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^ beauty!
undo another button. live a little!
phew, I'm back. had that looping error for a few hours and don't know how I survived without you SF. I nearly ran out of porn to watch edit, nevermind, just got booted out temporarily again
hey Hunts, PM me when you'll be around if you want I can message some of the local guys for an informal meetup
hey guys, yeah it'd be nice, but this is all I've got access to. won't be splitting any others for the foreseeable future. Actually it's all nearly gone. Just one more Taste of Heaven decant so if you're reading this and debating, get it quick because the offer's nearly over.
Huitieme Art - Ambre Ceruleen: boozy really talcy amber, that vanilla kind of amber. I'm getting a real talcum powder vision here. Hints of plastic and camphor. I'd say this is a very nice, well done, more or less simple amber accord with a few supporting notes. It's well done, pretty straightforward, but certainly not unusual. Reminds me of L'Artisan's Ambre or MPG Ambre Precieux, any bunch of others. Ambre Sultan has that green herbal side, Amber Absolute has the spices,...
playing with proportion and colors, plus it's hot and humid beige slouchy tshirt with large boat print - Vanishing Elephant green chinos - Club Monaco Purcels
Remember, it's like an interview. The focus should be on you and not your clothes. Meaning don't overdo it. If there's a fancy sportscoat, and a PS, and a tie, and unusual shoes, and a flashy watch, and and and, etc. I'd say PS or tie for example, but me I'm a casual sort of cat. Also assuming you remove your shoes (or is this just a canadian thing?), make sure your socks are presentable.
nice looking bags there! welcome to the club
some good solid into scotches there. HP12's a good one too so worth adding in IMO. +1 to switching the first two
New Posts  All Forums: