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random warez. fall's here. [[SPOILER]]
things get discounted like 20-30% every few weeks fairly consistently and then they often have another 20-30% off sale on weekends and stuff every few months.
sorry if this has been discussed but can somebody please explain to me wtf is happening with their site, consistently, when it says X is 'low in stock' but you can still add it to the card and then final step of checkup says oops error try again? should I call them? give up ordering? wth also, was eyeing - MEN WOOL BLENDED DOWN SHORT JACKET, anyone know if this will work for pretty cold weather, like Toronto snow weather? and is the +J one better? the one posted...
off to mail some stuff [[SPOILER]]
Broke out Amouage Memoir today, sort of a green herbal incense. Anyone find this pretty similar to Interlude? I like this but can't imagine shelling out 300 bones for something so simple.
eh gotta throw down sometime I guess. Nothing special, just walking out the house [[SPOILER]]
wow, great info, thanks Frog!
I don't usually play roulette with single stocks but I'm actually debating doing the plunge on one in particular, Lauder group (EL). They've been doing consistently well over the past few years, and fairly stable too so nothing majorly speculative, and they just bought two smallish but substantial niche companies I'm quite familiar with... anyone have thoughts on the company? Or as a complete noob, I'm not even sure what sort of stats I should be looking at to make my...
alright, I'll just shut up and keep lurking. I guess I have no real idea what I'm doing here. Will keep playing around and reading about whatever you guys are doing here. Not being sarcastic or upset, clearly I have a long way to go. back to the corner
good info, thanks guys. There's still room in the theory for a double buy. Like if I was into baba and thought long term is was going somewhere, I'd assume there's always a run up and dip off the IPO, so buy in let it run, sell off when you're comfortable, wait a few days or a week for it to drop, and then buy back in when is slows and then hold and wait for the long slow growth. Yes, it's almost the same as just buying and holding long term but maybe you'll have an extra...
New Posts  All Forums: