you're chasing the wrong types of vetiver to compare it to. Malle's one is bone dry, hollow, earthy, acris, and coarse. It's a dry texture and very flat. So something more like Encre Noir or maybe Sycomore is more in line. Ford's is a cleaned up Guerlain's, both of which are rather citrusy and fresh, though the tobacco (especially in the Guerlain) gives it a little dirt, but they're both rather liquidy and sparkly. Something like L'artisan's...
I'm pretty excited! Not spamming, just sharing. After months of being lazy I finally decided to make custom labels for my decant bottles. Sourced out a few different gold papers, hunted around for the perfect font, spent time figuring out the letter sizing, then the cutting, then the lamenting, etc and finally done! Oh and SOTD for the past few days has been ELDO Antiheroes. A sort of plasticky lavender scent. Somewhat interesting but I've smelled better. And I didn't...
Cool story bro (but without all the sarcasm that usually comes from that comment. Actually cool story, bro)
LL sucks, like I literally threw in a few hundred bucks when it went overnight from 70(?) and bought in at 40 thinking it was a steal, then it went to 30, then 25, and then back to 33(?) so I had some hope, and now... I'm actually just laughing about the whole thing honestly. SHAK - I'm constantly amazed, if there's ever proof that the market is irrational (short term), here it is.
Is she a beauty queen of only eighteen who had some trouble with herself?
It's exactly how I would describe IC. It's a throwback homage to the days of Polo (vintage). So the rich spices, pine, herbs, leather, wood, maybe some beeswax, etc. I find it rich and complex and wears really nicely. A great all round easy to wear and enjoy scent. Are there many from the original era in the same ballpark, probably, I guess there's that Halston one etc but for me, especially with decant pricing it's worth it.
what's your timeline of when you might need to access the money?
for APC sales in the USA, check Steven Alan, a few items now on sale for 30% off, plus SPRINGFEVER for another 15% off (note - they have NS, PNS, but no PS)
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