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What do you guys think of Nike (NKE) under $50 here. I mean strong downward trend and analyst downgrades, retail slowing down, more competition like Adidas, Underarmour etc... but hell it's Nike, and seriously beaten down already. I mean I'm willing to risk being down 10-15% for the chance to be up 40-50%. I just don't generally touch retail or know much about Nike from an investing perspective. Any opinions? At this point GLF is basically like a penny stock. I'm in...
Try messaging the blogger to see if it's a picture of him or a repost and if so then of who - http://richkkamp.tumblr.com/post/150558543101
Ah, well, that certainly cleared things up
I would think the flagship location on 5th?
Is it me or do all those items look like they're from 1996? I'm all for items that fit a look that's not mine but I dunno bud, those just look like thrifted junk to me. Sounds like fancy brands and probably expensive but doesn't look like anything to me. Er, sorry?
didn't know about italso used credit to buy stock in after hours and had to sell off some to pay it off otherwise I'll be paying interest later
Well, at least what i lost on AAPL I gained back on TSLA. Bought Apple at 118 down to 117 give or take and sold half around 114 this morning, took a small loss. Bought Tesla around 200 and sold aftermarket near the peak at 215. Pretty much even between the two. Oh well. I'm hoping BMY will have a good report tomorrow morning.
Yeah, up 2-3% then suddenly down... let's see how this all plays out
I think there's actually a Toronto Tailors thread floating around somewhere
Basically a penny stock at this point but today SUNE jumped about 75%!
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