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some of my reits have been doing quite well and I've ended up trimming off some shares to take a 10-15% return on a portion. (CLDT, NLY, and STAG) several of the stocks i'm holding seem to know no lower bounds. AAL and UAL have come down fairly hard. FSLR and SCTY have come down very very hard, particularly the latter. AAPL, NFLX, GILD, etc are all at pretty darn low prices and I've loaded up fairly heavy but can't figure out if it's just the overall market letting off...
Oy, er... no. Sorry.
Those look snug but if you're going for a slim fit ultimately then yeah they're probably ok. Climb some stairs, do some squats, give 'em a few weeks or a month and you should be all good.
I had a fairly big buy day today... Added a good chunk of GILD at 85.5, MU at 10, and a few UAL at 45.5 and FSLR at 52. Fairly heavy these days into a few guys like MU, TWTR, NFLX, GILD, AAPL, etc. Hopefully I'm not way off in all of these guesses but I'm feeling fairly comfortable buying companies like GILD at these prices, and AAPL at 93 etc. I'm hopeful of at least 10-20% returns by the time I'm done with them. In my slow steady (REIT) account, trimmed off some CLDT at...
sounded a lot like Trump to me, I mean literally, I feel like they actually sound and intonate the same way
Anyone here an XS or petite guy? I don't have that much stuff but some 28 pants, XS shirts etc. Pretty basic stuff but too nice to donate and I'm just too lazy with the pics, measurements, and shipping. I'm around 5'6 125lbs and fairly slim/petite.
Gocha. Never heard of 'em
My sense is that there are several groups in the fragrance world... you've got your mass market designer scents, either like celebrity endorsed randoms or well known 'houses', then you get the higher level private boutique exclusive lines along with the newly emerged pseudo-niche, like say Creed as a house that was tiny but now has some mainstream popularity, or Ford etc, and then the higher lines of Chanel, Guerlain, Cartier, etc, then you get closer to true niche like...
Ah, benzoin, so that's what it is. I've smelled a few ambers like L'Artisans and MPG's that have what I always described as a sort of melted plastic vanilla smell and I think it's that benzoin. Never really realized that's what it was, or liked it either. Huh.
I have a little decant of her Amber. Found it smooth, nice, well rounded, but really nothing much of note. Not even something I would say oh hey it's worth smelling etc. I have a bottle of her Vetiver and same story, basically good but not all that interesting. I find her Musk quite interesting, very fatty and white. Her Cuir is wow, blows me away and I hate smokey leather so this one is instant headache for me but if you're into those Knize 10 type things then this is...
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