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(mon francais est terrible alors je suis desole, et je n'ai pas boucoup d'ajouter) le 1930 LVC la est plus longue, le stomach est plus grand, est le décolleté est similar mais pas le meme (plus petite)... voirez-vous le note sous le lien qui suggester couper des coutures?
have you guys checked out the Summerhill location? Just went there and started looking closer and they have a pretty good selection, especially of specialty beers but yeah agreed the older scotches and stuff are considerably overpriced compared to the usa. just incase anyone's interested, I'm a little OCD about this, or maybe I have more time than money but I've got a self-compiled list of bourbon, scotch and general liquor and the prices at LCBO and 2-3 NYC stores for...
yeah the basenotes split boards are pretty active. plus there are new methods like facebook groups and stuff and there's always crystal flacon etc.
like a Regis in training! and I mean that in all the best ways
hey what model is that backpack? is it new? looks really interesting
pic's from a couple weeks 'back but close enough [[SPOILER]]
^ beauty!
undo another button. live a little!
phew, I'm back. had that looping error for a few hours and don't know how I survived without you SF. I nearly ran out of porn to watch edit, nevermind, just got booted out temporarily again
hey Hunts, PM me when you'll be around if you want I can message some of the local guys for an informal meetup
New Posts  All Forums: