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Bought into some JD this morning (21.5) and will double down if it goes closer to 20. Also bought some BIIB on the drop, at 255, little higher than I wanted (was aiming for 250) but if could go lower. Bad news on a promising drug. I'm hoping it was an overeaction and it'll bounce back some so I can get out quick with a little winnings in between. Wish I'd bought more GLF. Had a buy order around $3 and it touched $3.01-3.02 but didn't quite hit and now it's back past $4....
I know of Simons in Montreal and I remember hearing they were going to open in Toronto. Are they here already? Where abouts?
(my) airlines are coming back up today, hopefully they keep going Bought some SWHC yesterday at 21.5 and another buy order at 20 if it hits there. Not a business/industry I'm much interested in or knowledgeable about but it seems to move around enough to make money along the range.
I could be wrong but I think the Rescue was gone years and years ago. Even the New Cure, I think may be around but I'm not so sure any more.
^ hey hey hey... message me about a split! I've got 50-60ml portions of it available for like half the retail price.
Haven't done much trading recently. Bought into DAL on Friday morning to add to my AAL and UAL holdings (both down like 10-12% currently). I'm hoping for 20-30% upside on these and willing to wait 6 months or something to see it. Let's see I guess.
Don't remember if I asked you this but is your Borneo a 50ml atomizer or a decant of some sort? I used to work for Byredo and Bel D'Afrique is an excellent scent indeed, one of the top 3 sellers when I worked the line.
I feel your pain bra
for an 'oud', I found that one to have a certain lightness, almost like an uplifting champagne like feeling. Airy and expansive and almost fruity. Only smelled it a few times, never worn it so let me know if I'm way off on my memory there?
is SL MKK no longer part of the export line? I have a 50ml spray bottle was thinking of selling actuall
New Posts  All Forums: