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caked on bacteria eeeewwwww
Yeah exactly. Someone like Man of Kent is in that aesthetic too but I think he's got a very developed sense of it and is way more experimental so it's a similar idea but I'd say he's too far down the road to copy at this stage, whereas Cotton Dockers is more relateable and easier to mimic and walk around 'merica with.
Eh i think there's been more than incremental changes. You've played with colors, patterns, layers, proportions, location/setting, etc. I say keep experimenting and posting, and look more at overall feedback themes instead of one poster here or there's opinion, and also look at the source too becuase not every style works for everyone even if the person making a suggestion likes it more than others. Speaking of which, my small comment here is that I think playing around...
Haaa, I was thinking the same thing!
Re: Aventus, check basenotes, no joke there's a separate subforum just for Aventus and plenty of discussions about which batches smell like what.
^ wow, nice! that VW is goooood stuff
I mean do one soak with detergent (a day), pour out and refill with clean water and do another quicker soak (a few hours), and then just pour on fresh water, move around, pour out, and repeat that a few times to get rid of any leftover detergent and set in dirt etc. Then dry. just mimic what your laundry machine does, one fill with soap, agitate, drain, add fresh water, agitate, drain, spindry.
He's got a fairly large range of scents. In principle I like many of his ideas however in practice I find many of them just too strange to actually wear around, and the water base means they're often quite short lived. The ones I own or would consider bottles of are At the Beach, Burning Leaves, and maybe Russian Caravan Tea. Also popular are In The Library, Memory of Kindness, eh and a few others here and there. Actually Second Cumming's not bad. Many of them have a milky...
I think the standard washing advice is inside out, bucket or bathtub soak, minimal agitation. First soak with detergent (tide dark or something) and do a little shaking around, leave to soak a few hours, then pour out, add clean water, soak, and then rinse a couple more times, lay flat on a towel to dry. cold or at most slightly warm water. don't worry if they 'shrink', they'll stretch back within a few hours.
interesting kicks
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