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He's got a fairly large range of scents. In principle I like many of his ideas however in practice I find many of them just too strange to actually wear around, and the water base means they're often quite short lived. The ones I own or would consider bottles of are At the Beach, Burning Leaves, and maybe Russian Caravan Tea. Also popular are In The Library, Memory of Kindness, eh and a few others here and there. Actually Second Cumming's not bad. Many of them have a milky...
I think the standard washing advice is inside out, bucket or bathtub soak, minimal agitation. First soak with detergent (tide dark or something) and do a little shaking around, leave to soak a few hours, then pour out, add clean water, soak, and then rinse a couple more times, lay flat on a towel to dry. cold or at most slightly warm water. don't worry if they 'shrink', they'll stretch back within a few hours.
interesting kicks
I just read an article that one of the technical analysis guys said it might be a sign that they're starting to bottom out because regardless of what's happening with oil prices, there's too much value to ignore so the buyers and sellers are starting to even out. I'm not convinced we aren't still going lower, but at least maybe it's a sign we're nearing the bottom.
wow, now that's patience
I'm amazed the registration date is 2008 and only 25 posts.
nice pickup! I regret not getting a bottle when it was out
sometimes the boob you get is worse than the boob you imagined
the only thing that beats underboob is sidboob. Try getting a longer t-shirt but with deep armpit holes. Might be more work appropriate* * I work from home
damn, and i was actually thinking of buying PCP earlier this week but it didn't go low enough. Not that I could have predicted this would happen. In other news, KPTI goddam! One of my bigger holdings, pretty big overnight drop oy!
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