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Ah, gotcha. I didn't realize there was anything illegal about it, just seemed to me it's basically a tax deferral so there's some playing with timelines but you're still going to ultimately pay tax so I didn't think they cared. I sort of assumed everyone did this. Sold their losses before the end of the year to lower taxes and rebuy and worry about paying bigger gains next year. I'll ask my local (Canada) accountant if it's any different over here. Thanks guys!
Just arrived in Auz and it's sweaty betty out here so I just doused myself in 4711.
question for you guys related to taxes... so if I understand this correctly, let's say I have a position that's down. If I sell it in future and bank a win or loss, it's posted to that year, ie next year. If it's a position I expect to have for a while though, does it make sense to sell it now, effectively 'bank a loss', then buy it right back, and it means that for this year I offset my wins with a loss, and then in future I'll just have a bigger 'win' when I sell it...
Damn, wish I was still holding Lulu. Picked it up under 55 and sold it to make a few bucks and figured it would come back down again. Shoulda just held and waited.
Related to the Facebook layout discussion, just get an add-on like Social Fixer (I donated to the guy Matt too) and you can do all kinds of nice things like make it full wide screen, turn off various features, and change stuff like ordering posts in terms of timeline instead of popularity.
Oh... sounds nice. Just the sort of notes I like. Going to go look it up now. Bit of a spam/plug. I have only TWO 50ml decants left of Neroli Portofino. I've shipped out 500+ of these decants for $120+$15 shipping. I'm now offering these last two for only $90 plus $10 shipping... I'm leaving the country on Friday so let me know in the next day or two.
Well... last call on this one. I'm moving countries in a few days so if anyone's interested, it's a pretty sweet box here. Just shoot me a PM and offer and it's yours.
Oooh, you guys are cranking out some of my favorites in there. Al Oudh and L'Homme Sage. Great ones!
Bought more SWHC today around 21.5-22 Bought more HIMX around 6.8 Bought and sold LULU within a half hour. Bought at 54.5 and sold at 55.5. Made a few bucks, figured why not. Reset my buy to 54.4 I've got fairly large buy orders on TSLA and GILD if they go down 3-5% from here. Already holding very large positions on these but will add more.
Ha, funny, i've got the same one at home. I bought it pretty cheap when the Galiano thing happened and everyone steered clear of him. I believe Diptyque dropped all the products so I got my room spray for pretty cheap. I intended to use it as a personal spray but have found the birch tar a bit too sharp for my liking. Forgot I even had this one. I mostly use Feu de Bois as a home scent now, when I use anything at all.
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