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I don't know why I didn't buy more TSLA yesterday before market close. I mean you can't predict the future but was almost guaranteed to go up the next day. Could have sold premarket and made 5-7% easily. Oh well, I just sold off half of my remaining stake at 146 and am considering selling the rest now too. Not sure if it's going to come down a bit and i'd buy back in or if it'll go up another 5-10% again in the coming days.
Nice writeup! I got lost in some of the chemistry there but the overall point I got was that it's more of a compound than a single molecule and there are various versions of it. And it seems to be in many fragrances, in some cases at very high doses.
I'm being too lazy to write out a big explanation here but my quick comments on Iso-E are 1. I think it really does have an effect beyond placebo, meaning there's something there. It's like Aventus, maybe overhyped but there's no denying that there's something going on. 2. There are different versions of Iso-E and different methods of making it. They are not all created equal. We assume becuase it's just a chemical that they're all the same end result but I'm telling you...
Started off the day with Clinique Happy which I received in a bundle trade. Meh, entirely forgettable. Stopped past a shop and sniffed a bunch of the usual items and sprayed on By Kilian Gold Oud which I like quite a bit and Diptque's Oud Paleo (or whatever it's called) and also rather like it. The Gold Oud is more smokey and hollow and inky and the Paleo is more musty and talc with some funk in there.
Probably the right move to be honest but I was buying at 95-100 so would rather take a little off the table at a 10-15% profit and will pick more up if it hits 100-105. Still holding quite a bit and have sell orders at 120 and 130/135.
Did a little trimming today. AMZN at 600, AAPLE at 110, a little bit of CHK, CPG, and TWTR that I bought a few days ago, and some STAG at 20. I'm now about 30% cash which is higher than I'd like but things keep moving up and I'll keep trimming and wait for it all to come back down or try find another beaten down sector (biotech still seems to be hovering). NFLX and DIS both seem rather intent to move sideways forever.
online discounters like fragrancenet, fragrancex, strawberrynet (if you're in the Eastern hemisphere), etc. Note the 15-20-25% off coupons Forums like Basenotes buy and sell section Facebook groups, of which there are a ton and often great sales/deals to be had. Lastly, it's been a while, but I remember a few times a year Harrods does a decent sale. Use keyword memoir which is pretty specific and you'll know quickly what's available. If you're open to a partial/used...
As the owner of two pairs of those W+H shoes, I have to say that at $380 versus say $420/430 for CP's, the look make sense as a bit more rugged and all that but the quality is far behind. I've enjoyed wearing both my pairs but if I'd actually paid $380CAD I'd be a little pissed. Like so much of W+H, they're still decent, but probably 20% overpriced. I got mine for closer to $200 and at that price it's fine.
HHC just can't seem to get nicely over 100. I think I started buying in around 100-110, and fortunately picked some up quite a bit around 90 IIRC too and have sell orders for 110 and 120 etc and as much as it's come up, seemed to peak there at 107/108 and then fall back down to under 100 a few times. No dividend either so I'm just waiting... In a related note, seems to be the same case with both my DIS and NFLX stocks. Both seem to just be hovering around that 100 but...
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