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blah, deep space nine, terrible. then again I'll probably catch flak for saying I really liked Voyager.
anyone know the maker on that grey suit kulata is wearing above? Or can some explain to me why I keep looking at it and feel like I've never seen a shape quite like it? Is it just me or is there something very unusual about the cut?
exactly, it's not just about trends, it's also what works for your body type. I totally bought into the no break (even flood waters level) trend and have now actually rehemmed all my pants to give them a little break and I'm much more comfortable. Especially if you're a bigger guy and there's quite a large hem, just having it 'hang' there isn't quite right IMO. Not to say guys need to wear triple pleated oversized and baggy puddled up pants, but even a single pleat and a...
so far my best advice is to echo Pio's. every relationship is different. you don't compare them. also, your emotions are occupied with this memory and time, the usual method, hasn't separated them, so I recommend instead to focus building (redirecting) your emotions on a few new relationships and it'll help you 'move on'. You'll remember, you'll wish and want and all that, but the emotions won't keep your attention coming back to it all. and there's always this....
I only own a few Malles and DtB is one of them. It's weird but I find it compelling. On my it's salty sweet, and other stuff I have a hard time describing. More of an aroma I suppose.
lol bon chance
pants look a bit short but otherwise great!
^ that's one I just never really related to. Seems more like the perfumer's indulgence than something commercial so I'm really surprised it even made it to retail. Basically a dark bitter green rooty smokey plant thing. I never cared for it, although on rare occasions when someone wanted something vetiver like but darker I showed it.
huh, I quite like those. it's clearly still 'fake' predistressing but overall a nice color and good fit.
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