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I quite like coffee as a note and I have a few around that accord. New Haarlem is one of them. Ava Luxe Cafe Noir is an indie and you might quite like it. Not as sweet and would also layer nicely with your Bois D'ascese. Montale does one called Cafe Intense. On the cheapie side but actually very good is one by Sebastien called Espresso Royale. There's also Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe which has a bit of a coffee vibe along with vetiver. Off the top of my head that's what I...
Rochas Man is harmless enough, I just find it a bit immature though. I mean it's like saying Cool Water or Joop! They're fine, but not really great. I think there are plenty of good niche gourmands that are easy to wear too and don't have to cost that much. Even Lutens for example a lot of them are available for $70-90 online and some are safe-ish blind buys.
Also since I think maybe it was you ^ who brought up SWHC but they've been up fairly high recently. I think I sold it off around 24 and was debating hanging in for higher but took the money to allocate elsewhere. Still, proof again of how high it can go. If it gets back under 22 I'd get in again and ride it up higher than 24 this time.
because burning calories with cardio for a short duration at the gym isn't as effective as building muscle that then increases your resting metabolic rate for the 95% of the time you're not at the gym that's just my guess anyway. Or they have no endurance and doing cardio is one long stretch of pain versus short bursts.
Did a fair amount of trading so far today... Decided to take some winnings off the table: - Sold my position in CLDT at 22, bought at 21. So a 5% little window and will wait for it to go down again. Was originally going to wait until 23.5 but figured more likely to go down 5% than up 5%. - Sold my position in LXP. Has done really well for me. Sold at 10.25 and was buying it from 7-9 range, could go higher to 11+ but I think I was at about a 15-20% return from where I...
Sir we have negative margins! Don't worry, we'll make up for it on volume!
^ Thanks. I got in with a very small position just to sort of get in there. If it drops I'll buy more, if it goes up enough I'm out. If it had a nice 7-12% dividend I'd wait around but without it it's got to be as quick a flip as possible.
So for every bottle you buy they'll donate one to some smelly kid somewhere? :-)
So with the REIT game it's usually about holding it and collecting a dividend but I've actually found them often better to trade with... for example. CLDT is a tiny little healthcare reit with a decent enough yield, but I find it regularly bounces between 21 and 22, only a 5% spread but it seems to happen like once a week so I keep adding and selling more and more every time it does that little move which seems to happen regularly. NYRT was recently down heavy and I...
nice bit of relief today but I'm not holding my breath... will assume it will keep going back down over the week. MU's been interesting... quite big swings. I was buying it originally way too high but got most of it out recently and at least broke even if not made some in the end. Might be going somewhere over the week, keep an eye on it!
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